Japan Trip 2011 – The Snow Monkeys Of Nagano

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Date: 11 December 2011


As we walked up to where the other monkeys were, we looked back, and saw ” the place for man/human” (the onsen):


Behind me was where the hot spring pool was:


where monkeys soaked themselves to keep warm:


or do other monkey business:


While a mum fed her baby:


the others enjoyed the warm water:


or bug-searching (and eating) activity:


here too:


This guy sure knew how to keep warm:


Must be very comfy:


And there I was, mesmerized by them (occasionally wishing that I too could warm myself up in the pool):


There’s also a dry way to keep warm, i.e. by being near the fire:


This I could join in! 🙂


Eventually that too was not comfy enough, I had to go back to the building at the entrance to the park, to warm myself up while DH continued to take more pix of the monkeys:


After quite a while there (almost 2 hours, I think!), we finally left the place:


It was another long walk, definitely over 2.5km one way, back to the bus-stop:


Cute and clean bus-stop:


With bus schedule and useful information too:


Soon our bus arrived, and we were on our back to our hotel to collect our luggage and head to Tokyo International Airport, Hanida.


Hence that’s the end of our Japan trip…