Univ of WA, Fremantle & King’s Park

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Date: 2nd September 2012

On the 3rd day of our stay, we decided to do Perth and Fremantle.

First stop was at the University of Western Australia:


We stayed at the Malaysian Student Centre (or was it just a Malaysian students’ house?) near this campus  when we first visited Perth in 1984.


This time,  our friend, Pa’Aron was to meet up with a couple of his former students:


We had a guided tour of the campus. Another photo shoot:



Nice quadrangle (for the Faculty of Arts, if I am not mistaken):


Came across a peacock:


We continued to walk:


I found this old tree very attractive (imagine myself on a swing, hung from this tree!):


The final destination, before we walked back to our car:


We later went briefly to The Fremantle Market. Being a Sunday, there were just too many people. We felt hungry and hurriedly (though caugft in the jam) to taste the famous Frematle dishes:

Seafood and chips!!

Got some of our dishes:


Fish, cuttlefish and chips:


Tummy tucked, we took a walk at the nearby area, and I met a local lass:


We had another place to visit, so we hurried back to our car. DH managed to snap this pic with both banners – one claiming to be The Best Fish and Chips, and the other claims to be WA no.1 fish and chips! Cicerella and Kaili’s, which would be your choice?


Our final destination was the famous King’s Park!


Now with some new attraction (as compared to 1084).


I tried to look for the giant clock, but obviously it is no longer there 🙁



We went back to our hotel for a quick rest.

We then went to this halal place for dinner:


Met 2 students there:


Nice chow, for sure!


The following morning we took the AAX flight back to Kuala Lumpur. That was a short (3 night) outing, indeed!


The Way Back to Perth

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Date: 1st September 2012


Soon it was time to leave


We knew it, because our shadow was getting very long:


A lot of signage like this:


We actually saw an emu and a wild kangaroo on our way home. If you’ve read DH’s blog entry, you would have seen the pix of these animals.

This is THE highway, but it was deserted. I could even do my jump in the middle of the highway:


I had to be careful, because any approaching vehicle would be in top speed!


This was the final jump before we continued the drive back to Perth, and it got dark


It was a wonderful day-trip!!



The Pinnacles, Western Australia

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Date: 1st September 2012


Soon after we left Gingin, we could see some of the sand dessert:


Some people would stop there for some rough outdoor activities, but we had something else in mind- The Pinnacles!


Signing the guessbook at The Pinnacles Discovery Centre:


Walking towards the open space behind the centre:


Baby pinnacles?


We walked on:


And finally, what a view!!


I was obviously very elated!


It was late afternoon, and very comfortable to wonder around:


Sunny, but cool 🙂


Still playing the fool:


Clear warning:


One of the viewing decks available:


With some physical geography lesson:


DH took a lot of pix, and this is just one of them:


To see more pix, you may want to visit DH’s blog entry for this wonderful place!




The Great Indian Ocean Road

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Date: 1st September 2012

We left our hotel early, heading north. After a couple of hours drive we arrived at the “Two Rocks” beach:


That’s the Great Indian Ocean behind us!


DH said if we could sail straight westwards, we would hit South Africa!


I was at the nearby Yanchep Sun City in early 1994, but the entertainment park is no longer there now…


We then drove on and visited the nearby attraction:


What’s the name of this place??


Close encounter with the wild flowers!


We drove on, northwards

Had a quick stop at Gingin for lunch:


you may want to read DH’s blog entry to see more pix  🙂