Have A Great Summer, Ayi!

Yesterday we sent Ayi to the airport. He’s going back to Hamilton, Canada. He was not supposed to come home for summer this year, but after the European trip with us, he came back with us.

A month was indeed very short, but then Ayi has other plans for summer.

While waiting for Ayi to check in, we had some nice chocolate drinks. Nuni took some pix. If she sends them to me, then I can upload them here.


See other pix and Nuni’s blog here, instead.

We all miss him, and hope to be able to meet him again next year – maybe we will visit him, who knows..

And for the record, Aina’s digital piano was delivered tonight. I hope it will help her prepare for her exam next week.

A Quick Meet!

I checked my email at about 5.30pm, and found out that Deng was to meet another “long lost” friend, Rozi, in Section 7. Rozi joined our e-group this morning, and suddenly he was in touch with so many of us.

After almost 45 minutes braving the traffic jam, I joined Rozi and Deng (at normal time, it would take less than 15 minutes for me to get there!).

Here’s a shot of Rozi (left) and Deng (right):


I tried to take a solo pic of Rozi, but it was blur 🙁 , but to my friends who have not seen him for ages, here’s the shot:


All these years, Rozi had been living in Shah alam, and we NEVER crossed path! Come to think of it, even if we did, I would not have recognised him.

How would I recognise him. Look at our class photo in 1976, Rozi squatting fifth from left:


Pearl of the Orient: Goodbye For Now..

I am now at the Penang International Airport, waiting for the flight home.

This is this morning shot from my hotel window:


Can you see the mountain peak at the back? I think it’s Jerai Mountain, what do you think?

It’s much clearer today, compared to the pic I took last Monday:


And before I forgot, I took the shot of my bed (the 3rd/additional bed in the room):


OK, the bed was in a mess, because the shot was only taken this morning.

I totally forgot to snap any pic during training, and almost forgot to distribute the evaluation forms!

The hotel conciege and En Ahmad was smart at optimising the space in the boot to fit in our stuff (we are bringing the server home – a huge bag to carry it). As En Ahmad offloaded from the Perdana that sent us to the airport:


I’m coming back to Penang next Saturday (not tomorrow). This time will not be for training, but to attend Nuni’s convo.

To be continued later – if I remember!

“Ronda-Ronda” Penang On Foot

OK, not really Penang, but the down town near Komtar.

It was last Tuesday evening. We wanted to look for dinner, so we thought we’d go to the nearby Perangin Mall.

Once inside, we couldn’t find any interesting eatery – we’re not interested in McD, nor Pizza Hut nor KFC (though we didn’t see KFC). Inside the mall:


Another view:


We were not interested to shop.

WE then walked out of the mall, and ended up going  round the mall:


between Perangin Mall and KOMTAR:


And we saw our hotel in the background:


We eventually ended up at a Nasi kandar stall in front of Gama. Here’s one of our plates:


A snapshot of Gama after our dinner:


And KOMTAR as we walked back:


Back in Penang!

Yes, I am back in Penang. Only last Friday night I took the last Firefly flight back to Kuala Lumpur. This time I’m here for 4 nights instead of just 2 last week. And this time, our room is facing KOMTAR (last week we got one that faced the main road).

I’ll snap a pic of the view tomorrow, and will upload to this blog later.

In the mean time, I need to do some ironing and some revision, in preparation for tomorrow’s training session.

View from the hotel window:


KOMTAR is on the left, as shown here:


And this was all I got when I tried to capture KOMTAR from my hotel window:


Done, Down & Dog-gone Tired

Still under construction..

We finally finished the training just before 5pm today. We are now at the Bayan Lepas Airport, waiting for our flight home.

Let’s enjoy some pix..

Morning Session of the training :


On second thought, let’s skip those pix, and see where we headed to during lunchtime (Jumaat prayer time):


Yeah, we went downstairs of KOMTAR, but we didn’t even last 30 minutes there. We were too exhausted from the training and also the standing and moving around in the lab that we decided to go back to the lab and just rest while waiting for the afternoon session!

Only after the whole session was over, we went back to the next door hotel to collect our baggage and waited for the car to fetch us. Since we didn’t get to buy anything for our colleagues back in the office, we asked the driver to take us here:


Yes, it’s one of the stalls in Chowrasta Market. We wanted to buy some pickles for our colleagues back in the office. Those pickles are heavy! Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to really go around the market – or rather we were just too knackered to do so 🙁 .


Aini capturing the sight:


Then, admiring the pix?:


while our car waited for us outside:


I know.. Wwe didn’t get yesterday’s car. It was a different driver too.

He had to brave through the traffic jam:


before we got onto Jelutong Expressway:


The traffic to mainland was slow, but ours was ok:


Finally we arrived at the airport:


When we arrived, it was only 6.15pm, but our flight is at 9.20pm, hence I started this blogging with the ice-blended mocha:


The notebook battery is running low now. Bye!

to be continued..

Work And Leisure in Penang

I can only get free Internet access at the hotel lobby:


And I have to get the userID and password, which is valis for 24 hours:


Nice lobby (pic taken using my handphone):


while I “toiled” away with my notebook:


Anyway, today we had the training session at Level 24, KOMTAR.

Some of the pix of the training is session:



I was not the main trainer. My colleague, Anita is. Here’s Ita with Wani (From Unit HRMIS SUK PP) during one of the hands-on session:


SUK PP has high reputation in adopting HRMIS 🙂 .

After the training, I managed to snap a couple of pix of the view from the balcony outside the computer lab where the training was held.

Note the Gama shopping mall:


Another view to the right:


After the training session, we walked back to our hotel which is just next door. I think walking back would be faster than driving, because if we were to drive, we would have to go round the KOMTAR building to get to the hotel entrance.

And here’s the right-hand side view from our hotel room (note Gama again):


And the view directly in front of our room:


Initiallly we planned to have seafood dinner at Batu Uban, but we later changed our minds. Instead we decided to go to Padang Kota for sight-seeing, and to have dinner somewhere there.

So, just before 7pm, we arrived at Padang Kota, thanks to En Johari.


En Johari, Ita and Aini with the Naval Base and  Fort Cornwallis in the background.


According to En Johari, we can get better pasembor at the New Padang Kota, near Gurney Plaza, so he took us there. It was difficult to get parking, so he parked the car near the roundabout:


I asked him, “Is it OK?”, he said it’s OK. Anyway we were not going to stay long. And don’t forget that this is our car:


Anyway, there were many other cars parked along the street, I comforted myself.

We sat at one of the tables, and ordered pasembor from this stall:


While waiting for our order to come, I decided to accompany Aini looking at other stalls. I managed to snap this one:


Then, suddenly someone called out my name, “Puan Sabariah?”. I looked at her, and noticed that she was one of my former “Diploma of Science with Education” (from UNISEL days) students! I had to apologise for forgetting her name, but Cecilia was prompt to tell me who she is. Cecilia who hails from Kuching, is here for a 2-week training at the Penang General Hospital. She told me that she’s very homesick already, but since she’s going back tomorrow, I am sure she can tolerate another day J .

A shot of Cecilia, with Puan Rokiah who’s from Melaka:


Now back to our meal, the pasembor was definitely better that those that I tasted at Padang Kota the last time I was there:


That was just one of the 2 plates. We also ordered char kuey teow and laksa penang 🙂 .

Soon it was dark, and we decided to head back to our hotel:


En johari was very accommodating, he took us for a drive along the famous streets again – this time with the famous landmarks fully lit. Unfortunately, my instance camera’s not good enough to snap any pic while moving. I think I should come back here (these streets) when we come to Penang next month when we come for Nuni’s convocation, then DH can take some nice shots using his DSLR J .

That’s all for today… I need to do some report-writing (nothing to do with this training) that I promised another colleague back in the office that I’ll get mostly done by Monday!

Good Night From Penang

We took the Firefly flight at 5.30pm (supposed 5.20pm) and arrived at Bayan Lepas Airport at 6.35pm.Prior to that we had some problem at the check-in counter because our luggage was 72kg – far acceeding the 60kg allowance for the 3 of us. We eventually took one box of notes  (10kg) out of the check in baggage, and distributed evently between the 3 of us to be hand-carried.

A driver from the SUK PP was already waiting for us at the airport. Somehow we managed to squeeze in all our luggage  – a huge bag (containing a server), 3 “Akademi Fantasia”-style bags, a box of LCD monitor (with keyboard, mouse, etc), a “Double-A” box of notes, and our bags of laptops into the old Merc 🙂 .

After checking in, and some rest, we went out with the SUK PP driver to have dinner at Kapitan, Jalan Chulia.

Sorry lah no pic, forgot to snap any.

I’m accessing the Internet at the lobby (where we could get free wireless Internet access), but we are tired, and will soon retire to our room.

That’s all for now.

Oh, I Forgot The Poppies!

When I thought my blogging of the trip is done…

The first day I arrived in Southern Spain (yes, it’s still about the recent trip there), I noticed a lot of lemon trees (with lots of fruits too). Some towns like Ronda and Arcos actually planted orange trees along their streets. We were awed to see the fruits on trees and nobody bothered to take them.

Back to the first day experience, I was so excited to see wild poppies in full bloom. Some could be found in the lemon/orange orchards, some were just on the  hills, and some were just by the road sides.

At one point, we stopped to enjoy the view:


and I took the opportunity to hold a poppy.


Some other shots:


Showing it to Ayi:


A close-up by DH:



“Mirador” means “lookout”:


Unfortunately, we didn’t understand Spanish 🙁 :


My First Suasa Bracelet!

Yesterday I came back to S Alam without my little wire cutter (which I bought at Cikgu Adawiyah’s shop). Too keen to start my bracelet making, I went to the hardware store near my house and asked for a similar cutter. The shop assistant told me the cutter was out of stock. He however showed me the ones that they have in the shop. To cut the story short, I managed to convince them to loan one to me, hahaha!!

So, last night I tried my hands on the bracelet making, but stopped when I got too sleepy. Today I continued, this time making this little bracelet:


I even made the the “S-shape” clasp, taught to me by Aznan, as blogged here.

Another shot:


I have a couple other bracelets done halfway. As for this little bracelet, the lucky owner is my favourite niece, Yomi.

I myself do not like to wear jewelleries, but somehow I do find pleasure learning how to make them!