A Very Precious Photo

I borrowed this pic from my cousin when I went over to her place in Singapore last week. I promised to scan, and return it to her next week when we meet up on Raya day.

That’s me in the dark dress (look at my “aladdin” slippers!). The other two were my neighbours.

It was taken in 157, Lorong Engku Aman, Geylang Serai, Singapore. I dare to write the adress because it no longer exists πŸ™ .

Can you see part of the shirtless boy squating at the right of the pic? I wonder who that was.

The “high” house on the right, with the wooden pillars is similar to the house portrayed in P Ramlee’s “Bujang Lapok” movies, where people rented the rooms, and they had kitchens at the back of the block. The house (if you can call it a house) that I used to live in, was at the very far end of the path, where you can vaguely see a door opening out. It was a very shabby one but I had good memories of this place! I could recall several families living at this address!

Under the “Bujang Lapok’s house” (as I call it now) was where I used to play with my friends, What games did we play? You name it – rubber bands, ciggarette boxes, somersaulting,Β  to name a few.

The very ground that I stood in the pic was where we used to play “Police Sentry”andΒ  rounders .

Those were the good old days…

8 thoughts on “A Very Precious Photo

  1. I thought it’s a pic of your cousin’s family but that girl sure looks familiar so I figured it’s you alright, even without reading the ‘that’s me’ part. πŸ˜†

  2. This is a very nostalgic photo and entry. And you look so cute in the picture!! Patutlah sampai sekarang masih cun-melecun… ehem!

  3. Hi im an ex resident of 151 lorong engku aman very close to pondok wah nah nasi.and 1 house away from kedai mahmood if you remember them.Born there till 1976-7.

  4. Kita pun tinggal situ add 118 lorong engku aman. Tapi tak berapa ingat la masa tu kecik lagi. Dari rumah besar lepas tu rumah tu jadi rumah bawah kecik sikit sebab beri laluan untuk buat jln raya.kalau korang semua kenal mak Su dan Pak Leman yg jualan nasi jenganan, itu lah my parents

  5. Mohamed Amin,
    Yes, I remember Wak Nah, or rather her nasi sambal goreng!
    If wak Nah’s warung is on the left (as we face Sims Avenue), there was another warung just before Wak Nah’s on the RIGHT. remember that one? My mum used to send her kuihs there. My mum made nagasari, and i still think her nagasari was the best I’ve ever tasted!

  6. Kartine,
    Mungkinkah kita pernah bersekolah sama2? I was in primary 1 at Gulliemard English School in 1969 before my mum and I went back to Kelantan the following year… Nasi jenganan? Tak ingat lah…. πŸ™

  7. Hi, my dad used to live in Lorong Engku Aman when he was small with his mum and siblings. My dads name is hussien and my grandma’s is Munah. He got fond memories of that place which he always recall to me

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