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Dec 06 2011

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Japan Trip 2011 – LCCT to Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

Date: 4th Dec 2011


We left home for LCCT at 11am. Our flight was at 2.40pm but was delayed by about half hour due to some “no show” by certain passenger(s), hence prompting their baggage to be removed from the plane.


I had the regular “Nasi Lemak Pak Nasser” while on board:

When we landed at Tokyo International Airport, Haneda, it was already very dark:


Immigration and customs checks done, I found myself near a huge Christmas tree in the airport:


After purchasing our train tickets, we waited for the train to take us to Shinagawa:



It was almost midnight, and in a hurry, we took a local train instead the express train, and ended up at this station:


We then had to wait for a different train to get us to Shinagawa.

Eventually (it was 12.30am!) we checked into our hotel. The girl at the counter was once an exchange student and spent a couple of months in Ipoh! She was so excited to serve us in Bahasa Malaysia :) .

And here’s our cute hotel room:


Very small, but functional :) . They even provide us with matching pyjamas :) ..


The adventure would only begin the following day..


Next: Visiting Nikko


Dec 01 2011

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Make Your Own Hairband!

I’ve never given any step-by-step instruction on my blog before, but there’s always the first time, right? ;)


first, get a piece of remnant, of the size of about 8 inches X 20 inches:

You can decrease the width, if you wish. You’ll see what I mean when you see the last pic later :)


Fold it longitudinally, and sew together:


Make sure you leave some “unsewn” part on both ends, like this:


turn the right-sde out:


We want to join this piece together, so put the right-side together and sew:


I know the above picture doesn’t help, but I hope when you see the result here, you’ll understand what I mean:


Sew one straight line on the right side:


And another on the left side, so that you have a hollow way in the middle, for the elastic band:


Take about 8 inch-long elastic band:


Use a safety pin to push the band into the ‘middle way’:


Make sure you keep one end with you, so that at the end of the process you can have the two ends together. Sew them together like this (I was too lazy, so I machine-sewed them):


Let the elastic band slide freely into the “middle way”. You may want to hem the opening a bit, like this:


And, voila! You have the hair-band ready!


So far I’ve made these (various widths too):



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