Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

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Date: 16 December 2012

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park is a huge area/complex, with a few attractions. One of them is the Peace Memorial Museum.

Inside the museum, exhibits about the Hiroshima bombing were in abundance.

First it was the history of the city, with the description of the livelihood prior to the bombing:


Very good displays, with even in Bahasa Malaysia (Bahasa Indonesia too, separately):


In the centre of the ground floor are the models of the area where the bomb fell:


A huge picture of a clock that stopped right at the moment the bomb exploded:


The area before the bombing:


And what was left after:


The buildings in Hiroshima then were mainly wooden, and they burned down right away, leaving the concrete ones, badly damaged!


The exhibits are impressive and informative:


Another example of explanation in Bahasa Malaysia:


It took us quite a long while to absorb all the information so far. We had to take a breather (and enjoy the free wi-fi) before we continued our museum walk:


At about the same time we noticed the crowd was building up outside the museum:


As we continued, we saw the relative distance/height of the point where the bomb actually exploded (the orange ball), as to the city area:


A lot more gruesome depiction the those who survived (but not for long) the explosion:


Ample pictures of the actual victims, and their stories, as related by their relatives. also the actual costumes that “survived” the explosion:


The heat from the explosion was enormous that even brick walls cracked and collapsed. Some were distorted beyond recognition. The melted bottles in the following picture are glass bottles, and not plastic:


After a while, the exhibits were too much for mew to handle. I retreated to the long corridor where there are ample rest area:


From the glass wall on the left (refer to above picture), this is the view outside:


I am always against cruelty and wars. the Japanese might have been cruel occupiers/colonizers¬† and probably the atomic bomb explosion here in Hiroshima at 8.15am , 6th August 1945 served it purpose (to stop the war) then. What I can say is that those who perished here due to this explosion did not die for nothing, for the Japanese rose again from this “fall” to become a powerful nation economically and intellectually!!



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