Another Leman Dawi Cendol Visit

We’ve visited this place a few times. I blogged about it the first successfulย  time and then another time.

Laast Saturday (24th July 2010), after the visit to Mae’s school (to collect his mid-year results), we decided to stop by at Leman Dawi Cendol again.

We saw some RTM people shooting some kids’ program, with a young girl interviewing Mr Leman Dawi himself:

We just went on to enjoy our cendols.

Being a jovial person, Mr Leman Dawi continued to greet his patrons once the shooting was over. He even came to talk to us:

While filling up the brown sugar container, he kept on telling us about the country, the area of a particular state, etc, etc.. What caught my attention was how Johor got the name. In almost ONE breathe, he said that the word Johor came from the Arabic word Johar, which means jewel!

Mr Leman even came closer to Aina to show her his books and notes that he always keeps in the pockets of his apron. He even showed some facts from his little notbook:

while Nafis looked on:

Sometimes Mr Leman can be too loud, but his command of the Malay language is really good, especially when he recites the pantun and sajak,

After having at least additional helpings on top of the 5 bowls we ordered (1 bowl for each of us), we finally said goodbye to Mr Leman and continued our journey down south to Muar. There were other new arrivals who were more than happy to see us emptying the table ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Mae will still beย  in that school until the end of this year, so I guess I’ll get to have one or 2 more cendol visits here in the future.

Morning Walk At Fraser’s Hills

Last Sunday (18th July) I agreed to join Aisyah and the gang for a morning walk. I had not taken such walks for ages..

We started at 8.15am, feeling fresh:

We walked from Silverpark to the “loop road” and took a right turn to start a clock-wise walk.

We stopped at a few places, including the entrance to Bishop’s Trail and a bend we call “Eucalyptus Corner”:

There is a eucalyptus tree, whose leaves would give out the refreshing smell (similar to the minyak angin smell) from it’s eucalyptus oil in them.

We proceeded to Glenn House (where they shot the Petronas F1 commercial) which I think still belongs to KTMB :

We wanted to have nasi lemak for brekkie at the nearby stall, but unfortunately it was closed ๐Ÿ™ .

I always like the view of the golf course:

We continued our walk until we came to the clock tower, where a photo session is always recommended, especially for firt-timers:

while regulars like me just looked on:

The mat salleh lady behind me was waiting patiently for her turn to pose at the clock tower. No first visit to Fraser’s Hills is complete without a pose at this land mark!

Eventually we headed to the mosque. We were lucky that the newly refurbished cafe near the mosque was open for business!

Nice embience, really:

After the nice breakfast (no pic, photograper was busy indulging himself, hahaha!!), we decided to try the Hemmant Trail, after which we proceeded to Silverpark.

After a nice shower, DH and I took the 12 noon “down flow” toย  come home while Aisyah and the gang continued to stay until they checked out later in the afternoon.

My Lady In Red

I’ve been driving the faithful 13-yr old Mitsubishi Spacewagon for almost 13 years now (I’ll get a pic later). I have no complaint and am happy with it. It’s just that sometimes I feel awkward driving the 7-seater car empty, hence came the urge to get a new car ๐Ÿ™‚ . It didn’t take me long to decide on Mazda2 :-).

Yesterday just before sunset, we finally collected my new car. When we arrived the car was being polished. DH managed to get the first look when it was finally parked outside the Mazda building:

DH started the check on the car, with the helpful and friendly Shahroul (Mazda guy):

Side view:

After the checking, etc, when I finally drove it out of the Mazda outlet, stopped at the nearby Caltex, filled up the tank with RM50 worth of petrol, the car had traveled only 60 km:

When the car arrived home, it was nicely parked next to DH’s:

A Weekend of Tatting

I started to tat again yesterday during Nafis’ registration. I got bored sitting in the theater not doing anything so I took out my tatting shuttles and started to tat.

I eventually managed to finish a bookmark, and last night I finished another one in blue. Here are the two tatted bookmarks:

I also tried to create my own pattern and produced this today:

I don’t know what to do with it, and am not so proud of it either, but at least I have my own pattern ๐Ÿ™‚ .

In between the above items, I tatted a few little motives :

I think I am going to tat more before I get bored with it and stop.

Open Day at Nukman’s School

While we were busy with Nafis at Taylor’s College, Nukman’s school was having an Open Day yesterday. Lucky for us, Bok had agreed to go with Aina.

They didn’t just go as visitors, but they brought with them Wii, to help Nukman and friends man a games corner.

Nukman & Aina:

Bok & Nukman giving a demo:

Aspiring band members:

They even had karaoke with the “band”:

apart from the Wii, they also had PS2 and PS3:

While the kids were enjoying indoor, Aina told me that there was also a pony-ride corner:

A final pose, before the Tai-ko takes the stuff home, I guess:

Aina even managed to take a shot of the collection of the day for the Wii:

Sorry Mae Mama could not come, but I am sure you had a wonderful day yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Nafis, the Taylorian

Yesterday we went to register Nafis for his college studies at Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya.

The day schedules for various programmes :

The registration yesterday was for sponsored students by JPA, MARA and Bank Negara. Nafis was indeed very lucky to have managed to secure a MARA loan to take up Actuarial Science via the American Degree Transfer Programme .

The queue for the initial registration at the far end of the pic:

While waiting for Nafis, I looked down:

Some of the programmes offered at the college:

There was a briefing by the Dean of the ADP programme (no pic) followed by the briefing on accomodation.

Finally it was the briefing by a MARA representative, who’ll be in-charge of the MARA-sponsored students here:

Both DH and I managed to be early for the free lunch at the college, but Nafis had to surrender some documents, so by the time he was ready to have lunch, it was too congested. We then took him to the nearby McD for his lunch:

We left him at the entrance of his apartment and came home. Nafis later came home with Bok, who went to fetch him. Later tonight we have to send Nafis back to his apartment because his programme will start first thing tomorrow morning!

Good luck, Nafis.ย  Do not let us and the country down.

Aina’s New Music Bag

It’s not really new, because I made it over a month ago, or maybe even over 2 months ago, I can’t really remember. I forgot to blog earlier.

The fabric was bought online. I thought the musical instrument design is appropriate for the bag that she puts her music books whenever she goes for her music class.

I didn’t forget to include a pocket inside:

Oh, yes, the inner lining has loads of musical notes ๐Ÿ™‚ . It’s the leftover fabric from her old (sling) bag that I made her in Feb 2009:

I am quite happy with the new bag, and I think so is Aina ๐Ÿ™‚ . Let’s have another view of it:

Shanghai – Day 3

It was 20th June 2010, our final day there.

We started the day by exploring the subway. I have to say exploring, because, after we entered the “Nanjing East” station we had to do a lot of reading/exploring to find out how to purchase the tickets. Luckily the ticket vending machines have the option for “English”.

Turning the medium to English is one thing. The next thing is to identify the stations on the subway map with the map that we had with us. We finally figured out the destination (can’t remember exactly the station name) but we were going to the Shanghai Expo 2010 grounds.

The tickets were 4 yuan one way each. We also had to change trains at one of the stations. After trying the subways in Korea & Tokyo (where we could hardly read the language/signs), I think the Shanghai subway system is pretty modern. One of the lines has new coaches, and it was indicated on the LED screen where we were, with blinking lights!

We decided not to enter the Expo ground because we didn’t have enough time. We also figured out that we came to Shanghai to get to know Shanghai and not to visit booths of other countries, many of which we have visited. We were also informed that the booths/pavilions are so congested that visitors had to queue up for long hours just to enter each of them. If I have 1 whole week in Shanghai, I think I’d come to the expo ground daily and take my own sweet time to savour visit each pavillion/booth.

Here are some pix of me at the Expo grounds.

By the way, did I tell you that they have direct access from the subway station to the expo grounds?

With flags of the participating countries/organisations:

With the Chinese Pavillion as the background:

It looks like my headgear here:

One striking (coloured) billboard:

We came back to the hotel in time to check out, and then we took the subway again to Shanghai South Railway Station.

Shanghai South Railway Station certainly fascinated me! It’s like a huge umbrella. At first look, it could easily be mistaken for an airport!

We thought it might be sensitive to take pictures, so we discretely took a couple pix using our handphones. We however saw some groups actually took their pix, with flash too!

Anyway, here’s me:

The station has a few levels (for departures and arrivals). Even the different types of express trains (I know of T, and D, D being the fastest) have different levels for boarding! Let’s see the tickets again for both types of espress trains:

The centre of departure level, with people going to their respective platforms (which are on a lower level and could not be seen):

It was only a normal Sunday evening. Can you imagine how crowded it would be during the rush for the Chinese?Lunar New Year holidays?

After loitering for a couple of hours, we eventually figured out that our departure was not even on this level. WE had to take the escalator down, and enter the platform form the lower level. Once in the train, it was much more comfy that the train ride 2 days earlier. I politely obliged for a final photo shoot ๐Ÿ™‚ :

Less than 2 hours later we arrived at the Hangzhou Station. We took a cab to the airport, and waited for out 11.20pm flight back to LCCT. We arrived in LCCT 5 hours later!

You may want to read my blog on The day before ifย  you’ve not done so.


to be continued…