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Feb 09 2010

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My First Needlecraft Exchange for the Year

We, at NeedlesnCrafts always look for an excuse to have a needlecraft exchange :) . This year we’ve identified a few.  Among them are:

  1. Valentine’s Day Exchange
  2. Anniversary Meet Exchange
  3. Pin Cushion  Exchange
  4. Bookmark Exchange
  5. Birthday Exchange

I think there are other exchanges, but the above are the only ones I can remember for now. Apart from no.3, I have actually signed up for all of them above!!

So for the first exchange, we are supposed to send to our partner something hand-made or bought, with a Valentine card.

Nik is my “sender” partner. I received the gift from her last Friday, but since we promised to only opened our gifts on 14th February, so I (like the others who participate in this exchange) will just have to wait despite having received our gifts. Anyway, here’s the parcel that I am just waiting to open up:


Nik had posted it quite some time ago, but the parcel was kept at the Post Office, and I was too busy to collect it, until last Friday.

BTW I sent mine last Thursday via Poslaju, and my “receiving” partner, Usha, received it the following day. I hope she likes what I got her.

Looking forward to 14th February  ;) .

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Feb 07 2010

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What A Beautiful Sunday!

You won’t believe it, but honestly, for me, to be able to spend the weekend, or at least Sunday quietly at home is a real treat to me! We are most of the time on the move. Either go travelling, “balik kampung” or visiting our kid(s).

So this morning, I woke up feeling great because yesterday I didn’t go out, and today too we are not planning to go anywhere. Since I couldn’t mow the grass yesterday evening (due to the rain), I decided to do so early this morning.

The Black & Decker mower is a great help. In no time the side lawn looks much nicer (forgot to snap the pic of  “before mowing”):


Can you see the mover at the back of the house? Great machine.

I had to trim off the grass near the wall manually using the garden scissors. Now, that’s hard work. It took me much longer to do this, compared to pushing the mover back and forth.

The result:


Not bad eh? I know it was not well done, but my shoulder was aching already, and the sun came out (you can see the shadow in the pic. The previous pic doesn’t have the shadow) . It was too hot to continue. I can continue the “trimming” work later..

And here’s the bounty:


I am taking a break now by blogging. After this I need to wash my car. DH, on hearing this, asked me to wash his too, can meh? Ah well, see how lah.. But does he expect me to still cook lunch??? No way, Jose!

I want to spend the afternoon doing some sewing – that’s the other thing I love doing, but hardly get the time for it.

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Feb 03 2010

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The Week That Was..

I know it’s a boring title, but that’s exactly what this blog is about.

After arriving home from Chendu a bit after midnight last Tuesday, the following morning (Wednesday) I went to work. I was still groggy and sleepy.

On Friday, I went to Aina’s school to take her out of the hostel for good. She’s been calling home almost every night (except for the duration I was in Chengdu) asking me to take her home. DH and I were never in favour of her staying in the hostel, so, after asking her why (that’s between us) and wwe were satisfied with her reasons, we agreed for her to come home. She still goes to the same school, but commutes daily.

On Saturday, Che Nah came with her 3 sons and their families. We had a simple BBQ dinner.

On Sunday, it was a routine visit to Kem PLKN Beranang then to SDAR to visit Pih & Mae respectively.

Aina was cheerful because she got to get out of the hostel, but both brothers were not happy that DH and I gave in to her request so easily..

Anyway, here’s a pic of Aina with our “Ketua Keseluruhan Kem” (Pih):


DH insisted that I be in a pic with them:


Since we left late, we reached Beranang at 3.30pm. Though we didn’t stay long, and we only reached Sg Gadut at 5pm. We had to stop at a small supermarket to get Mae’s supplies (as requested by him when he called earlier). We didn’t take any pic with him (used to do that when he first went to the school). We left at 5.45pm, and reached home just before sunset.

On Monday I started a new routine – leaving home at 6.40am, because I had to send Aina to school first. She has to be there before 7.15am every school day but so far we’ve arrived just after 7am. Hence, for the past 3 days, I’ve arrived at my office well before 7.15am!

The new routine is not without its toll. On Monday night I was so sleepy that I went to bed at 9.30pm! I’ve not gone to bed that early for so many months (probably years!). Last night (tuesday) I went to bed at 10.30pm. Only tonight I survive past 11pm, and that’s because I am writing this blog.

I reminded Aina that I’d better get used to this. I’ve only done 3 days, and I’ll have to do it for 3 years!! Now I even leave home before Nuni! Nuni used to be the earliest to leave home…

Well, c’est la vie! I can’t really complaint, because I know some people who have done this for many years already. I am still very lucky!

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