Wrapping Up The Canada Blog Entries

I’ve finished blogging on the 11-day Self-drive trip in Canada that we made recently. Initially it was planned for 12 days, but we decided to shorten it so that we would have more time to see Hamilton.


Anyway, here are the links to the entries:

  1. On the Way To Canada
  2. Niagara Falls
  3. Down town Toronto
  4. Self-drive Day 1 (Toronto – Kingston -Ottawa)
  5. Self-drive Day 2 (Ottawa – Montreal – Quebec City)
  6. Self-driveย  Day 3 – Quebec City
  7. Self-drive Day 3 – Quebec City – Rimouski
  8. Self-drive Day 4
  9. Self-drive Day 5 (Prince Edward Island)
  10. Self-drive Day 6 (Bathurst – Amherst)
  11. Self-drive Day 6 (Joggins Fossil Centre – Halifax)
  12. Self-drive Day 7 (Halifax – Peggy’s Cove)
  13. Self-drive Day 7 (Peggy’s Cove – Lunenberg)
  14. Self-drive Day 8 (Halifax – Sydney)
  15. Self-drive Day 9 (Sydney – Cape Breton National Park)
  16. Self-drive Day 9 (Whale watching!)
  17. Self-drive Day 10 (Marconi National Historic Park)
  18. Self-drive Day 10 (Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Park)
  19. Self-drive Day 11 (Edmundston – Hamilton)
  20. Hamilton &ย  Missisauga
  21. Ayi-s Convocation
  22. Way back home

Please come back to this page for updated summary (especially on those entries that have yet to get the link ๐Ÿ™‚ )


This is my favourite pic:


12-Day Self-Drive Canada – Day 11

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we came back to Malaysia from our Canada trip, and only today I managed to continue with my blogging…


Date: 14th June 2011

Departing point: Edmundston, New Brunswick

Destination: Hamilton, Ontario

We arrived at our hotel just after midnight. After some good sleep, rest and decent breakfast, we were ready to leave our accomodation, the Days Inn:

It was going to be along drive – over 100km in all, to be done on that day!!


reentering the Franco-region, Quebec:


du Ha! Ha!” ??? Que-est que ca? (what is that?)


We were definitely heading Ouest, oops, I mean west:

Our initial plan was to enter Montreal, after the failed attempt the week before:


Quebec was where we saw many police patrol cars. I think we saw more than 8, almost equivalent to the number of police cars we saw elsewhere in our journey!


Argh!! Another congestion?? We were stuck for about 1 hour, just to cross over (not entering Montreal yet). We then decided we just had to give Montreal downtown a miss ๐Ÿ™ :


an accident?

This was the worst jam we encountered, considering that we were still on the ring road:


Even after we decided to give Centre Ville (city centre) a miss, we were still stuck:



Finally the jam was over:


We continued our journey, stopping a couple of times for some refreshment, especially at one of the Tim Horton’s outlets.


Signs like this have been welcoming to us ๐Ÿ™‚ :