Apr 23 2008 12:06 am

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Happy 15th Birthday, Nukman..


23 April the last birthday for our April kids, i.e. for Nukman.

Aina said since I’ve made a collage for both Nafis and her, I should make one too for Nukman who’ll turn 15 today.

But the Internet connection is slow, and I am very tired. Later today I have another session in Putrajaya (I need to be there by 8.30am). Yesterday I was there the whole day. I can’t complain much because these are better than the 3D2N that we were supposed to have in Melaka. Both our clients and us find it a bit too much to have to go to Melaka again, so when they cancel it and replace it with yesterday’s and today’s sessions instead, we were delighted.

The Internet is really slow tonight, it takes ages for me to download pix from the family album, so maybe I’ll upload later..

Signing off now.


12.10am (23 April 2008)

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  1. nuni on 23 Apr 2008 at 6.07 pm #

    Happy birthday, mae (if you’re reading this) :)

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