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Day 5 in Nepal – Back to Kathmandu

Date: 17 September 2012

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We left that morning to catch our morning flight back to Kathmandu.


At the airport, we met up another Malay family, travelling, just like us.


Our flight was delayed for more than 3 hours. We were told it was due to the thick clouds both in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Eventually our little plane arrived, and we managed to leave Pokhara, flying IN the clouds throughout the entire flying time!! We found out later from the hotel reception guy that many of their customers who were supposed to arrive from Pokhara could not make it because most flights were cancelled due to bad weather! apparently our flight was the last one out of pokhara for that day!!


Later that day we went out again, roaming in the Thamel district, looking for some souvenirs to be brought back.


There are so many shops selling pashmina shawls and the like, that I just didn’t know what to buy (yeah, budget was a bit tight too). Eventually I settled for some from this shop, though I do believe the prices were just about the same as back in Malaysia, if not actually more expensive than in Malaysia!


There was some rain, and very soon the street was wet and dirty :(




It was getting dark..


So we decided to walk back to our hotel


And finally we remembered to snap a pic of the room while it was still well-presented :)

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2 Responses to “Day 5 in Nepal – Back to Kathmandu”

  1. MAHESH on 07 Dec 2012 at 1.46 pm #

    Lodging and foods at Pokhara is so cheap…. I must say.

  2. smz on 07 Dec 2012 at 2.17 pm #

    It was nice in Pokhara :-)

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