Butterfly Sanctuary, Davao

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Date: 15th June 2012


We decided to hire a car for that day to visit a few locations around Davao.


The journey took us a bit out of Davao. This is a typical trunk road:

The villages and fruit orchards around them reminded me of 9my home state) Kelantan 40 years ago!


First stop was at the Butterfly Sanctuary (as if we do not have enough butterflies back home):


I think we were the only visitors that day!


Though I can imagine the crowd if it was during the weekend:


Let’s see the main attraction here:

The butterfly enclaved was very informative:


I manages to touch a beautiful butterfly:


The orchid nursery:


At the restroom area, I came across something familiar:


Though they did have some nice orchids planted at various places in the park, that was basically it, really…

We soon continued our journey to look for the Philippines Eagle 🙂 .



Clark to Davao

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Date: 14th June 2012


That morning, we boarded the new service by Air Asia (Philippines) to Davao:


It was quite a long flight, over 2 hours, but I was kept occupied with fascinating views of the islands, like this:


Davao Airport from our plane, shortly after we landed:



Waiting for our bags, and we were welcomed by colourful posters and signs:


Just outside the airport, we saw a giant durian (apparently this fruit is also a local icon):


Public transport in Davao:


Our cab driver was courteous:


The SM Mall near our hotel:


After we checked in, we went to the above mall to look for lunch. We came across thiss outlet that serves halal dishes (It’s a seafood restaurant, anyway)


We decided to try a local dish, using the local bangus  fish (milk fish):


The fish was grilled, then dipped and served with soup of fresh  vegetables. I think the other dish was the grilled squids (?). The plain rice was pre-packed in banana leaves:


It was definitely a filling meal!


We then walked around the shopping mall, before we decided to rest early (we woke up pretty early that morning, having to catch the morning flight out of clark).


Clark, Here I Come!

Date: 13th June 2012

A few months earlier DH managed to get some cheap tickets on Air Asia for the (then) newly launched Clark-Davao route. Davao is the capital of Mindanao, Philippines.

In order to fly Clark-Davao, we had to fly to clark first 🙂 .


En route to Clark:


Just before landing at Clark (formerly airbase) Airport:


We booked for our stay in Clark at this cute homely hotel:

Well-kept room too:


During our walk that afternoon looking for lunch nearby the hotel (though we walked for over 1km, one way!):


The adventure had just started… 🙂

Sydney- Coolangatta: The Final Leg

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Date: 5th June 2012


Before we left Coffs Harbour, this “fishy”  restaurant caught our eyes:


A quick drive through the main street of the coffs Harbour town:


Nice place:


Soon it was a very long drive to Coolangatta.

A large  Sikh temple (in Woolgoolga, I think) greeted us:


More frequent than not, monstrous vehicles like this one (road train) would overtake us:


Sugar cane plantation in northern NSW:


This was taken at a simple washroom stop:


Yeah, Byron Bay, but we didn’t have the time for a detour. Next time, maybe…


Coolangatta is about 100km south of Brisbane, hence we were about 60km away from our destination (and the sun was going lower and lower):


More sugarcane feasted our eyes:


Soon we found ourselves in Coolangatta. We spared no time looking for this  familiar sight 🙂 (we were here in 2008, en route to Kiwiland) :


Adana’s ,the authentic Turkish cuisine:


Ordering our late (but satisfying) lunch of Turkish kebabs:

Contact number for those interested to know where to get halal kebab in Coolangatta:

Gold coast, in the horizon:

Almost sunset:


We returned the car at Coolangatta Airport and waited for our flight back to Sydney:


We were rather early, and were offered an earlier flight back to Sydney, which we accepted.


We arrived in Sydney a couple of hours earlier than expected. Unfortunately we were caught in a heavy thunderstorm that we were stranded on the tarmac for about an hour!! Planes could not fly out, so our plane could not berth at the designated gate 🙁 .


When we finally managed to get out, and get our luggage, it was pretty late. We checked in into a nearby hotel and very early the following morning we flew back to Malaysia.



Muttonbird Island, Coffs Harbour

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Date: 5th June 2012


The little island, connected by a man-made pathway was so inviting:


After quite a long walk, it was a climb to the top:


Looking back at Coffs Harbour, and the town on the far end:


Enjoying the view:


Some information:


It was so nice there…


While the weather was still nice…


Pacific Ocean behind me:


A jump was just appropriate before we went back to our car 🙂


Coffs Harbour

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Date: 5th June 2012


We arrived the night before to this cosy cabin:


Woke up to a breakfast of  “the leftovers from the previous day’s shopping”



Our cabin from outside:


It was bright and sunny outside:


We later had a proper breakfast (of coffee and muffins) at the nearby McD. We spent some time there because of the free wi-fi 🙂

Once all the updates on Facebook were done and emails all checked (and responded where necessary), we headed to the sea front:


I just had to get my feet wet:


The water was pretty warm, really!


Trying my best not to get my jeans wet:


This is THE Pacific Ocean, OK?


Now you know why my jump was without shoes:


We later drove to access the beach (seen in the far back of the above picture).


The lifeguards on duty:


Nice eh?


A slightly different jump (shoes still off):


We later decided to go near the harbour:


first was the coastal walk:


Then we went closer to the harbour:


boats and yachts everywhere:


To be continued…

Port Mcquarie

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Date: 4th June 2012


After enjoying Port Stephens, we pushed on for a long drive:



Our destination was Port Macquarie. One of the little towns that we passed by:



It was a clear day:


quite a scenic drive (as long as I was not driving 🙂 )


We arrived at Port Macquarie and headed to the water front;


Ah… The Pacific Ocean again:



The clouds had been brewing for a while now..



That didn’t stop me for having this pose:


We were hungry and looked for the town centre to get some late lunch:



Found a halal fish/chicken and chips shop and had a quick chow. We then looked around the harmless town centre:


At the bay:


Just before sunset:


Almost sunset (we are suckers for sunrise and sunset!):


We then pushed on, and arrived at Coffs Harbour that night (too dark for any photo shoot)