The Little Girl In Me!

I’ve been following the Internet trend quite regularly. First I had my hotmail account. Then it was Yahoo! account. I first had my chat using MIRC. Later it was MSN Messenger and Yahoo Chat. Only Yahoo!Chat stays with me.

Later when everyone had a Frienster account, I did too!

I first had my personal website in 1996, hosted by I was late in joining the blogsphere, but I was attracted to before we finally have our own URL at

The latest craze was Facebook. Nevermind the song condemning the Facebook (I however find the song entertaining πŸ™‚ ). Facebook has connected me again with many long lost aquantances, such as x-students and friends. For the time being I am resisting Twitter, with the hope that there will be no need for me to join Twitter.

Facebook is fine with me. Apart from keeping in touch with acquantances, I also get to play some games. I started playing Scrabble and got to know Gail & Segolene. I also play other games on Facebook such as Bejeweled (each round is only ONE minute!) and Word Challenge.

My latest craze isfarmville1

Here’s a shot of my farm:


A few persons invited me to join Farn Town, but I don’t think it’s for me, because it’s so tedious. Farmville is simple, and the graphic is cute too πŸ™‚

Just take a close-up look at my farm:


That’s “me” watching my chick and rabbit.

When the plants are ready for harvest, it’s so colourful! Take a look at my pumpkins:


And the strawberries:


And I have some livestocks too:


And here I am, after harvesting some soya beans, and standing next to my wheat that is ready to be harvested:


You should see how beautiful my farm is when I have gourds, pumpkins and strawberries ready to be harvested!

Personally I liken this game to what we locally call “Main masak-masak”, o “Tea Party Play” for kids, only that it’s about farming and it’s done online!

If men can enjoy remote-controlled planes/choppers, or fishing, why can’t I enjoy my Farmville, right? πŸ˜‰

Signing off for the day. Tomorrow I’ll be in Guilin (China), enjoyingΒ  the breathtaking views ofΒ  God’s creation.

Oh! I’ll try to log in to Facebook to check my farm! πŸ˜‰

The Day My Faithful Embarassed Me!


That’s a picture of me with “my faithful”. No, not the bicycle, but the car behind me (can’t find other better picture of me with her).

She has been with the family for almost 12 years now. When she first joined the family in 1997, she was the family car. The kids grew up in her. She has taken us to many places, from Singapore to Perlis.

In 2005 she was no longer the family car, but was downgraded to being MY car. I have no complaint. When DH asked me if I wanted to trade her in for a new car, I declined. She had been very reliable to me, at least until last night!

Yesterday evening I visited my BIL’s house. His wife was going to NZ for her PhD (I thought I mentioned this in my previous post).

When I was about to go home (at dusk, just after maghrib time), I tried to unlock the car (using the alarm-enabled key). Unfortunately the car didn’t respond to the click! ( I looked at my key, the light was bright (indicating that the battery of the alarm was OK). I keep on clicking the button, hoping for the car to be unlocked, with no luck!

Another BIL who happened to be there and was about to go home too came to help. He suggested that I unlock the car manually, hoping that the alarm system has gone kaput. When I did unlock the car door manually, no alarm sound came off. Phew!

But, I know my car. The alarm will go off the moment we try to start it! That was exactly what happened. When I tried to start the car, it suddenly screamed like crazy! I never knew my car could make such loud and anoying sound!

After a few phone calls and trial and errors, we eventually managed to disable the alarm. It was not before we were attacked by the swarm of mosquitoes that came out looking for “food”, and not before we sweated like crazy! The embarrassment of the loud alarm sound alone caused me to sweat so much!

I told BIL that in the 12 years, or at least since I became the principle driver, this embarrassing incident had never happened, not until last night. BIL was surprised to know that it was still the original alarm. I told him there were many original parts in the car. For instance, the radio is very original and due for replacement. I can easily increase the volume but decreasing the volume is sooooo difficult. To search for a station, it can only go up the frequency, something like a 1-way street, that is IF I am lucky. Most of the time I could not manage to change the frequency. So driving outside Klang Valley means serenity and quietness. The radio stations available are only of those for Klang Valley. I need to change the clarion radio soon! πŸ™‚

Despite all these short-comings, and last night’s incident, I will still be driving this car for many more years to come!

BTW, you can read here for Nuni’s version of the incident!

A Couple of Useful Sites (For me, that is!)

I came across this interesting and useful site, titled “Primrose Design”:


There are instructions on some nice embroidery stitches.

Another one site that I came across today is this one, “Yarnplayer Tatting Blog”:


I must remember to add this site to my Needlework links on the left hand side of my blog.

now I am toying with the idea of dying my own thread!! I must ask Zarina how she does it.

(You can click on the above picture to get there!)

A Harmless Saturday

I’ve not blogged for a couple of days. It’s not that nothing much happened. It’s just that I was plain lazy to blog, despite having a few topics that I wanted to write about. One of them was this one:


Never mind the whole content. The news is ONE week old. The topic says it all. and that’s exactly how I feel. Like Tok Guru, I too feel thst if I have extra money, it would be more meaningful if I can give it to a close relative who can’t afford to pay for his/her haj. Unlike Tok Guru (well, at least he didn’t say) I feel that even Mecca is not the only place for me to see God’s greatness. In fact each time I go to s spectacular place (even the Mulu Caves), I am always re-reminded of God’s greatness. Being is the plane makes me think of God more often that usual. What more with more frequent aeroplane mishaps and disasters!

Anyway, this blog is not about Tok Guru’s statement (I am only mentioning it on passing now that I am not going to go back to the old draft of the blog that I never finished). This blog is about today. I started the morning with a simple breakfast date with Yi at the Masjid Negeri’s cafe (Cafe Mawaddah aka Mawaddah Catering).

When I came back ,I brought back roti canai for Aina and DH.

At 1pm, we went out (yeah, just the 3 of us πŸ™ ) to get some KFC for lunch. I promised Maz (she’s married to DH’s younger brother) to bring KFC for her and kids. Her hubby (my BIL)Β  had gone back to Kelantan for some errands. It was probably my last meeting with them before they leave for Auckland on Monday night. Maz is going to study for her PhD in Waikato, NZ.

As our parting gifts, we gave her boys (3 of them, the eldest is Aina’s age) some Aussie $. We didn’t have any NZ$, but we thought the AUD would be easy enough for the boys to change there πŸ™‚ . As usual, I also gave Maz 2 of my brooches. Maz’s mum was there too and she got 2 of my brooches (it’s really handy to have those brooches around!).

On our way home, we bought 2 durians and 2 cempedaks. It should cost me RM28. When I gave the seller RM50, I somehow thought it was RM32, and was expecting RM12 for change, which he actually did! Only when we got home did I realise that my change should be RM22! Too lazy to go back to the place, so I guess the extra RM10 is the seller’s “bonus” (rezeki dia lah..).

Today I did some tatting, and some embroidery. If I remember to take some pix tomorrow (now is too dark for my old Lumix), then I’ll put up here with my tomorrow’s blog.

Tomorrow will realtively be busy for me because I need to do some preparation for my Monday & Tuesday training sessions. Wednesday will be my working day at my office and early Thursday morning we are off to Guilin (China). Why, you might ask. Well, to see God’s creating and strengthen my faith in God! πŸ˜‰

By the way, yesterday I had lunch with Ewa, my ex-student (A-Level, InTEC). She went to Germany for her degree. Now Ewa is a research assistant at UNITEN. She’s also teaching the German Language at UiTM as a part-time lecturer.

What Do You Do When You Are Stressed?

Oh, the title should read What Do I Do When I get Stressed!

Why? Because that’s what I want to write here πŸ™‚ . You can always put in the comment on what YOU do if you are stressed πŸ™‚ .

Today I need to renew my driving license. At the same time I have to finish a couple of presentation slides before the end of the day. No doubt I am home and am having Internet access (that makes things worse!). Not forgetting the housework that I have to do – laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, etc..etc..

So what have I been doing this morning?

Yes, I’ve done a lot on the presdentation slides, but at the same time I surfed (and will continue to surf) the Internet.

I came across some nice blogs such as (you can click on the image to get to the respective blog):



And today there’s a new member in our NNC group, and I visited ALL her blog pages!


Peggy is so talented! she’s produced many sweet and beautiful crafty items.

And this:


When will I get the chance to learn all the knots there?

Those are just some examples of sites that I looked at this morning. The urge to do some craft suddenly surges!

Before it gets worse, I’d better go back to my slide preparation!

My NeedlesnCrafts Needlebook Exchange – WIP

I’ve joinedΒ  quite a few exchanges already with the NeedlesnCrafts e-group.

The one that is due next is the needlebook exchange.

Today I spent a lot of time on it.

Actually I started working on it some time ago, trying to work on linen. I then realised that my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be, so I had to switch to using 30ct Aida (30 thread-count) instead. I hope it’s ok, and I won’t be “disqualified” πŸ™‚ . Even with this 30ct Aida, I wanted to use single boxes for the pattern, but several times I kept on putting the needle at the wrong places πŸ™ .

Anyway, tonight I’ve finally finished the “cover” of the needlebook.

Outer side:


The 50 sen coin was used as reference to its size, as well as to cover the initial of the recipient, becuase this is a “secret” exchange whereby the recepient do not know who would send her/him the needlebook.

I’ve decided to use satin fabric for the inner part:


When folded into 2, this is what I get:


Initially I wanted to add beads to the edging, but I later changed my mind and used the tatted lace that I have in my collection – I tatted it some years back, after I came back from Tokyo (in 2004) – I bought the tatting shuttles there.

The next step is to have the inner sheets for keeping pins and needles, plus some kind of fastening for the needlebook (I haven’t decided yet on what kind of fastening). I hope to be able to work on it next weekend.Β  Any idea on the fastener? right now I can only think of using buttons…

Sabariah The Jeweller?


Ok, of late I’ve been quite engrossed in bracelet making. Remember my meeting with my former teacher, Cikgu Adawiyah? And the first bracelet I made for Yomi? since then, I’ve made a few others. One was a neck chain for my MIL. She bought the irregular-shaped pearls, but I supplied the gold-filled wire aka suasa, the gold-filled beads, as well as I made the chain for her. I used the leftover pearls to make a bracelet for myself. Here it is:


I like it so much that I didn’t even offer to give it to MIL. Mean, eh? Don’t think so, considering the cost of the gold filled wires and beads are more than triple what she paid for the pearls.

I then made another bracelet for Nury, for her birthday. I forgot to snap a picture of it. Similarly, the one that I made for Ezza, but luckily she blogged about it here .

I got excited with bracelet making that I made another one using the jade beads I bought in Chiangmai last year:


Here is one using swarovski (imitation) pearls:

img_1912I didn’t use the little gold filled beads for it.

Last night I decided to have a more elaborate one using my swarovski crystals:


I think I’ll stop making these bracelets only when I have one for every color? πŸ™‚

The above are crystals that are already in my collection (I bought a lot in 2005 when I visited Beijing. Can read DH’s blog here and here about the trip, though my “crazy purchases of crystals was not recorded, hehehe).

And today, I’ve decided to work on the bracelets that a friend asked me to repiar for her. Here are the bracelets:




So, can the owner (who’s a silent reader here) come and collect them before I declare them mine? Hahaha!!

By the way, I’ve made many more brooches for sale, similar to those that I blogged here.

I need to relearn the online shop interface, so that I can upload more items for sale on my online shop πŸ™‚ .


Buy Nothing Day


The fact that the day was yesterday and I’m blogging today shows that I was not ready for it! Hahaha!

I only knew about it when Fiz wanted to buy one of the brooches that I took to the office, but said she could not pay yet, despite having the money! Knowing that I was not aware of the campaign, she eventually paid me, hahaha! No big deal, it was only RM5. I’m selling the brooches cheap, anyway. AS long as I can get my capital back, with a bit of profit, that’s fine with me πŸ™‚ .

Now, back to this campaign, I think it’s just symbolic, because sometimes we just have to spend. For instance, yesterday, if I didn’t buy anything, I’d be starving because I just didn’t have the time to cook anything in the morning.

Anyway, it’s a good effort to remind people to be careful with what they spend their money on. Just like the Eearth Hour campaign some time ago.

A Facebook Blunder

Today I was just not in the mood for anything. I even decided not to go to work since there is no pressing task at the moment. I get paid by the day, so if I don’t go to work, I don’t bill the company.

As I was accessing my Facebook (FB), I decided to see who on my gmail account are already in FB and select some whom I thought wouldn’t mind accepting me as their friend.

After going through the list (then only I found out that so many of them already have FB accounts) and made my selection, I was happy to click OK when another page appeared. After clickking Ok only did I realised that I had invited EVERYONE in my gmail account who haven’t got a FB account to do so! I NEVER want to do such thing, so I quickly tried to go the previous page with the hope that it was cancelled. Obviously it didn’t cancel the move as I wished πŸ™ .

So to those people who got the email inviting you to join FB, I am sorry for doing so. Some of you may already have a FB account using a different emai laddress, or maybe some of you just do not wish to do so. So, please accept my apologies… 😐