Our Baby Girl is Independent Now!

Yesterday this letter arrived:


Wah, our once little girl is now an adult, with a title and receiving letters from the government!

Nuni finally reported for duty at Sg Buluh hospital yesterday. She came home with loads of forms to fill in. One of them is for the particulars of her parents. Suddenly it dawned to me that I am now medically covered at government hospital, now that my daughter is a government servant! How cool. (Both DH and I were government servants once upon a time, but not anymore now).

Nuni opened her EPF account yesterday too. Finally, she’s really earning! wow, it was a looooong wait from the year she set for her SPM (Nov 2000) –  almost 9 years ago? OK, almost one year was wasted waiting for the results and to get scholarship, 2 years of A-Level, and then almost 6 years for her medical degree and to get the posting. Hmm….

I hope if anything happens to DH or I (or both of us), Nuni will be responsible enough to take charge.

In the mean time, all the best to Nuni! Have a lot of patience (& patients too 😉 ). Life is not really a bed of roses, especially not in a government hospital, I guess…


It never occured to me that this girl will become a doctor!

Overwhelmed With Emotions

The Malay word for it is “sebak”. It could be due to too happy or too sad, or trying hard to control one’s emotion over something.

That was what happened to me last Friday at Mae’s function. A few times I felt tears in my eyes, and had to wipe them off discreatly.

Let me figure out why  I was so overwhelmed with emotion…

Reason 1

I can’t really explain, but  suddenly I was reminded of the umpteen times I’ve attended the kids’ similar functions, starting from Nuni, Bok, Ayi, Nafis and now Mae. They used to receive academic awards ever since they were in primary school. All 5 of them (Aina not included) went to the same primary school, and each year I looked forward to attending such event.

I only missed the event in 1995 when I was in UK pursuing my MSc, and that year Nuni received the Overall Best Student (Female) Award!

The first 3 kids went to a nearby secondary school, and did us proud again when they continued to receive similar awards.

Suddenly it occurred to me that soon, there would be no more such functions to attend to now that the kids are big. 🙁

Reason 2

As a student I used to be one of the recipients too. Each time, I had no parent to attend to the function. I think only ONCE (or maybe twice) my uncle came to see me received the prizes. Back then, I didn’t feel anything – no sadness nor disappointment. Mum passed away when I was in Form 1 (1975) and my first Speech Day/Prize-giving Day was in 1976. Dad was still working in Singapore, so, he never had the opportunity to attend either. Come to think of it, dad didn’t know much about grades. When I told him I got 7As and 1B for my LCE, he asked me back if those were good results? I remember laughing, and affirmed it. Poor dad… He didn’t know much, but he really wanted me to succeed in life. He told me many many times that if I am a nobody, even relatives will shun me, but if I become successful, strangers would come forward to claim that they are related to me.

Anyway, back to my emotions last Friday. Maybe, when I saw so many parents came to see their kids receive the prizes/awards, suddenly I felt so sad that during my functions, hardly anyone came! The strange thing is that while I was a student, I never felt that way. I remember being very happy, and enjoying every moment of it – even the rehearsals  were fun – a good excuse to get out of the classroom! It’s strange that the sadness only came over 30 years later.

Reason 3

The joy of receiving the prizes can’t really be described in words. It may not guarantee real success in life. But hey, it  is still a recognition, nevertheless, and human likes recognition, in what ever form. One may not be successful or high-flying in one’s career (like yours truly) but the functions surely give sweet memories.

Reason 4

It’s only natural for the school to differentiate those who got ALL 1As (or in my days we used to call them A1s) from those who just got ALL As (their As here could be 1A or 2A, with 1A being better than 2A). I felt for those who got 8 1As and 1 2A, because they are only 1 short of getting ALL 1As!

Reason 5

I could feel the teachers’ pride as their students got up the stage to receive the awards! I was once a teacher, and one of the highlights of the year was the day the exam results came out. We could feel the excitement and the sadness that came with the results.

Unfortunately I didn’t stay long. 6 years as a secondary school teacher and 6 years as A-Level lecturer. Only when I was teaching students who sit for external exams that I really felt the anxiety.Teaching in a university does not give the same impact, because we teach for one semester, and then at the end of the semester the students sit for the exam. Most of the time the exam papers were set by us. Teaching external exam classes need extra dedication, because we would be with the same students for 2 complete years, preparing them for the exam papers that we only got to see AFTER they sat for them!

Oh, no, I miss teaching!! But I am too scared to go back to such teaching because at this age I am afraid I could no longer stand the pressure as  I used to. I really salute those who remain teachers until they retire. They’ve done a great job!! And last Friday the school gave tribute to a teacher who’d be retiring later this year!

Well Done, and Good Luck, Nafis!

On Friday (while I was at Mae’s school) my no.4 child, Nafis arrived on a Firefly flight from Kota Bharu, to participate in the “Young Achievers Award” competition organised by the Institute of Surveyors, Malaysia. I was told that the flight tickets were paid for by the organiser – cool. He came with 2 other friends and a teacher. They stayed at the Hotel Singgahsana.

Nafis is also involved in the debate competition which is currently held at UIA. Nafis told me yesterday that after the first competition he had to rush to UIA for their first debate session to be conducted at 2pm. So, being a supportive mother I agreed to send him from the hotel to UIA.

So, at 12.30noon, we picked Nafis and sent him to UIA. He actually left the hotel soon after he finished his competition and did not wait for the results to come out.

Soon after we arrived in UIA, Nafis got a call a from a fellow participant in the hotel, informing him that their team had emerged the champion of the competition! Congratulations, Fis! Never mind you didn’t have the chance to savour the happy moments at the hotel. DH and I later read somewhere on the Internet that the first prize is actually RM5000! I wonder how much the 3 students will get from that!

So, today until tomorrow Nafis will be busy with his debate sessions. With over 160 schools competing, and some schools sending more than one team, I know Nafis and friends have a very slim chance to win, but hey, it’s a good exposure for all of them. Last year he competed in it for the first time and couldn’t even get into the second round. This year, I’d be delighted if his team gets to advance to the second round. Good luck, Fis!

I tried telling him that I’d love to watch the debate session, but he asked me not to – shy, he said!

So, yesterday, we just dropped him, but not without taking a photo:


Fis, me and Mae.

Later today, we will send Mae back to his school 🙂

By the way, it was sad for Kelantan not to be able to win the FA Cup last night, despite leading 1-0 in the extra time. But losing to Selangor 4-1 on penalty after being tied at 1-1 was not so bad, I guess… Well done to Kelantan team for not losing so easy! It was a very memorable final last night for Kelantan as the last time Kelantan was in the final was 39 years ago! The kids were surprised to see mum flipping the channels between 104 (Akademi Fantasia)  and 101 (RTM1 – the live telecast of the football final)! Hahaha! Only now they know that mum was a fan of soccer, especially her school soccer teams, which were Kelantan champions or runner ups in the 1970s. Hmm… maybe I should blog about it in the my other blog

A Morning With Mae

This morning I attended Mae’s PMR’s prize-giving ceremony.

A few times I was overwhelmed with emotion. Will write more about it later (hopefully).

In the mean time, let’s enjoy some of the pix:


Mae receiving his gift for passing the DELF A2 last year  (he did the DELF A1 the year before that)



The gamelan team playing live music while the recipients came up the stage to receive the awards:


Last year they had their wind orchestra. They didn’t have it this time, and I missed it. Their wind orchestra is top, entering the national level competition.

This time Mae went up to receive his PMR gift. No big deal, since 110 of the students (out of aqbout 150 of them) got 8As:


Mae and I at one of the 3 banners of the 8A studnets:


A close-up of the above:


Before I forget, Happy Belated Birthday, Mae!

His birthday was yesterday. Pih’s and Aina’s were a few weeks ago. I have 3 April babies each in 1992, 1993 and 1997 🙂

Our “Family Doctor” Is Home!

Yeah, Nuni arrived home today, from her almost 3 weeks of induction and BTN. Her induction was on the island of Langkawi while her BTN was in Pasir Salak.

And among the things that she brought back from Langkawi was my favourite chocolate:


It’s Milka with strawberry yoghurt in it, hmm…. yummy…

Nuni bought at least 2 bars, together with other choc bars. Wait for her blog to know what else she bought. Yes, only chocolates but all sorts of chocolates! Ok, OK, she bought a few bottles of  gamat ointment/balm too. Click here to see the other chocs that she bought.

Tomorrow she’ll report for duty at the State Health Office, before starting her housemanship in Sungai Buluh Hospital. As DH has said before, consider yourself warned, hahaha!

Another Stitching Bee

Venue: Star Bucks, Bangsar Shopping Village 2

Date: 18th april 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 10.00am

This was my 3rd time joining such even. Nik has nicely blogged here, with very nice pix too. She reported well there.

Initially I told the group that I could not join them because Mae’s prize-giving function would be on that day. Mae however called on Thursday night to inform me that the function is now postponed to 24th April (this Friday – another reason to blog? 😉 ).

I think I was the first to arrive. When I saw the place empty, I sms-ed Nik, asking IF the venue was changed to somewhere else. She replied saying that it’s there. Normally Margaret Wong would be among the earliest to come. Unfortunately she had to go to Singapore, plus with a few others who at the last minute had to cancel their attendance too.

While waiting for Nik, I went to the nearby MPH with the intention to look for some craft magazines/book, but not long after I was there, Nik called to say she had arrived. I went back to Star Buck to join her. We quickly re arranged the little round tables, preparing for spaces for the others who would arrive later.

We were then joined by Anna, Jo, Rose, Tini, Paul, and last but not least, Mel, who had promised to demonstrate how to crochet “her bag” using 3 strands of yarns at the same time. Mel came equipped with (colour!) printed copies of her crochet bag pattern, with the magnetic clasps for every one of us! Mel, forever considerate, and well-prepared with the accessories for us! Thank you, Mel. I’ll one day try your pattern, that’s for sure!

I didn’t intend to do any stitching – I was more interested to look at the others’ books, crafts, products, etc..etc.. if you know what I mean. But, because it is called a “Stitching Bee”, I brought along my pink crochet, as an excuse to be there 😉 .

Here are the few pix that I took that day (many others are blur, with these ladies not being able to sit still, hahaha!!).


Rose, Jo, Tini & Anna
p1280896-11Very busy, indeed!


p1280894-1Some inspection? Tini looking at the purse/”passport holder” that Jo made.
Jo, modelling Mel’s latest crocheted bag


Very diligent student! 😉

Here’s Nik’s pic (taken from her blog)of me making the brooch:


I gave a brooch to everyone who attended, including Paul! 🙂

I wished I could stay longer, but I promised DH to bring home lunch for him and Aina, so I eventually left just after 1pm. Only Jo left before me, I think. The others stayed on until about 2pm…Nik suggested that for the next stitching bee, I should either not promise to bring lunch home, or make a date with DH & Aina to have a slightly late lunch together somewhere nearby.

By the way, on my way home, I stopped at Tesco Shah Alam to buy KFC for Aina and JM Briyani’s mutton briyani for DH.

Will I Grow Old Lonely?

Last night I got a call from Bok saying that he was coming back to take the Wii set.

Aina and I were happy, thinking that Bok would at least stay over night. No, he did not! He actually came back JUST TO TAKE THE WII SET! He even had a friend waiting in his car. Aina and I couldn’t hide our disappointment.

DH got him the secondhand Kancil so that he would not have problems going to classes daily. We do not mind him using the car for other things, as long as nothing illegal. But deep inside me, I also hoped that with the car, it would be easier for him to come home, and come home regularly. But alas, I was wrong. Ever since the semester started, he has been busy – many times too busy to even come home! I just wonder, while he is still depending on us to live, he is too busy to pop in to see us, what more when he doesn’t need our help at all? And when they would be so busy with their work and life?

Of late, I’ve been reading grouses from other blogging parents about their children. Am I joining the bandwagon?

I’m trying my best not to be too demanding nor burdening to my kids. So, I guess I have to stop expecting anything from them? Not even courtesy visits?

DH who saw my disappointment tried to cheer me up by saying “Take it easy, that’s life! Kids will leave us and start their own lives. Soon there’ll be only the two of us left”. He then added jokingly, “then I might find someone else, and then you’ll be alone!”, followed with a laugh.

Honestly I don’t like that joke! That is no joke for a lady who will be 50 in a couple of years’ time, who has a husband who’s very much “in demand” – at least in the eyes of certain females! And in most polygamy cases, the way the first wife finds out about it were unexpected. It could be from a harmless joke like this!

Polygamy is no laughing matter. Maybe you want to read more from MrsNordin’s blog. MrsNordin has put it in a very nice and appropriate way. I don’t think I need to elaborate or restate what she has written there.

Most men can look forward to their retirement/golden age with their loyal wives by their sides, where as women have to be wary of what will come next. If they are doomed to have to share their remaining days with a third party, they have to submit to TAKDIR, i guess….

Thank You, Nadi Putra!

Of late I’ve been going quite regularly to Putrajaya for meetings.Parking at Parcel C is really a pain in the neck. There are very few spaces for visitors, but most of the time these spaces are occupied by government staff who couldn’t get a parking space inside the buildings. I have friends who parked at non-designated area and later were given parking summons!

I used to get annoyed with the limited parking space, but not anymore! 🙂

For the past few visits, I’ve given up on trying to find a parking space. Instead I headed to the “Park & Ride” area near Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah. I would board one of their buses, namely no 900 or 901 and pay 50sen. The fare is a flat 50sen for any destination, but you have to bring the exact amount because they do no provide change. For instance, if you have RM1, then the moment you pun the money in the slot machine, you will not get any change.

Here’s the “Park and Ride” terminal at Precinct 1:


My destination (Parcel C) is only 2 stops away from this terminal.

For the few times I took the buses, the drivers were always nice and courteous. Most of the time I was the only passenger in the bus! And the buses are air-conditioned too.


The Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, as the bus leaves the terminal;”


The return trip was not as prompt. If you take the wrong bus (though the same number), like what happened to me yesterday, you will end up with a tour of Putrajaya! I could take the no.900 bus (which only goes round the huge “roundabout” of the hill that has Shangri-la Hotel). The other possible buses to take to get back to the terminal are no.901 and 200, provided that the buses are on the “return” trip, i.e. going back to the terminal.

This is the last shot I took before I left the terminal, heading back to my office in Shah Alam:


By the way, parking space is ample at the terminal, and it’s free!

I think more people should use the facility, then maybe they can increase the frequency of the buses?

A “Splendid” Lunch

Last Sunday, DH, Aina and I went to Tesco, Setia Alam for lunch! With only the three of us at home, it was not worth cooking. Most of the time there’d be left over food, not to mention the time I would have to toil in the kitchen 😉 .

A visit to Tesco Setia Alam must always be accompanied with a quick visit to our new (under construction) house 🙂 . It looks like the developer is on schedule, and we would get the keys comes October.

When we reached Tesco, DH thought she should try a proper meal at Splendid. We were there some time ago, with Nuni, but we only had light refreshments.

Aina ordered fish and chips, and since it was on 50% off, we thought that was a good choice.

DH & Aina while waiting for their meals:


DH with his lunch:


Aina with her drinksplendid3

When Aina’s fish and chips came, I noticed that there was only ONE piece of fish, where as in the photo there should be 2 pieces. When I asked the waitress about it, she admitted that for the (50% discount) offer, there’s only ONE piece of fish, and not TWO! Hey, isn’t that cheating??

It was pretty quiet, for a Sunday afternoon. The view from the place:


With the misleading advert, I think it’ll be quite some time before I come back to this not so splendid “Splendid” place.

The Value of a Mother

Many times I’ve refrained myself from addressing an issue directly but this time I just can’t help it.

For my friends who’ve been following my blog, you’d remember the angiogram that MIL had to go through last week. It was unexpected, but since we wanted to give the best to her, the moment it was suggested that she gets the angio done, we agreed to it, and got it done the following day.

Never it occurred to us to try to register her at the public hospital, join the queue for the angio there. Hence on Sunday last week, MIL had her angiogram. DH, Nuni & I (and Aina too)  just had to come back to Shah Alam on that day, but we waited until MIL’s angio was over and she was warded, before we left.

Later (the next day, lah) we were informed that when MIL was discharged the total bill was over RM5K. Luckily MIL had the RM5K that we gave her last month (commision from us 😉 , don’t ask for what. And no, we do not give that much monthly! ) so DH told her to use that money first before he and his siblings pool money to cover the bill. DH believes that MIL shouldn’t fork out her own money, now that her children are working, and working well too. They are at least decent government servants/teachers if not working in the private sector.

DH strongly believes that MIL’s RM5k is hers (we know what she plans to spend it on, and we respect her wish).  Just imagine, if one of our kids needs medical treatment, I’m sure we will try our best to find the money for the treatment, right? The same goes with our own mother, that’s what DH and I feel. Unfortunately maybe some of my BILs/SILs do not see it that way 🙁 .

Five days later (i.e. last Saturday) DH, being the eldest among them,  sent sms to his 4 other siblings (excluding one who’s not working) asking for a contribution of RM1k each. DH thought he’ll top up the rest. Never mind the bill that we paid last Saturday when MIL first saw the cardiologist.

Guess what? The following day, only his youngest brother replied his sms, asking for DH’s account number, and today(Monday) he banked-in, without much hassle. BIL, you got my utmost respect! Despite being the last to start work, he had no qualms at all to do what DH asked him to do.

What about the others, you might ask? No news from them AT ALL, right until now! Sometimes I wonder how much they value their mother…. 🙁 . I thought if they have dificulty in raising the money, maybe they’d sms to say so, or call to give some excuse, or ask for extension?

BTW, all their mobile numbers are valid!