Day 3 in Danang – China Beach, Hoi An & My Son Ruins

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Date: 23 October 2012


On our 3rd day in Danang we decided to visit ther old city of Hoi An. On the way there we passed by the “China Beach” as the Americans call it, wehere there are huge hotels and resorts like this


The Crowne Plaza of Danang!


The beach across the street:


Lifeguards on duty:


The esplanade is clean!


Like the previous post, I am going to “cheat” again by re-directing you to DH’s Blog here:

Old Hoi An and My Son Temple Ruins


When we got back to Danang, we finally visited Han Market when most shops were still open:


Nice embroidered Aodai fabrics, which can be used to make our own baju kurung!


I was however not tempted to buy any! They have available tailors on one side of the market:

We were coming home the next day, otherwise I might have tried getting some made by them! 🙁


We entered a nearby office/shopping complex. Went to the impressive, though quiet food court:


We got ourselves a nice spot:


We had to “top up” our “cash card”, then only place our order at the choosen stall. Since our drinks took some time to prepare, we were given a number. Here’s our number and the “cash card”


Nice cooling and refreshing drinks for me ans DH (Aina was resting in the hotel room, hence only 2 drinks here)


With that we concluded our brief visit to Da Nang. The took the flight home the next day…



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