More Home-sewn Curtains

Yesterday I sewed the fabric that I bought just the day before (during lunch time) to make these:


I just realised yesterday that there’s another nearby window that needs curtains too. So, today, after office hours, just before I came home, I dropped by at Nagoya (Plaza Alam Sentral) next door to my office to buy more of the same fabric.

Tonight, after dinner, I started sewing to get these:


Ignore the messy boxes and containers! I’ve yet to unload the stuff in them.

The leftover of the fabric was turned into the curtains for the only window in the boys’ room (DH calls it “The Men’s Cave” – it’s where the Wii and PS3 are). Since I was short (literally!) of fabric, I combined the fabric with the leftover from last week’s curtain:


Not bad, eh?

So the status now – the only room that is still without curtains is my own bedroom. Nevermind, slowly, but surely….

My Home-sewn Curtains

Some shots here:


The dark background curtain is to reduce glare from outside, because we want to watch our B.yond Astro here:


The dining area has a lighter background curtain:


This is the guest room:


I like Nuni’s curtains:


DH’s work corner in our bedroom is using “loaned” curtains which are supposed to be downstairs:


Curtains in Aina’s room are still not in this blog. Will update later.

I also need to sew more curtains, including for the glass panels at the stair case. These curtains are functional. The decorative parts (if any) will come much much  later.

I think the pix do not do justice to my curtains, esp with the over exposure at the windows. Anyway, thank you DH for the pix. Don’t forget Aina’s room!

Rugging Day

Today was relatively more relaxing than few days before. Yesterday the built-in wardrobes are almost done. Only the sliding door/mirrors are not ready. Nuni’s bedroom set also came yesterday. Yesterday too I finished sewing the curtain fabrics that I’ve got so far. I am not saying the curtains are all done – I only ran out of curtain fabric!

So, today started with some unpacking of stuff into the storage space that we’ve got so far.

Then, late in the morning I started to knit some old t-shirts into this rug:


Actually, some time back I was influenced by what Paul did to his old t-shirt.

Recently while cleering my old stuff, I came across the huge crochet needle that I bought in the 1980s when I was still a student in Adelaide. Here’s a pic of the needle, with the RM10 note and a typical Nokia phone as comparison:


I finished the above rug this morning too, and this evening I decided to turn an old bedsheet into another rug.

Here’s a pic of it in progress:


Unfortunately I am sleepy, otherwise I am sure I can finish it before midnight!

We’ve Finally Moved In!

Yeah, we’ve officially left the old home and moved into the new home.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean the old home is still very much in  a mess. The New home is not properly ready.

The last few days (except for today) have been very tiring and taxing. The migrain attack on Wednesday that lasted until Thursday surely didn’t help. I am glad the terrible headache is now gone.

I wouldn’t want to put up any pic on my blog yet. It’s for my friends to see for themselves later, I guess.

I’ll put up some pix of the curtains I’ve sewn soon (when I can have some decent pix of them).

I need to get more fabric for the curtains in my bedroom and the boys’ room. At the moment I am only using (borrow) the downstairs curtains for my room.

Cotton Fabrics At Nagoya Textiles

I’ve been regularly buying some cotton fabrics from the shop, but lately I think Nagoya Textiles has added more to their collection.

A few weeks ago I bought some floral cotton fabrics (no pic), which have since joined my fabric stash 🙂 . Last Thursday, after a quick lunch, I had a leisure walk into the shop (oh, didn’t I tell you there’s one Nagoya Textiles outlet just next door to my office block?).  At the end of the brief visit, I got myself these:


And also the two pieces that I used to cover the new dining table top:


Nagoya Textiles is now having a sale, so there were some discounts too to most of the cotton fabrics.

Before I left the shop, I took these shots:


I think next week I want to get some of the above.

More here:


I was afraid that I might get told off for snapping photos, but I managed another one:


I was told by a sales girl that ehile some of the fabrics were imported from Japan, there are also others that were imported from Thailand. Whatever it is, the cotton fabrics are of good quality and beautiful prints.

I guess I do not need to go to Bandung (Indonesia) to get my supply of cotton fabrics at reasonablr prices 🙂 .

And The “Busy”-ness Continues..

As if yesterday was not enough, today we had another busy day.

This morning we left home at 8am. For the second morning in a row, we had our breakfast at a mamak eatery in Setia Alam.

After the brekky, we went to our new home, waiting for the guys to come to put up the curtain railings, the fans and lights. I was there the whole day. I tried to sew the curtains, but only managed to sew a few. The house was dusty, and every where! Oh, yes, the dining set arrived today too.

The mess:


By night fall, we managed to clean most of the mess, and suddenly the house looked much better.

Here are some of the shots:


Yes, it was really windy:


No, those are not my table cloth. There are my stash fabric that I bought at Nagoya Textiles last week. I used them to cover the table top, in fear that I (or anybody else) might scratch it.

Nice cotton fabric (which I plan to sew into table mats), for sure:


Here’s DH’s pic where you can see the lights:


Now that we’ve arranged the dining set, I could see some space that maybe can fit a little kitchen island? :


The weird looking boxy item near the sink is our coffee table. It is supposed to be the centerpiece of our sofa set but it was too heavy for DH and I to lift and move. We’ll get the boys to do so tomorrow!

The street is still very quiet, with only 3 houses occupied so far. One of them can’t be seen from our home:


We arrived home almost 9pm. It was indeed a long day, and tomorrow we are going back there. I need to sew more curtain pieces (see the sewing machine on the dining table?).

A Busy Saturday Yesterday..

I knew this weekend and the next 2 weekends are going to be busy weekends for me, despite being long weekends.

Yesterday, we started the day by having breakfast at the mamak stall in Setia Alam. After that we went to our new home nearby and got a few chores done. WE were supposed to meet the aircon guy there,but he was early (he was late last Monday), and we ended up meeting him at the mamak stall instead.

We went home briefly, before we went to Subang Jaya, to meet up with the built-in cabinet guy to look at his proposed desgin, and sign a contract with him. We went through his proposed solutions to our main bedroom, thr family area, Aina’s built-in wardrobe and a few other things that we asked him to do for us. We accepted his designs with a few changes.

In the afternoon (yeah, despite being a public holiday) I had to (wo)man our booth at the Karnival Iktiraf. Halfway through my duty, it rained and the area became very windy. I then saw our balloon came down very low:


Initially we thought the wind blew it down and it would fly up again. Unfortunately, it was losing its gas, so to avoid any unwanted accidents, we had to pull it down. I managed to capture a few shots of my colleagues pulling it down:


It was no easy task:


It took 3 wise man to do the job:


We finally took it back to our booth:


I came home at about 6.30pm. There was my alumni AGM later in the night. I tried my luck and asked DH if he could send me to the AGM (Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort). He agreed, so l actually attended the AGM despite my earlier con-committed stance on attending it.

I however left the meeting at 10pm. I was told that the meeting finished just before midnight!

Progress on The New Home

DH has been working very hard to get the house habitable BEFORE Christmas, so that we can spend the 2 long weekends there. Nuni has already told us she would love to have some of her colleagues there for Christmas eve – to hang out and have a great time with the Wii.

Last Monday the grills were assembled (for the sliding door) and the security tint guys came to tint all the other glasses (windows and glass panels).  The sofa arrived on the same day. The boy who does the curtain railings came to take the measurements, and so did Martin, who’s going to build the some of the other fittings.

Anyway, here are some of the shots taken last Monday.

The lorry that brought the grills:


The door grilled fixed:


The door grill from inside:


Grills for the side doors:


The security tint guys busy in the master bedroom:


There was a time when both teams were busy at the almost the same place:


And here was our resting place upstairs when downstairs was dusty and noisy (aina accessing the Internet using my notebook and Maxis broadband):


At the end of the day, the main lobby looks like this:


The other sliding door:


We try to minimise the need for the grills, hence only the sliding doors are “grilled”. Now, all the other glasses have security tint.

The dining table will arrive on Saturday. The curtain railing boy will the the fitting on Saturday.The house will be lit on Saturday too. The fixed phone line (and Streamy-X) will be available next week. The new HD Astro dish will be mounted within 10 days. So, I guess we are on track…

By the way, last weekend we spent 2 nights in Fraser’s Hills. Both MIL and FIL came with us while BIL came with his missus and their 2 kids. It was indeed a cool weekend. When we left the place, it was only 18C and we came down to a scorching 36C in Shah Alam 🙁 .