Aug 21 2013 09:46 am

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Meeting My Teacher Again :)

(I am trying to be active again in blogging :) )


Yesterday, 20 august 2013, I got a visit from a very special teacher, Cikgu Ashaari.  Please read the the link to know how special he is to me :) .


I have been meeting him quite regularly, but any meet with him is always special. Yesterday meet was extra special because he came with (apart from his wife) his son, Azam.

hardly 2 weeks ago DH and I visited him at his house in Kota Bharu. Here’s a photo taken then:


And yesterday we had this one taken :) :


Cikgu seated with his missus.

Standing from left: Azam’s daughter, missus, Fadhil, Azam’s BIL, Azam’s daughter, Azam, Nury (my friend since ssecondary school), me and DH.





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  1. Atif Ousman on 23 Aug 2013 at 9.06 am #

    nice journey …

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