My First Earring

No, not the first earring I own, but the first earring that I made! Yes, earring, and not earrings, because I’ve only made one, and not a pair. Here it is:


I’ve used 925 silver parts that I bought recently, hence (hopefully) it doesn’t tarnish.

I’ll make the other one this weekend 🙂 .

I’ve also made another pair of earrings but I haven’t got the pic yet.

In the mean time, if you care to read, Nuni has blogged about the Iceroom here.

A Slightly Better Felt Flower

Remember the rose and daffodil that I made recently?

Tonight (or rather, last night if you consider that now is past midnight) I tried to make another flower, and here’s the result:


I think it’s much better than the previous rose, but if you take the top view, there’s still a lot of room for improvement:


Here’s the previous rose, for comparison:


The collection so far:


That’s all for now… I think I’ll take a breather from felt flower-making 🙂 .

Thank you to DH for holding and capturing the bloom.

My First Felt Flower

I’ve made all sorts of flowers before. The first flowers I made were those using some velvety sticks, when I was in primary school. I also followed the craze in the 1970s to make flowers from rubber foam, plastic and straws.  When I was in secondary school I learned to make crepe paper flowers from my seniors. I also learned to make flowers from ribbons, stockings and tissue paper(I still make them for fun, esp during internal meetings/discussions).

I however have NEVER made any flower using felts! And to make things worse, I’ve not made any of those earlier mentioned flowers for at least 10 yrs now!

For our forthcoming NNC anniversary meet, I’ve enlisted myself  in the the lucky draw where each member is expected to handmake something, and on that day we will have a draw to determine who get’s what. One of the requirements is to have an accompanying felt flower.

It took me quite a while to find felts. Finally it was  Nuni who managed to get some for me from Lily Craft, Subang Parade.

So tonight, while watching “The Biggest Loser Asia”, I decided to try make a felt flower. And, here’s the product of the night:


Ah, too small for you to see? Here’s a close-up:


Actually the color is a very shocking pink! All the felts that Nuni bought (several colors altogether) are striking, except for the brown one.

I tried to get better shots of my maiden felt flower, but managed only this:


and this (on the sofa):


And finally, another perspective of the bloom:


I am glad that we are asked to only make ONE flower and not a whole bouquet! 🙂

Before the end of the tv programme, I managed to make a bud to go with it:


And here’s the combo:


Actually making this flower really reminded me of the foam/sponge flowers that my late mum taught me to make.

Ice Room, Bandar Baru Nilai

Last Tuesday, when we went to send Fis back to his PLKN camp, we saw this new outlet:


We were not hungry, but we were certainly thirsty, so on our way back we stopped by, and ordered”Passion fruit and mango” something:


Yamy Yamy:


And something Avocado:


And today (Sunday), after sending Mae back to school, and visited Fis, we stopped by at Ice Room again. This time we were hungry, so we ordered main dishes as well as the cool smoothies/sorbet, whatever you call them!

Let’s wait for Nuni’s blog for a more comprehensive report on the place 🙂 .

Bracelets of the Day!

Today I managed to make this bracelet for my friend, Siti.


I also decided to make a simple matching brooch for her. I promised to send these tomorrow, as my belated birthday gift for her. I used grey Swarovski crystals and Japanese imitation pearls.

While I was at it, I decided to re-do Nury’s broken crystal bracelet as well as her fresh-water pearl bracelet that was too tightly strung. So, Nury, here are your bracelets:


I used the extra crystals to make the brooch but I could not do the same with the pearls because the holes are too small for the pin. So I decided to have the dangling pearls added to the bracelets. I hope Nury likes it. And Nury, sorry for keeping the bracelets for so long… 🙂

Footnote: I used gold-filled wires (suasa) and gold-filled  little beads for all the bracelets, so they shouldn’t tarnish.

My Valentine Exchange

Remember my recent blog about the Valentine Exchange?

I finally managed to open the packet on the morning of 14th February 2010, and here are the beautiful gifts that Nik has sent me:


The other side of the pouch has my name clearly embroidered:


These pix were taken from Nik’s blog 🙂 .

Nik did the embroidery using her latest sewing machine, which she named Em.  With Nik’s creativity, she has produced quite a number of beautiful machine-embroidered items.

Thank you Nik for the gifts. They are just lovely. I’ve put some of my tatting threads in the pouch.  The little stuff (what do you call them?) will come handy when I do other crafts, I am sure.

As for my gift for the exchange, Usha from Klang is my partner and I’ve sewn her a tote bag:


It’s not so crafty, is it? Hmm…. 🙁

Neverthe less, I hope Usha will find it useful. I even put a couple of pocket on the inside of the bag for her to put her wallet and othe small items such as her handphone, as shown here:


apart from the tote bag, I also gave Usha a patchwork/hand-embroidered handbag that I bought in Laos (or was it Cambodia) and a pair of panda keychains which I got in Chengdu. Dang, I forgot to snap any photo of these two. I was already late in sending the gifts, so in the rush I forgot to snap a pic of the handbag and keychains.

Anyway… one exchange done, and a few more to go, as listed here.

Happy Birthday, My Friend!

From Facebook, I found out that 4 of my acquaintances have their birthday today! Happy birthday to the following:

  1. Khim
  2. M Yusof D
  3. Zulina

And, last but definitely not least, my dear friend, Siti.


(got this pic from her Facebook album)

Many know her as Associate Prof  Dr Siti Hamin, a lecturer in The School of Language Studies and Linguistics, UKM. To me she’s a very dear friend who deserves to be mentioned in my blog. I know that I should have written about her earlier, but well.. it’s better late than never.

I first came to know her in January 1970 (God! It’s 40 years ago!) when I first came back to Kelantan, and joined the class 2 Brown, in the only English school in Tanah Merah (now known as SRK Sri Suria I). Here’s a class pic of 2 Brown 1970 (thanks to Razmi) with me sitting 5th from right while Siti was seated 3rd from right.


It didn’t take long for us to hit it right. By primary 4 we were cycling to school together! I remember we used to have rattan bags as our schoolbag. It was not because we could not afford the boxy schoolbag typical of those days, but we just thought it was cool 🙂 .

One of us (I think it was me) had the bag that looks like this:


Ti, I tried to google for our rattan bags but couldn’t find any that is exactly like ours. I guess they don’t make those bags anymore?

Back to Siti, we even had out hats of the same design, to wear each time we cycle to school or to any extra curricular meet. We were both in the Brownies too.

I remember that both Siti and I liked to visit each other during school holidays and over the weekends. I especially loved going to her house because there were so many Malay novels, that belonged to her brother. I could say that my first exposure to Malay literature was from those books that I regularly borrowed.

When we were in Primary 5, some of our teachers (especially Mr David Foo and Cikgu Nik Mat Dek) gave some free tuitions at night, in school. I think it was about 2km cycle from my house, if not more. In those days, my house (which was on a small street parallel to the main road) didn’t have electricity. Siti’s house was on the other side of the main road (The Tanah Merah-Jeli road) and Siti’s brother would cycle with her to my house and then he would cycle back with us until we reached the main road. Only then he would let us cycle on our own to school. When we came home, Siti would cycle with me to my house, and we would wait for her brother to fetch her back.

In those days, Tanah Merah was still considered a “Black Area” . I think the black area was in reference to communist threat.

Siti was my confident when I was in Primary school. She was my first close friend. We were in the same class from Primary 2 all the way to Primary 6.  We had many great times together, though I can’t specifically remember them. I think we climbed my guava and rambutan trees together. We went visiting friends together too.

When I went to a boarding school, I seldom saw her anymore. We grew further and further apart after my mum passed away and I hardly went back to that house I used to stay. My brother took over the house while I spent most of my holidays in Johor, either with my late dad and step mum or with my late aunt.

Siti, my memory is failing on how we managed to trace each other again. But I know in early 1990s, I visited her in her home in Bandar Baru Bangi, and since then we’ve in an “on and off” communication status. Thanks to Facebook, we are now regularly in contact again.

So, in this blog entry, I would like to wish Siti a very Happy Birthday. Before it’s too late, I just want to remind her (I am sure she knows this) that she is a very special friend to me. Never mind that for the past 3 decades or so, we are not that close, and we have both found our different circles of friends. To me, Siti was my first close friend, and she was a great company for a great 5 (growing up) years. Thank you Siti for that!

Playing With Beads Again

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of not working. I took the opportunity to unpack some of the boxes and catch up with ironing (apart from the routine cleaning, doing the dirty laundry, etc..).

In between the work and Facebooking, I took some quick time off  to organise the storage of my beads and stones. I then made these phone accessories:


The little golden beads and the wire that I used to connect the beads are gold-filled (in Bahasa we call it suasa) so they will not tarnish. I posted on my FB wall, and was surprised that quite a number of friends commented that these are cute.

Today, I had my monthly breakfast with Sh, As & Al. I came home at 11.30am.

Later in the afternoon, I felt like playing with the beads again, so I ended up with the following pins:


I wonder who would be the lucky owners of these pins (apart from me and Nuni)?

In the mean time I am also doing some knitting as well as having a few ongoing crochet projects. I also would like to do some patchwork quilting! Hey, there are only 3 more days of long weekend (minus today, which is almost gone now). Will I ever get to do so?

Oh! While I am playing with beads, I need to re-do Nury’s bracelets… Will blog later once they are done!

Duvet Covers – from 15 years ago…

As I was unpacking our stuff (still a lot more to go), I came across these duver covers and I became nostalgic:








I bought 2 0f the first one (Power Rangers) for Bok and Ayi (the ones who are now in MMU and Canada, respectively).  I bought 2 sets of the second one for Pih (The PLKN guy) and Mae Mae (who is now in Form 5 in Seremban), who were then great fans of Lion King, the disney movie.

The 3rd one was of course for Nuni.

All these were bought in Argos while I was studying for my MSc in York, UK. We do not use duvet, but the kids use them either as their bed cover, or blanket! I wanted to buy bedsheets but they (Argos) only sold those designs in duvet set.

The back of the Lion King design has lots of Baby Simba.


Close-up of the little Simbas:


Here’s a pic of the set with the matching pillow case:


The other side of the Power Rangers ones looks like this:


Well…. looking at the duvet covers made me feel so nostalgic.

All the duvet covers are in good condition, the cotton is still thick and the colour has not worn out, so I will just keep them for the future 😉 .


I went to York in September 1995 alone. I left all 5 kids with my parents-in-laws in Kelantan  (while DH was alone in Shah Alam) for ONE year while I went to pursue my MSc. I came back for X-mas and Easter, and finally at the end of September 1996 for good.