I’m Not Getting Any Younger…

That’s what the king said to his prince (or was it to his minister), in “Cinderella”.

That’s certainly how I feel right now. I am not busy any more, but I am still feeling very lethargic, miserable, nauseatic, you name it.

Today I took the kids to shop for their school stuff. Managed to get most of them, except for Nafis’s black Baju Melayu, and Nukman’s white baju melayu. Initially I thought of stopping over at the nearby Kompleks PKNS, but my body was just not up to it 🙁 .

We came home, and I took a long nap. When I woke up, the dizziness was still there – No! I can’t be pregnant, and I know my body!

It’s just what we the Malays call “Angin” – the feeling of throwing up, but nothing would come out 🙁 . I can’t be having high-blood pressure, because I checked it, and it was normal. It couldn’t be my cholesterol level either, because I had the blood test recently, and it’s only 4.2!

This afternoon, I eventually called Dr NorZ, our good doctor friend. He recommended I take some omeprazole. So I went to the pharmacy, and got the medication. I’m supposed to take a tablet each night for 7 nights. Will let you know how it turns out, ok?

And yes, I know, I not fit…. I need to restart my daily exercise too! 🙁

5 thoughts on “I’m Not Getting Any Younger…

  1. Sis…
    Kalau pregnan apa salahnya huhu…

    Cuaca sekarang ni pon sekejap panas sangat….sekejap hujannnn jee ( sejuk )…
    Agaknya sebab tu sis rasa pening2….

    Kalau nak exercise..window shopping pon exercise gak ( wink )

  2. Take it easy. I think the hectic schedule for the past few weeks had finally taken its toll on you. So just rest, ok? Or write some nice stories for your blog.

  3. Natrah,

    Mmg tak salah kalau pregnant, tapi rasanya mmg tak, hehehe…

    Window-shopping tu exercise yg mahal lah, sb sure at the end of it, membeli… susah juga menahan perasaan yg nk membeli ni, esp kat kedai2 yg jual kain cotton!

  4. mama, i’ve been walking from early morning till midnight everyday for the past week. Penat gile already, cant wait to return to canada soon.

    hollywood, CA 😀

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