Day 4 in Nepal – The International Mountain Museum & Devi’s Falls, Pokhara

Date: 16 September 2012

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What do people normally do in Pokhara? most visitors would go hiking/trekking in the mountains. The programmes range from as short as 2 days to as long as 2 weeks!! There are many Himalayan peaks to climb, though not completely 🙂


As for us, we only had 2 nights of stay, so we decided to go for simple sight-seeing around Pokhara only in  hired car with driver.


Our first destination was the strongly recommended International Mountain Museum.

At the entrance, a memorial for the who lost their lives in the mountains:



Nice building:


Himalayas being the “roof of the world”, with Mount Everest the highest peak, it’s only obvious that the museum has such poster:


The museum is very spacious and well-aired:


Admiring the huge photo of the famous peaks of the Himalayas:


More photos;


‘Seeing” this great guy reminded me of the visit to another place dedicated to Sir Hillary, at Mount Cook Village way back in 2008.


No, the museum doesn’t just have photos. It also keeps a lot of other exhibits, such as these used oxygen tanks:


I wish I could say more about the museum. It certainly was an educational outing, because the displays and information are not just about the Himalayas, but also other mountain ranges of the world!


We left the museum, and came to “Devi’s Fall”


Historical significance of the fall:


It’s definitely a raging one, especially during the monsoon, like this time of the year:


The uniqueness of this fall is that it goes into a river that flows underground, to appear on the other side of the road, where there’s a temple. We decided to give the temple a miss, though.


Next we were off to the pagoda on the hill.

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