Hello From Haikou!

Yes, I am right now in Haikou, Hainan. Where, you might ask. Haikou is the capital of Hainan, which is an island in China. Just google it, and I am sure you’ll find it.

Remember Hainanese chicken rice? Or Hailam mee? I guess those food originate from this island… Oh, BTW, Hainan = Hailam 😉 .

Now, back to me, DH and I caught the 6.50am flight leaving LCCT (KLIA) this morning, and we landed at Meilan International Airport about 3hours 15 mins later. Apart from 1 Mat Salleh, and 1 Malaysian Indian, we were the only other non-Chinese passengers!  When I say Chinese, I mean both the Chinese from China as well as Malaysian Chinese.  Just after we disembarked, 1 Malaysian Chinese greeted as, “Holiday?”, and DH said “yes” in return. I jokingly asked him “Balik Kampung?” (Going back to your roots) and he smilingly  nodded, signally his eyes to an old lady ( I think she’s his mum) 🙂 .

Sometimes I wonder, IF I am a billionaire, I think I can come here and announce that I am looking for my biological relatives. I bet there would be crowds of Hainanese who’d queue for the DNA tests, to see if we are related, hahahaha! But alas, I am just an ordinary person who doesn’t have assets worth shouting/sharing!

Now, back to this trip… It’s a short trip – we are staying here for only 2 nights. We only plan to walk round the busy (oh, did I say busy? The streets do not look busy!) streets today and tomorrow before heading back to Malaysia on Saturday.

The following are some shots taken from the cab on our way to the hotel (from the airport).

A lot of palm trees:

Street lights that are both wind-powered and solar-powered? :

Wide and clean roads:

On a bridge:

And finally the view of one of the main streets, from our hotel room:

KTMB Hotline is A Real Joke!!!

It happened to me many many times, but only today I feel like blogging about it.

KTMB hotline is 1-300-88-5862

Getting through the line is very fast, but getting someone to actually answer your call is a real joke!

Try it yourself, and you know what I mean… 🙁

I visited KTMB’s website:

Aftergoing through a few pages, I was not happy with the information. I needed more, so I called their Hotline. Their hotline is definitely very very cold!

A few attempts failed. The calls just ended up being terminated.  I got similar outcomes when I tried the number a few weeks ago to enquire the latest ETS service.

Happy Birthday, Shanny!!

Shanny is a Malaysian, residing in Switzerland. I got to know her through the NeedlesNCraft e-group. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at Tini’s place.

This year, Shanny is my Birthday X-change partner. For the exchange, we need to send to our partner some gift, preferably hand-made.

Remember the tatted bookmarks I produced some time ago:

I could not disclose then, but the blue one was meant for Shanny.

I also made this gold-filled 9Malay: suasa) chain for her, using the stones that I bought at a shop in Kelana Jaya Mall:

As for the stash (we needed to add at least 3 stash), I opted for a cross-stitch kit that I bought some time ago (Oh, no! I forgot to snap a pic of it). I hope the kit qualifies for the 3 stash types, because it has thread and fabric. I also added a piece of cotton to the package, hence the final package looks like this:

Shanny, I meant to add in a Japanese paper fan, when wrapping them I totally forgot about it! 🙁 .

So, Shanny, I hope you like what I’ve got you. And I also wish you a wonderful birthday – may all your wishes come true!

Hope to see you again when you come back to Malaysia, ya!