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Oct 17 2011

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Bergen – A Morning Walk to The Fish Market

Date: 14th October 2011 (Friday)


After a good night rest (from the previous day’s trip), checked out, left our luggage at the reception, and started to walk towards the town square:



DH wanted to snap more pix, but because the sky was too cloudy, Iasked him to do so on our way back (Bad suggestion, because we came back a different way!).

Our first real stop was the the Fish Market, near the harbour:

Language is not a problem:


Fresh fish on display:


Huge salmons:

Fresh ones too:


Lobster anyone?


Me, behind the fish market:


We then moved on to nearby Bryggen:



To be continued… :)



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Oct 16 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – The Final Leg

After the train ride from Oslo, The Flamsbana, AuslandsfjordNaeroyfjord and the brief bus ride to Voss, our last leg was the local train ride from Voss to Bergen.

When we arrived at Voss Station, it was 6pm. The train to take us to Bergen will only come and depart at 7.20pm! Honestly, after a long day (we left our hotel that morning at 7am), we were too exhausted.


I was indeed very happy when it was time to leave:


A final look at the station when the train slowly left:


I was told that the journey (either by train or road) between Voss and Bergen is also very scenic but unfortunately ours was done in the dark :( . It would be a different story if it was summer!

When we arrived at Bergen station, swe briskly headed towards our hotel – The Basic Hotel. On our way we saw a halal kebab joint, and decided to go back to the place after we left our luggage in the room:


Ihlas – a simple name for a simple place:



The neighbourhood was pretty quiet, but safe:


Our pita kebab was simply delicious! :) . Well, either that or  we were just famished:


Kebab is pretty popular here :)




Oct 16 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – Naeroyfjord

The boat cruise for both The Aurlandsfjord and Naeroyfjord took us almost 2 hours.


Even though the scenery was fantastic, it was rather chilly especially with the wind blowing, so occasionally we would just stay put in the middle of the boat (where it was shielded from the wind):


When the cruise was almost over, wewere still not bored with serene views ahead of us like this one:-


as we got nearer:


Occasionally we looked back:


apart from the water ripplies, it was just as serene:


I spent quite some time chatting with the ladies from the Reliance group. This one was with Mrs Kang, who happened to know my NeedlesNCraft buddy, Radha :) .


while DH was still busy clicking his camera on views like this:


and this:


Other “brave” passengers of  the boat who refused to remain indoor :) :


We were reaching our destination:


OK, one last look at the back:


Gudvangen welcomed us:


We got out the boat and were greated by several private tour buses. Unfortunately our “Norway in a Nutshell” bus had yet to arrive.


Soon the bus arrived and took us to the town of Voss where we would do the final leg of the journey.



Oct 16 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – Aurlandsfjord

-After the train ride from Oslo, The Flamsbana (Flam Railway Line), the next part of this “Norway in a Nutshell” self-discovery tour is the boat ride along the Aurlandfjord and Naeroyfjord.


But first let’s look at the Flam’s Habour:


The habour station:


Factory outlet shop, but I gave it a miss:


A ship haboured here:



Here’s a map of the area and cruise path:


We met the Reliance & Tour (Malaysia) guide, Richard (very friendly), who offered to snap this shot for us:


After which I decided to give my first junp of this Norwegian trip:


We then walked towards  the ferry. The Railway Museum in the background:


We soon were on the ferry/ship, looking down to the habour (The Reliance group members still assembling themselves):


Slowly we left the place:


Now about to look ahead of us:


Beautiful view of the fiord:


All of us were excited, and started to snap photos:


Me too, with a settlement in the background:


They have nice houses:


Before we knew it, we saw another human settlement:



And another:


As we gocloser:


This reminded me of Milford Sound, NZ:



However, this one is bigger, longer and more magnificent that Milford Sound:


Soon we were turning left, to another fiord:


Saw another small (fishing, I presume) village:



Next: Naeroyfjord



Oct 15 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – Flam Railway

After reaching the highest point of the rail journey, we continued on.


Another ski resort, I am pretty sure:


Ski lesson in progess:


Our train went through so many tunnels, some are pretty long. Here’s a shot of the exposed part connecting 2 underground parts:



More snow:


We finally arrived at Myrdal where we had to change trains:


Or next train, The Flamsbana Train is waiting for the red train to leave:


Nice classic look:

Nice locomotive:


Elegant interior too:


The passengers were mainly tourist, including a group of 24 Malaysians travelling with The Reliance Travel & Tours.

The train soon decended:


It even stopped at one famous waterfall, the Kjosfossen Waterfall:


A mandatory photo shoot:


There are many other high waterfalls:


with picturesque surrounding:


It was definitely pleasing the eyes:


A valley that once was the pathway of glasiers:


And yet we could find human settlements like this one:


One cute station building along the way:


The pictures I have here do not justify the 1.5 hour train journey. We soon arrived at our destination, Flam :


Next will be our bout ride along the fiords!


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Oct 15 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – Reaching the Highest Station

Soon after I saw the 0C reading of the outside temperature, as blogged earlier, we started to get this kind of view:


There were times when it was not snowy, like thestop at Al station. Yes, the place is just AL – short and simple:


Soon we saw more snow. At times there was snow on the left side (where it was blocked from the sun by the hills) and clear on the right side (no pic):


Beautiful valley town like this one:


More lake view:


with the snow-capped mountain in the background too:


and more:


I still couldn’t believe that there are people who live here:


Some resort, I guess:


The track runs almost parallel to the road:


Simply wow:


Some plants can still survive here!:


Weeds too, for sure:


I don’t think I can survive here:


All white and blue:




I had to put on the shades to avoid snow-blind!


more snow:


We finally reached the highest train station in Norway, Finse:


Many holiday-skiers disembarked here:


While my journey continues… :)




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Oct 14 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – The Beginning of The Train Ride

Earlier post: Catching the Morning  Train

The train left Oslo Sentral Sation at 8.11am. After going through a few undergrounds, we finally got out of the Oslo downtown, and got some nice views.

I have a lot of pix so I’ll minimise my text, OK?

One of the stops:

Beautiful views:


Farm houses?:

Our humble snacks:


More beautiful views:


We saw the snow-capped mountains in a distance (not knowing we would pass by the area later!):


More beautiful views to enjoy, like this one:


I must ask Astrid why this brick red colour is so popular here:


Never short of beautiful lakes too:


and rivers:



The stations are cute too, like this one:


Before I knew it the indicator said the temperature outside was 0C!


I’ll tell you why in the next entry….


Oct 14 2011

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Norway in a Nutshell – Catching The Morning Train

Date: 13th October 2011

Departure point: Oslo Sentral Station


Morning view from our hotel room:


We needed to check out early, but first things first:


Nice morning in Oslo:

A quick photo shoot:


Soon we were aPlatform 3 waiting for our train. Trying to understand the layout of the train:s


Easy to understand, indeed :) :


We were rather early, so we enjoyed some train watching :) :

and more:

Soon our train arrived:

Finally inside the train) :

We were in Coach 445 alright:


Nice interior:

Oh, I forgot to mention that we are taking “Norway in a Nutshell” tour. We booked the tickets online and collected them yesterday:



Oct 13 2011

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En Route to Oslo

Last Tuesday night we headed to KLIA just before midnight.
At 1.30am Wednesday (12th October 2011) I was waiting for the train to get to the departure hall:


The plane was at least 3/4 . It started from Phuket and when we were boarding it we saw many (tired) passengers who were already asleep in it!


About 9 hours later wee were waiting for our connecting flight to Oslo:

Almost 20 hours since we left KLIA we finally arrived at Oslo Airport. We found out that there were many others like us – Came to Oslo because of the offer tickets by Qatar Airways on their newly launched destination (Oslo). Some were from Thailand, while others were from Singapore and Malaysia too.

After changing our Euros into the local Norwegian Kroners, we quickly bought our train tickets. It’s cheaper to buy them at the vending machines than at the counter!

Waiting for our train:


To save cost we didn’t take the express train, opting for the normal train that stops at several stations before we finally arrive at Oslo Sentral:

It was sunny and beautiful:

Walking towards our Budget Hotel, which is only 5 mins away from the station:

Our hotel, finally:


Oslo Cathedral viewed from our room:

Next: The trip to Bergen



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