A Day in Manila – Part I

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Date: 16th June 2012


At Davao Airport (the day before), waiting to board the flight back to Clark:


Happy to arrive back in Clark:


Date: 17th June 2012

We decided to rent a car (with driver) for a day tripo to Manila.

From our hotel, we passed by the infamous Angeles City:


The main street of Angeles City would be “alive” and look very different at night!


Looking at the signboard, we could be thinking that we are in South America!


At the toll house just before entering Greater Manila:


First stop was at the oldest university in Asia! Yes, University of Santo Tomas, founded in 1611,  is the oldest in Asia!


Some useful information:


And a mandatory jump just before we left:


We passed by another icon, and old church:



I waited in the car while DH went to have a peep:


I used to enter temples and churches before, but after 9-11, I no longer feel good entering them. I feel like I am intruding, esp when there’s a service in progress, like in the above church (it was a Sunday 🙂 ) .


The driver then took us to another church, Saint Augustin Church:


DH went to get a peep too, and here too, there was a service in progress,


I was contented to have a pic of me at the World Heritage sign 🙂

Update on My Hobbies – Simple Embroidery

I am always interested in anything that involves thread, needle or fabrics :-). However, I noticed that lately I have not blogged much about these activities (due to the travel blog entries that are still overdue).


I have been keeping up with my crochet, knitting and embroidery works though I have not blogged enough about them. My Facebook friends however do get to see most of the items that I finished 🙂 .

A few months ago I started to sew my own scarves (square). I thought to myself, why not make something wearable? So I opted to sew my own scarves (like I used to, some time ago…) .


First was this light sky blue scarf. I first hemmed the edges using the slip stitch technique. Then I started to embroider.

The 3 stages of sewing the clusters of French knots (to make a little flower), the stem and finally the leaves (in daisy stitch):


Then I did some simple daisy stitches:


More daisy stitches (playing with 3 colours. The lower row was when it was unfinished):


The 3 initial scarves lined together for a photo session:


Then I decided to have the daisy stitch/flower with the same stem and leaves:


Recently (while on a trip to Nepal) I finished a pink scarf with pink little daisies:


I forgot to mention that after the first scarf, I “cheated” a bit by tacking the edges, then embroider right on them and skipped the slip stitch hemming part. Lost here? What I mean is I would tack the edges on the wrong side, like this:


Then I turn to the right side and start to embroider. The embroidery stitches serve as decorative as well as permanent “stitching” of the edges:


Oh, the above was supposed to be simple chain stitch, but when I saw how ugly (not straight) my stitching was, I unpicked, and decided to have “zig-zag” chain stitch, hence the above. Not bad, eh?


Today I have finished the above (turquoise) zig-zag stitches. I thought of adding some beads somewhere there, but realised that I do not have matching beads (maybe later, after I replenish my bead stash).


In the mean time, I need to finish another piece that I started a couple of weeks ago:


People always ask me how on earth I find the time to do all these. Easy…. I do these embroidery while I watch TV (I can’t watch TV sitting idle), so the more I watch TV, the more edge embroidery I will do 🙂




More of Davao


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Date: 15 June 2012

The drive back to Davao:


Some options of public transport:


We stopped at the Japanese Tunnel:


The tunnel is always wet with sipping water. Here’s the friendly guide:


The are more tunnel, but they could not dig/explore further because they are under private property:


RC Cola was once our favourite drink in Malaysia, in the late 1970s, but they are back here in Davao!


We were caught in the down town rush hour (it was past 4pm) :


Colourful mini-buses, or whatever they are called:


We had an educational visit at the Davao Museum:

Unfortunately no photographing allowed in it, except at this huge drawing:


As we crossed the road, going towards a huge roundabout, we came across a statue to remember the freedom fighter (was it Jose Rizal?):


Our final destination for the day was the People’s Park:


I asked our guide/driver, why is People’s Park a tourist attraction, but his answer was not convincing (he said local people like to go there). When we reached there I could understand why – it’s a beautiful and well-maintained open space:



Quite a lot of resting areas like this one:


You never feel lonely here:


Can you find me in this pic?



It’s worth a jump from me 🙂


The following day we headed to the airport to catch our flight back to Clark:


Boring moment:

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