A Very Emotional Meet – after Over 30 years!

While I was in Tanah Merah, I found out that an old friend was having a wedding reception for her child. Without hesitation, I decided to go, even though my brother was concerned that there was no invitation for me. I don’t need to have any invitation to meet up with Kak Yah!

Here are some shots of me with Kak Yah taken during the meet. Kak Yah in the middle, with my favourite cousin on the right.


It was really emotional for both of us:


Another shot:


I tell you why…

Kak Zakiah, or Kak Yah, as I used to call her, was our neighbour during my primary schooling years. Her (late) mum was my mengaji teacher. I used to hang around her house even after the mengaji session. Kak Yah’s elder sister, Kak Pah (Afifah – I thought that’s a beautiful name. She’s as beautiful as her name!) was also close to me. However, it was Kak Yah who had the same “wavelength” of thinking as me :-).

Both Kak Pah and Kak Yah used to come and spend the night with us (us means my late mum and me only – this was before my brother came to live with us). There were days that while mum went to madrasah or to the market, Kak Yah and I would play my record player (yeah, those vinyl disc-shaped thingy) with the volume to the maximum, and would sing along. This is something that Kak Pah would never do!! Mum would come home while we were enjoying the vinyl albums and scolded both of us, hahaha!!! Let’s see if I can remember some of the albums (EPs and LPs) that I used to own:

  1. Sanisah Huri
  2. Hasnah Haron
  3. Sharifah aini
  4. Sugiman Jahuri
  5. S Rohani & S Ahmad
  6. Ahmad Jais
  7. Pyar ke Mausum
  8. Akhir Sebuah Impian
  9. Rahimah Rahim

I think that was about it..

Here’s the recent photo taken with Kak Pah:


I used to tell my FIL, MIL & DH that Kak Yah & Kak Pah once took me with them to spend a night in Pasir Senor (near Temangan)- where their uncles/aunties lived. We went to the Kelantan river to look for etaks, then went to the watermelon farm/garden to eat watermelon straight from its plant.

Now what else do I share with Kak Yah (that I didn’t share with Kak Pah)…. Ah, yes… When her uncle was interested to have me as his girlfriend, he passed his letters via Kak Yah!! Initially I didn’t know what to do. It was Kak Yah who encouraged me to reply his letters, hahaha! What a mentor! In those days, we kids thought it was cool to have someone special – to write to and receive letters from.That was about it, no meeting, nothing! Just exchanging letters, can you believe that??? What do you expect when that guy’s dad was the tok guru (religious senior guy) of the village? Yeah, he (the father) was the imam of the madrasah where mum and I used to frequent for our prayers. My house is at the border of a pondok (an enclosure where people come to stay to practice and learn more about Islam).

I’m sleepy… Will continue tomorrow.. Please be patient because it’ll get more interesting!!! Hahahah!!

As continued on 29th March 2010:

So, there was a few letters being exchanged. Then, Kak Pah came to me and told me that another uncle (the first guy’s elder brother!) was interested in me too!!! Hahaha!!! What to do? Of course I was flattered. Then before I knew it, I was receiving letters from the elder brother. (Now.. no wonder my BM was quite good in those days, as compared to others!).

Eventually both brothers found out that they were after the same girl! Oh, didn’t I mention that the younger brother went to a local school and was quite popular with his school female friends too? One girl was so interested in him, and got very jealous with me, hahaha! I thought to myself, what the heck? Soon I backed off from the  relationship. It was ended without us ever meeting each other – only exchanging glances during gatherings and Raya. The guys’ elder sister found out, and instead of becoming angry, she found it amusing. She was however more in favour of me continuing my so called “relationship” with the bigger  brother. This bigger brother went to a religious school (and eventually became an ustaz) and was more matured than his (a bit of a Romeo) younger brother.

I think I went on writing to the older brother for quite a while, until eventually I too got bored with the correspondence and we stopped it (I think I must be the one who stopped it first).  Soon I went to a boarding school and forgot all about these 🙂 .

Right until now (maybe except for my best friend, Siti) I don’t think many knew about this, except for Kak Yah, Kak Pah and their aunty. I have almost forgotten about this until the recent meeting with Kak Yah.When we met that day, we were so excited to see each other, and I am sure deep inside us (at least deep inside me), there was this feeling – the sudden unspoken reminiscence of good old days!!

So that was it, part of my growing up – a two very harmless “love affairs”, hahahaha!!!!!

I wonder if we (Kak Yah & I) can still sit together and share stories like we used to?

Anyway, here’s a group pic taken that day:


BTW, my cousin (extreme right) was my “rock” during my turbulence years. She was and still is very special to me. She’s the one who knew what I went through after my mum’s passing, and she was always ears to my sorrow. She was really like the sister I never had. She told me her predicaments too and always warned me to avoid such predicaments. She surely was my confident  then! I’ll write about her one day..

An Overdue Update

It’s not my habit to stop blogging for over 2 weeks, but that’s exactly what happened. My last blog was on 11th March, and today is 26th March!

Even the last blog was a short one, and short of blogging about Fis’ PLKN. Anyway, let me sum up what happened in the last 2 weeks:

  1. When I wrote the last blog, I was in Kuantan, involved in a training session there.
  2. After I reached home at 11.30pm on Friday night (12th March), we heard of the passing of  DH’s youngest aunty. A quick reloading of my bag with fresh laundry, we left for kota bharu at 1.30 am, arriving about 6.5 hours later. I didn’t do any driving (driving from Kuantan since 6pm was bad enough for me). DH shared the driving with Nuni.

Saturday (13th March 2010)

The funeral was done by 12 noon. I managed to take a bit more nap during the afternoon 🙂 .

That night DH, Nafis (child no.4)  and I  visited Bapak Maskam on Saturday night (missing the first night of tahlil). He’s very special to me, and you’ll understand why if you read my blog entry here. Bapak was not well, after falling down a few months ago. The latest update of Bapak is that he underwent an operation yesterday and is now recuperating at the HUSM Kubang Kerian. My prayers are for his fast recovery.

Sunday (14th March 2010)

On Sunday, we went to the airport to send Nuni. She only took leave for Saturday and Sunday, so she had to fly back that day. On our way back to MIL’s place, we decided to give Nik Elin a visit. It was breath-taking, looking at the Kelantan River from her mum’s condo.

We went back to MIL’s place just in time to take both MIL & FIL to a wedding reception in Kubang Kerian (yeah, we went back to KB!).

As if it was not enough, from KK we drove to Tanah Merah to visit my brother whose wife died just the week before. While we were there, a cousin who lives next door mentioned about a childhood friend of mine who was having a wedding reception for her child. I’ll blog about this separately later. We went back to Ketereh just before maghrib, and I was around for the 2nd night of tahlil.

Monday (15th March 2010)

We drove back to Shah Alam via Perak, and stopped over at Kg Kelantan to visit DH’s cousin. What was supposed to be a brief visit ended up with us having a good serving of home-made cendol and hot pisang goreng  (banana fritters)! Read here if you want to know more about the place.

We only arrived in Shah Alam at 8pm, just in time to pray maghrib!

Tuesday (16th March 2010)

I was busy at home catching up with the dirty laundry – those from my 3 night Kuantan stay, plus ours when we went back to KB (no, we didn’t do any laundry while in KB!). Some of Mae’s (kid no.5) soiled clothes that he brought back from hostel were also washed on this day.

Wed (17th March – Fri 26th March)

It was mainly work, with the weekend spent doing the ironing, cleaning the house ,and catching up with lost sleep! We also sent Mae back to hostel on Sunday 21st).

Boring blog entry ya? Wait for the next one….


Congratulations, My Son!!

This is my latest photo with my no.4, Nafis,  who had recently finished his stint at the National Service Camp, in Beranang.

Before I could blog about the event (which occurred last Tuesday), today I received the news of his SPM results. My boy got 8A+, 2A and 1B+. That’s  more than enough for me!

I am still in Kuantan for a training session, but would like to say this to Nafis – Well done!!!

For more pix of his stints in the Kem Millennium, Beranang:


And DH’s photos on his closing ceremony:


Time Out With Touhid Bhuiyan & Family

Touhid was one of my classmates during my e-Learning training at CICC, Japan in 2004. Together with other friends we had some great outings together while we were there. Since we left CICC, I’ve met some of the others during my travels:

  1. Yudi in Jakarta
  2. Mr Hiep & Mr Binh in Hanoi
  3. Siriwan in Bangkok
  4. Liang in Beijing.

Apart from meeting them there, Mr Hiep, Siriwan and Yudi had visited Kuala Lumpur and we had some time together too.

Last Thursday was Touhid’s turn to visit Kuala Lumpur. It was not really a visit.  Touhid and his family were on their way back to Gold Coast (he is a PhD student in Brisbane) from his homeland, Bangladesh. They arrived via MAS at 7.30am, and they were going to take the 9.40pm Air Asia flight to Gold Coast.

So, I took the day off and went to KLIA to fetch them. Rosaline,  Touhid’s missus is a charming lady. Rohn (the son) was shy but Anna (the daughter) is really a smart girl. I’ll tell you why later.

After leaving KLIA, our first destination was the LCCT to “dump” a couple of huge baggage at the “Baggage Storage” service. I could not send them back to LCCT later that day, so we thought it would be better to keep the bigger bags at LCCT so that it would be more convenient for Touhid and family to find their way back to LCCT from down town KL.

We then drove into Putrajaya. The obvious stop was the Putrajaya mosque. Despite being still early (about 9am), it was already very bright and hot, as can bee seen here:


We then stopped at McD (along the NKVE) for brunch before heading towards Genting Highlands.

It was my first time on the Genting cable car, and Touhid and I reminisced on our trip to Hakone (Japan) where we took a couple of cable cars, trains, and a river cruise – all in one day!

Here’s one shot as we went up to the top:


We only had less than 1 hour at the top, and since the outdoor theme park only offers day-passes, we had to give it a miss.

We then went to the Indoor Theme Park, and found out that we could buy RM8 tickets for single. Not to disappoint his kids, Touhid bought a couple of tickets:


His son insisted on the Ferries Wheel:


While Touhid took the ride, I looked around. The indoor park has changed a lot since the last time I was here (almost 10 years ago!).

I was surprised to see some gondolas:


On close examination only I noticed that they are mechanically operated, and the “Italians” in black and while shirt are just dummies:


Ah , well… I’ll wait for my real gondola ride in Venice – one day.. one day…

In the mean time, Touhid managed to get his kids another ride on the Merry-go-round before we had to head towards the cable car station.

We agreed that the signage in Genting can be improved a lot. Many a time we followed the signage only to come to a point where there was no more signage to our destination. We were grateful to Anna for being very observant and quick to retrack our paths! A smart 9-yr old girl she surely is!

We took our cable car ride down at 2pm. The first part of the ride was covered with clouds and the kids were so excited (actually, adults too!) to be “in” the clouds.

I finally left Touhid and family at KLCC (that’s the no.1 destination for Anna) at 3.30pm and headed back to Shah Alam. I had some other commitments to attend to hence I could not be with them any longer.

As I was saying goodbye to them, Rosaline handed over this little container to me:


When I was at a traffic light (getting into Jalan Sultan Ismail), I opened up the container and was pleasantly surprised to see the contents:


It’s a set of pearl necklace and earrings! Thank you Rosaline, I love them.

Soon we had to leave,