My Latest Needlecraft Project

It’s common for needlecrafters to have several ongoing project at any one time and I am no exception πŸ™‚ .

During my recent trip to Haikou, the only purchase I made wasfor a pair of cushion cover kits, like this one:

It’s been keeping me busy in front of the tv (whenever I am watching it, because I hate watching tv doing nothing). Here’s a close-up:

Once I am done with this one, I will have to start all over again with the 2nd piece – same design and same colour. Then I would have a pair of them – just nice for my Mazda2 πŸ™‚

Selected Raya Pix

It’s now over 1 week into Syawal, and I think it’s high time I put some Raya pix on my blog πŸ™‚ .

Here’s the family pic taken on the Raya morning:

Ayi who is in Canada posted this Raya pic of himself recently:

A candid one here:

Before we forgot, we took this one too:

DH, I and the girls:

The kids surely had some swell time here:

and here:

and here:

As if that was not enough:

Later in the afternoon, we went to my late dad’s hometown, met some cousins and their families, and got this group pic:

Another shot:

It was the same gang as last year’s :-).

I hope we can repeat this in the future!

Selamat Hari Raya To All Muslims Who Know Me!

I don’t know why, I feel that this year’s Ramadhan is much shorter than before.If previously I used to have more (lunch) time to go round the 3 shopping malls around my office area (walking distance), this time I hardly have the chance. This Ramadhan, somehow, I had to go out a lot of time, and hence missed the lunchbreak walks to those shopping malls – SACC Mall, Kompleks PKNS & the next door Plaza Alam Sentral.

Only this week I am stationed in the office most of the time. I took this opportunity to get Raya outfits for Nafis, Nukman & Aina.

I once blogged about the Raya mood at Kompleks PKNS. For this Raya, I want to show the Plaza Alam Sentral this Ramadhan (Maybe I’ll capture the Raya mood at SACC Mall next year’s Ramadhan? I hope I get to see next year’s Ramadhan).

The view of the lobby as I go up the escalator:

And the view as I went down the escalator:

And hence I end my blog here by wishing all my Muslim readers SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDIL FITRI, MINTA MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN!!

Today is my last working day. I’ll be off tomorrow until Monday, yeah!!!!!!!

When Will Our Eid Fitr 1431 Be?

Today was the 27th day of fasting (Ramadhan). So, will we be fast for 29 days, or 30 days this time? This question has been going around quite actively lately that I decided to blog about it πŸ™‚ .

On Wednesday (8th September 2010) night, there’ll be “New Moon Sighting” activities by the various religious bodies. There are rumours that this years Eid (Raya) could be on Thursday and not Friday as initially understood. These rumours will be answered only on Wednesday night, when it ‘s cofirmed whether we will be celebrating on Thursday or Friday.

I told a few colleagues that to reduce our enxiety, let’s check the times of moon set and sunset for Wednesday evening.

After googling for “moon set sunset Malaysia”, we came across thisΒ  site:

I checked for the sunset time for Wednesday (8 September 2010) and got this:

And for the moon set, I got this:

As we can see, on Wednesday, the sun will set at 7.15pm, while the moon will set at 7.05pm. To get a new moon, the sun has to set BEFORE the moon. So, analytically (Malay: kiraan falaq), there will be NO NEW MOON on Wednesday night.

On the other hand, on Thursday night, the sun will still set at about 7.15pm, but the moon will set at 7.56pm. That’s a good 41 minutes away. Hence we should be able to see a clear crescent that night.

So, my dear friends, after studying these tables, when do you think our Raya (Eid) will be? *wink*

If we really celebrate Raya on Thursday what is your conclusion?