Day 3 in Nepal – Lakeside, Pokhara

Date: 15 September 2012

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After we checked in, and a bit of rest, we decided to stroll along the famous Lake Side area of Pokhara.

It was a cool afternoon, and September being the low season for tourists, the main street was pretty deserted:


We walked to the famous lake Fewa Lake. The tip (beginning) of the lake:


It’s quite a huge lake. We saw some colorful paddle boats:


DH was happily clicking his camera and got this shot:


and this:


Me caught doing “people watching” 🙂


This shot is shows an old man doing his cleansing ritual, I guess:


I got tired of waiting (and the walking earlier, to reach here) and decided to rest for a while:



We then continued our walk along the main street. The most popular merchandise on sale at most (tourist/souvenir) shops were pashmina shawls and the like:


The phrase “Just please me, dear human” was all over the places 🙂


I was somehow not interested in them, because I was hungry. We looked for a halal eatery but with vain (we knew from Internet search that there was no halal joint in Lake side area), so we settled for one that doesn’t serve pork. we ordered seafood and vegetarian dishes:


Surprisingly they were quite delicious (or we must have been very hungry)!


After the came across a shopping mall, and I do think this one is the one of the biggest if not the biggest mall there:



Despite resisting, curiosity ended me in this shop:


I really was not into such shopping spree, simply because the very nice and of high quality ones are just too expensive for me and the cheaper ones are readily available in Kuala Lumpur, at about  just the same prices!


I however ended up buying some silk scarves 🙂 (difficult to find back home, and surely value for money)




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