Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

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Date: 16 December 2012


After we left our luggage at the hotel, we walked towards the famous Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.


We simply followed the sign. When we were almost there, we were directed via an underground walk-way cum shopping complex:


This placee would be cool in summer and warm in winter:


Once we were out of the complex, we could see the famous standing Dome:


It was a nice afternoon, with a scenic river flowing nearby:


The place is never short of visitors:


It was a Sunday afternoon, and local citizens took the opportunity to have a nice time out, with friends, including the furry ones 🙂


Now, who said cats and dogs cannot get along well?


Came across the Bell of Peace, and I took the opprtunity to hit it too (no pic 🙁 ) . I am for peace, forever!


The park is huge:


The Memorial “shrine” ? People come to pray and lay flowers here:



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