Congratulations, Nukman!

The SPM results came out yesterday, and again I was a very proud mum, smiling from ear to ear because another child did me proud again! πŸ™‚

Nukman, no.5 in the family of 6 kids, and the youngest son, started like this:

Then this:

We felt that his head was too big for him, but then, the Chinese believe that big head means good fortune (?) πŸ™‚ .

He was and still is a bubbly person:

with a calming facial expression too:

He did well in primary school, and never let us down. He was the headboy of his school (though I could not locate any of the pix) and every year I would attend the price-giving ceremony to see him go up the stage to accept his prizes.

Before we knew it he was about to enter the secondary school. By then he was chubbier. Here’s a pic of him at his chubbiest, at his favourite place (Old Trafford) in Nov 2005:

He lost most of his baby fat when he went to a boarding school. Here’s him in 2007:

He’s gone places since then. Here at Gunung Merapi with his 2 other siblings:

We even went close to the Myanmar border (In Mae Sai, Thailand):

Tanah Lot, Bali:

in Seoul last Dec:

And recently to Anak Kratau (Indonesia):

Two years ago he gave me this:

And yesterday he gave me the best so far:

Though I miss the chubby face of the happy go-lucky toddler, I do want him to move ahead and proceed with his life. Like any mother, I am wishing him the best in his future undertakings!

NeedlesNCraft 4th Anniversary Meet

Date: 19th March 2011 (12 noon – 6pm)

Venue: Somewhere in KGSAAS, Shah Alam.

Veronica has already blogged about the meet here.

I’ve been a member of the Yahoogroup NeedlenCraft for at least over 2 years now. I’ve attended the 2nd anniversary meet at Nik’s place, and the 3rd was held at my placeΒ  last year πŸ™‚ .

I arrived (with Aina)Β  at the place just before 1pm (having had a breakfast meet earlier in the day). Many of the ladies were already there and enjoying the food. I brought some chicken sate as promised.

Only after I had my food that I remembered to take some pix of the dishes:

more food:

We also had rice with chicken curry:

Well-labeled delicious desserts too:

An anniversary meet is not complete without Mel’s cheesecake (though I don’t like cheesecake πŸ™ ):

Some pix while we had the food:

and a “group” pic;

or two:

or three:

Didn’t I tell you earlier that I have over 100 photos of the meet? It’ll ber difficult for me to choose only a handful for this blog entry but I’ll try..

We had a class on hardanger embroidery, conducted by Nik:

We were very good students πŸ™‚ :

. Nik was so well prepared. She had 4 different pieces herself, of different stage of the embroidery:

We were so keen on how the cutting and pulling of the threads:

We stopped the lesson after Nik showed us the cutting and pulling of threads. She then gave some tips on the technique.

We continued the day with the giving out of the door gifts for the kids:

Aina was happy to see hers:

Nik & Margaret also distributed the door gifts to member:

Each bag was individually labeled:

The contents were contributed by several members of the group:

My contributions were the brooches:

which were individually put inside the pouches that Aina had stitched up for me:

We later took turn drawing and opening the anniversary gift (of the gift exchange).

Here’s a pic of the gifts stacked together:

I was inspired by Erin’s pillows here hence I crocheted (instead of knitted) and sewed this pillow:

We also had to cut gingham in heart shape and stitch them together whichever way we like. Here’s my gingham heart (pic later):

My gift and heart were won by Carla, from USA.

In return, I received gifts from Usha:

The way the draw was done was very interesting. We each picked a chocolate, to see the name of the recipient, and got to eat the choc after that πŸ™‚ :

There are too many pix of others opening the gifts, but here I am putting the collection of gingham hearts that day:

The gracious hostess with her gifts:

We forgot to take a group photo, but here are the pix aas we were leaving:


Anna to Janet
Carla to Sally
Diane to Lillie
Janet to Mel
Josephine to Tini
Lillie to Shanny
Margaret to Rose
Mel’s to Anna
Nik’s to Veronica
Paul to Diane
Radha to Zarina
Rose to Margaret
Sabariah to Carla
Sally to Josephine
Shanny to Radha
Tini to Nik
Usha to Sabariah
Veronica to Usha
Zarina to Paul

A Gathering of Old-Timers

The last time we had a gathering was on the 4th July 2009. It was a grand one (30 years after we left school) and I was among those who initiated it. Unfortunately, later on I found out that Nuni’s graduation was on 5th July 2009, so I had to give the gathering a miss despite having bought the flight (return) tickets to go back to Kota Bharu for the gathering.Here’s a group pic, obviously without me in it!:

So, here’s the recent (mini) gathering:

Date : 5th March 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 12 noon until 7pm (or rather ,until the last guest left!)

Venue: Setia Alam (my place)

I guess many of us have been busy that we never got to have any significantly big gathering since then. Though, I know that some of us do have regular meets where we have have breakfast, lunch or just a cup of coffee together.

As usual, my ever faithful Nury was the first to arrive. Even DH calls her my co-host πŸ™‚ .

Zuhdi and family came next. We managed to have a couple of photos together (thanks to Zuhdi):

This one with Nury (but no Zuhdi) in:

Now… I can’t remember who came next. I think Kamil, Engku & Deng were next, followed by Wan Hasamudin aka K*j*k. It was nice of K***k to come, despite being busy with his son’s departure to Cairo that night.

Soon Nik Ahmad Eid arrived with his family. They arrived at the same time as Yasmin & Salwani. Yasmin brought sumptuous Secret Recipe cake.

We were waiting diligently for Salwani’s “lompat tikam”. It was definitely worth the wait:

Ladies (Mat Eid in the foreground):

K*j*k and Deng:

Close up of Kamil andΒ  Engku:

Earlier, we tried to discuss THE agenda of the day – preparation of next’s year’s Grand Re-union :

but were distracted a few time, LOL!

We however managed to have a quick group pic of the guys available at that time:

Sham arrived later with a beautiful fruit basket (forgot to take any pic until the fresh roses wilted πŸ™ ).

Kojak soon had to leave, followed by Yasmin, Salwani and Sham.

The others wanted to leave too but I told them 3 more of our friends were already on their way. Actually I think I forced these nice guys to stay back!

They were not disappointed because soon after Zuhaimi and Rusdi aka A**k arrived.

Zuhdi who went home to send back his family arrived again πŸ™‚ . He’s one loyal member of any gathering!Β  He came with some banana fritters πŸ™‚ .

After another long wait, our 3 musketeers (Kamil, Ku & Deng) wanted to leave too, especially when Nury got ready to leave. By that time Roslan P*c*t was on his way.

These guys said, OK, they’ll wait for Roslan, say hi and then go off.

Here’s a pic of us with for Roslan when he had just arrived:

Nik and Nury soon left, but the others decided to come in again! I went up to pray and was quite surprised to see the dining table full:

After quite a long wait, these guys wanted to leave too.

Ah, did I forget ot mention that the satay I ordered earlier finally arrived (my sons had to wait for almost 1 hour, despite making the booking earlier)?

Zuhdi, Kamil & Dr Zuhaimi (that’s our family doctor πŸ™‚ ):

Even DH rejoined the group for a serving of lompat tikam:

These guys finally left just before sunset!

Final headcount:

Alpha – Zuhdi, K*j*k, Nury, me, Rusdi, Roslan, Mat Eid

Beta – Deng, Yasmin

Delta – Kamil, Zuhaimi,Salwani, Shanmsiah

Gamma – Engku

To all who came to this gathering, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a real pleasure to have you at my place that day!

Credits should go to ZuhdiΒ  and K*j*k for most of the photos above πŸ™‚

Raptor Watch Week 2011

Date: 11 & 12 March 2011

Venue: Ilham Resort Ground, Tanjung Biru, Port Dickson

For more information on Raptor Watch Week 2011 please click here.

I can’t remember when was the first time we attended a Raptor Watch Week event, but I am sure it was many many years ago – Aina was still a toddler then, and now she’s almost 14! It was pre-blogging era for me πŸ˜‰ . On previous trips, we had stayed at the nearby Casa Racardo as well as The Blue Lagoon Resort. Other times we just made a day trip to this place.

I checked my blog entries and found out that the last time we were there was during Raptor Watch Week 2009,Β  where I had quite a lengthy entry for it.

Today, we left home early to fetch Nafis. We stopped at Dengkil Rest Area for breakfast. While we were there, we noticed the extra-ordinary crowd – this must be due to the fact that today is the beginning of a 9-day school holidays. My guess is that people were either going back to their hometowns, going away for a holiday (just like us πŸ™‚ ) or attending some wedding reception somewhere..

We arrived at Tanjung Tuan just after 10.30am, and were pleasantly “greeted” by flocks of raptors who had just arrived from Sumatera (Indonesia):

A close-up of another group:

As expected they must be tired, having just crossed the strait!

Like the previous Raptor Watch Weeks, today’s event was quite festive. There are some activities to keep visitors occupied, especially kids and school children.

I wanted to “jump” but there were many peopleΒ  that I only managed a “shy” one:

I went to visit the booths. I found some nice mugs at the Philipines stall πŸ™‚Β  at RM10 each:

Very educational too:

There were actually the last 2 pieces!

We also bought some t-shirts for the kids (no pic).

When we arrived it was really hot and sunny – very good weather for the raptors’ journey. They need the hot weather to provide thermals that enable them to glide across the strait. Please read here for more information.

Yesterdy must have been a good day, as indicated by the statistics (of the sightings of the raptors):

DH and the kids wanted to go to the nearby lighthouse. I decided not to follow, and stayed back at the event ground. While I was there, a elderly couple came to sit with me.Β  They told me that their daughters (about my age) wanted to go up to the light house too. Before I knew it, I found myself explaining to them about the Raptor Watch Week, mogratory birds, thermals, etc!

While I was there, I also saw a group of orphans came to the site:

Just after 1pm, I got a call form DH saying that they would me up at the car. I excused myself from the elderly couple, and walked towards where our car was parked. On the way, I saw the bus that took the orphans I saw earlier (pic later too):

We left Tanjung Tuan at about 1pm. Exhausted and hungry (DH and the kids), we stopped for a lunch of rice with asam pedas fish:

We eventually retired for the day at Avillion. The view from my room was so soothing:

that before long, I was in the slumberland πŸ™‚ .

When Two Old Friends Meet for the First Time In Over 30 years!

This blog entry supersedes my blog for the gathering held last Saturday. This blog also has the longest title so far! πŸ™‚

But then, that was exactly the best title for this blog entry.

Kak Ton (2-yr my senior at Sek Men Sains Kelantan) and I had been planning to get her father and my FIL to meet. We finally managed to do so this morning.

I fetched Kak Ton from the LRT station, and she lead us the way to her brother’s house where their parents are at the moment.

These old folks ( we are much younger them them πŸ™‚ )Β  live in Kota Bharu but occasionally they come to visit their children in the Klang Valley. My FIL & MIL were going back to Kota Bharu today, so it was really timely to get the meeting done this morning. Their friendship started during their schooldays!

When we arrived at the destination, Kak Ton’s father was in the midst of slicing some pineapple, so it looked kind of strange when he greeted us at the door with a knife! πŸ™‚

It wasn’t long before both the old (yeah, very old! hahaha) friends got so engrossed in their chat:

That’s my MIL in the middle.

Before long, they were sitting on the same sofa!

Initially we wanted to have lunch on the floor, but realising that these guys may not be comfortable sitting on the floor (esp my FIL), we ended up having the meal at the dining table. We had to call them (these 2 guys) for lunch a few times – they just seemed refused to stop talking.

It was a sumptuous meal:

They continued to talk, and here with Kak Ton’s mum looking on:

I was the first to “attack” the food, and the first to finish. So I managed to take this shot with Kak Ton and MIL in it:

These guys were the last to come to the dining table, and they were the last to leave too! πŸ™‚ :

The two friends continued to talk, while we ladies talked at another corner. This was the first instance where we ladies ran out of topics to talk while the guys kept on talking! MIL and I had to remind FIL a few times that we had to leave.

K Ton’s father leading my father to the car:

To me it was indeed a pleasurable outing.

I am sure Cikgu Noh (FIL) and Cikgu Rashid had a good time too, don’t you think so?

Thank you Kak Ton for making this meet possible. Her mum told me to visit them in Kota Bharu when we go back πŸ™‚ .

Another Quick “Balik Kampung”

On Friday 25th February2011, DH and I made a quick tripΒ  to his hometown to visit his parents.

It was (as always) a relief once we reached Gua Musang. One signage at the main junction caught our attention:

We arrives at FIL & MIL’s place just before 9pm.

The standard morning agenda the following day (26th) was a breakfast of nasi kerabu at the nearby place:

After a couple of phone calls I finally managed to meet up an old friend, Dr Selasawati, whom I had not met since school days:

She came to join us at the breakfast though she only took a cup of coffee. We promised to meet up again soon πŸ™‚ .

That afternoon was spent visiting my brother:

Hung on the wall is a reminder of his past – 11448 Sarjan Mohd Nawi ( yes, I still remember his army ID!):

Later that day we went to visit DH’s second cousin who had been sick, but now recuperating (no pic).

We also went out that night for a simple dinner at this place:

(Mustaqim Seafood)

The following day, we had another “nasi kerabu” breakfast, but at another long-known outlet nearby, aka “Nasi Kerabu Mat Beh”:

This time mine was the plain nasi kerabu, with no additional “lauk”.

Since I was already in Kelantan, I decided to attend a function at my alma mater. My former school was recently announced as one of the “High Performance Schools”, and with that come some huge grants πŸ™‚ .

The “Majlis Kesyukuran” was held in the Main Hall:

I was so so happy to meet my former teacher, Cikgu Ashaari:

On the far right (in the pic above) is Arif, my senior of 4 years.

Updating my contact info for cikgu and missus while Mama (Dr) Chan had a chat with cikgu:

It was Mama Chan (who has been teaching in this school ever since her first day as a teacher back in 1979!) who sent the invitation to me, via Facebook! She said they were worried that the invitation card may not reach me in time. It would not, because the school only has my old home address and not the current one!

This school hall brings back a lot of memories:

The principal came to invite me to join him at the main table. The first time I declined. I preferred to be with Cikgu Ashaari and the rest at our table. When he came for the second time, saying that there were still vacancies at the table, I didn’t have the heart to resist:

There was some powerpoint presentation on the screen (on the stage) while we were having our food:

The view towards the main entrance:

I also got to meetΒ  a fellow alumni’s brother, who had just joined the Form 1 in the school:

Sharul Nizam (above) lost his mum last year, and lost his father a few years ago.

Even the others got interested in him:

I am sure Shahrul Nizam will be as tough as his brother (who is now doing his undergraduate studies), and excel in his life.

It was an enjoyable time at the function that I found it difficult to leave the place. DH was already outside the hall when I got to meet up with Cikgu Hamdi:

(pic taken fro Cikgu Hamdi’s Facebook album)

Though hard, I eventually left the place at about 2pm. We then left for Shah Alam and safely arrived home just before midnight.