Perth Revisited – Shire of York


Date: 31th August 2012


After a 2 month break from travelling (due to the fasting month of Ramadhan and the Eid Month of Shawal), we were finally going out again.

Our previous outing was to Manila. See here for the last blog post of that outing.


This time we had another couple as our companions πŸ™‚ . Pak Aron is an old friend of mine, whom I had lost touch with, until recently.

We left LCCT late on the night of 30th August, arriving in Perth the following morning. Pak Aron at the Perth International Airport arrival hall, while DH went to the car rental counter:


We were going to drive around for the next 3 days in this car:


Breakfast stop just outside Perth,in Mundaring



Our first destination was an old township. Along the way we stopped to admire the canola field:


It was nice to be greeted by the bright wattle flowers (one of Australian native flowers):


We finally arrived at the junction that leads to the Historic York town


(I did my MSc in York University, Yorkshire, UK. And here I was in the Shire of York, almost 2 decades later, thousands of miles and oceans apart from the original York!


The Post office would be one of the first prominent buildings in any town πŸ™‚


And the town Hall too πŸ™‚


Quite Friday morning:


Typical Australian Architecture:


The main street of York:


One of the old buildings along the main street:


Another look before we decided it was time to leave:


It was a nice day but we had to head back to Perth, to check into our hotel.




A Day in Manila – Part II

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Date: 16 June 2012

It was time for lunch. We managed to contact on old friend, Dr Nasir,Β  who is attached with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Manila, and agreed to have lunch together.

Here’s a pic of us soon after the lunch:

(pic courtesy of Dr Nasir)

It was a brief but very exciting meet πŸ™‚ . I had not met Dr Nasir since he left school in 1976, though we managed to keep in touch via Facebook.

When our driver arrived, we had to say goodbye. We were then driven around the nicer part of Manila and DH managed to take some shots of the Manila Cathedral:


Another angle:


Some description:



Saw a horse-drive cart:


A quick stop (and jump) at the square:



Final stop, Fort Santiago:


Oh, OK, this is the real one:


At the outer entrance:


Inner entrance:


Jose Rizal, a national patriot, was held captive at this fort, hence the shrine dedicated for him:


Rizal remains a hero to all Filipinos:


Next to the shrine is a prison block where Rizal was kept imprisoned. It is now a museum, with exhibits related to the great man:


The entrance to the museum:


The actual cell:


The cell:


Grim reminder:


The brick barrack block where Rizal was last imprisoned, prior to his execution:


I tried to trace the final footsteps of Rizal’s as he was sent for execution:


On the way out of the fort, I came across some interesting figures:


After the visit to the fort, we we driven back to Clark, and hence the day outing ended. The following day we took our flight back to Kuala Lumpur πŸ™‚


Another Buddy Passed Away :-(

This morning I got a call from a close friend informing me of the passing of our good friend, Ab Aziz Ab Rahman. Apparently he had a heart attack and didn’t survive.

The late Aziz was my classmate for 5 years, i.e. since I came back to Kelantan and joined a primary school there, until I left for a different secondary school.

I always remember him as a pleasant person, well-mannered, and always smiling. He was like a sidekick to the late Yusoff Ismail. I didn’t know much about him, except that he hailed from Bukit Panau, and he took the public bus to school. Together with a few others, we had great memories together during those 5 years!

I later met him during a reunion in 2001, andΒ  another reunion a few years late.

Here’s a picture of me with the late Aziz standing (from the Raya 2002 album):


Amnd here’s a picture of him (in red) during a Raya gathering in 2004:

This is his profile picture on Facebook:


What can I say about him?

Over four decades we grew apart, but he is always special in my heart! May Allah bless his soul!