Mystical Myanmar – Summary

I had the opportunity to visit Myanmar for 4 nights in March 2011.

Here’s a summary of my Myanmar blog entries:

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Yangon – Day 1

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I could not blog about Yangon because I have yet to get pix from my trustworthy photographer… 🙁


Mystical Myanmar – Mandalay Part II

Date: 26th March 2011

After we left the monastery, we first went to a halal outlet for lunch. On our way there, we saw some novice monks on a public transport vehicle. I was told by the guide that they just got back from sitting an exam.

It must be nice to be standing outside the “bus”, or even on top of it?

Discussing the next destination while waiting for our food to come:

By the way, earlier when I looked at the menu, I saw one dish called “Malaysian Style Water Crest”, and I couldn’t resist ordering it. It turned out to be “Kangkung goreng belacan”!

After lunch, we walked a few doors away to the place where they make the gold leaves. There are so many laborious stages, and I am only showing some of them here.


Here’s the most laborious task of pounding the gold into very thin pieces:


The pieces are then cut into nice squares:


This is the only section that is air-conditioned. They can’t use fan, for obvious reason (the gold leaves are very thin and light):

Gold-plated moi:



We then left for another temple:


Like any other tourist attractions, we came across a few stalls and shops that sell souvenirs, like this one:


Honestly, I was getting too tired with pagoda-visits, and long after that we checked into our hotel.


We met up with our guide again later in the afternoon. We had a few more places to visit, such as the pagoda on the hill:


But first we went to visit the replica of the original Mandalay Palace. At the entrance while our guide went to get the entrance tickets, I decided to do my jump:



The palace replica was build in the original palace ground. The original palace was destroyed during World War II 🙁 .


The main throne hall:

It must have been a very huge complex:

There were not many people. According to our guide, the buildings are more simplified than the original ones:


I could imagine the royal members whiling their time away:


Most of the buildings were empty and closed 🙁 :


We soon left the complex and headed to The Golden Palace Monastery (Shwe Nan Daw Monastery) which was built over 150 years ago:


Very magestic:


Huge teak pillar with intricate carvings all over the place:


Unfortunately many external parts were blackened by the pollution:



The Christian influence (in the forms of carving of the angels) could be found at many places, such as this one:

Our next destination was the pagoda on the hill, but before that we made a quick stop at Kuthodaw Pagoda:


It is also known as The world Biggest Book, because each stupa above contains stone slabs of texts on the Buddhist teachings and there are 729 of them altogether!


Our final destination was the Mandalay Hill, where a huge pagoda stands:


On the top floor of the pagoda:


We were supposed to wait until sunset, but since it was dusty and hazy, we left the hill top earlier.  On our way back to our hotel, we passed by the area where there’s a huge Muslim community, and saw a mosque:



and another:


We finally arrived at our hotel, The Hotel Mandalay:


The Birthday…

Eight days ago was my birthday. It was almost eventless, except for the birthday wishes from family members especially Aina who wished me during sahur time 🙂 . I also received birthday sms-es from my very close associates too 🙂 . They helped cheer up my birthday, for sure 🙂 . After over 30 years, these people still remember my birthday, and that surely touched my heart..


It was about noon that I remembered my birthday exchange gift that I collected from Rose (who’s my birthday partner for this year exchange) a few days earlier! For the exchange, we are supposed to give our partner a hand-made gift, plus 2 stash items.


Rose however went further than that! Let’s see what she got me in this bag:


There were TWO packages inside the bag:


The contents:


Another look:



Finally, what’s inside the wrapped white paper:


Rose is always good with cross-stitch, and I just love the framed picture above. I was told that the ladle (and the rest above, minus the ribbons of course) are to go with the country home theme of the picture 🙂 .

Finally, the birthday card:


No, I am not going to share the content of the card 🙂 .


Thank you, Rose for the lovely gifts!!!