My Eldest Brother

Last Tuesday, DH, Nuni and I went to visit my brother who lives in Tongkah,Β  near Morib Beach. Since he was ready to go out for an evening outing at the beach, soon after we were at his place, we followed him to the beach. Initially we wanted to visit Morib Beach, but we ended up following them to Klanang Beach.

Nuni has blogged here about the trip, with some great shots, so I am now putting some personal shots (also taken by Nuni).

This is Abang Atan, and he’s my late father’s eldest son. Abang Atan’s mother was my late father’s first wife. They (my dad and Abang Atan’s mum) were divorced. Our father had another marriage (and another divorce) before he met andΒ  married my late mum. Then only I came into the picture (This one needs some other blogging for detail account).


Abang Atan will be 74 years old this year. His eldest son, Aziz, is only a couple of years younger than me. Abang Atan now looks so much like our late dad πŸ™ . Our dad passed away in 1979, when he was 65 years old.

Even though I didn’t grow up with Abang Atan, I have very fond memories of my visits to his house near here (Morib). He was then an accounts clerk with the Dusun Durian Estate, very close to Morib Beach. He was the most senior Malaysian staff and was given a company bungalow inside the estate, with a gardener who regularly came tend to the surrounding area of the house. I remember the bathroom was soo big and there was a bath tub in it. In fact that was the first time I saw a bath tub! In those days we only had shower by dipping a gayung from a water container (as featured here)Β  or taking the water directly from a water well.

Back to my visits to Abang Atan’s place, we used to walk to the beach (Morib) in the evening to collect kepah (a type of shellfish). It was also at his place that I came to know about the palm trees that produce palm oil. I used to follow some of the workers into the estate, and we kids liked to collect the palm fruits that had broken away from the main cluster.

Here’s a picture of Abang Atan and his wife, Kak Ndek:


I never know her full name. She is another charming person. I had great times with her in the kitchen while we chatted and prepared the meals (I was only doing the minial tasks).

And a pic of us (Abang Atan, his wife, Aziz, and me):


The little girl is Aziz’s 4th child, Yazmin.

Initially DH and I wanted to take all of them for dinner, but Aziz’s wife was in the car with their youngest child who’s only 2.5 months old, so they had to go back early.


Every time I visit Abang Atan, there’s a tinge of sadness inside me πŸ™ . I can clearly remember how strong he used to be in his younger days, and playful too.I know those days are long gone.

Kak Ndek mentioned to me that Abang Atan has many times toldΒ  her his wish to visit Serom in Muar (that’s where our late father’s grave is, together with many other ancestors). I told them, I’ll try to find a time to take them there. I just hope and pray that I will not run out of time to do so! One day, Abang Atan, one day…

A Pinky Baby Blanket

I finally managed to finish this baby blanket (Nuni took these pix 2 days ago, but I was to busy to blog about it):


A close up of it:


I actually got it done oveer the weekend in Fraser’s Hill.

It’s of a very simple pattern, which I plan to put up here, but I have yet to draw it πŸ™ .

Anyway, the blanket is no longer in my possession, as I’ve given it to Mae, to be given to his former class teacher (from Form 1 until Form 3) who just had a baby girl at the end of last year (her first baby too!). I hope she likes it.

What a Week!


Yours truly blowing bubbles at about noon, last Monday. Location: Fraser’s Hills. Pic by Fis.


Bok’s bubble, using the vacuum cleaner pipe!

This week started quite nice, with the Chinese New Year long weekend.

We had a family outing in Fraser’s Hills. Despite having to cut short our supposed 3D2N outing to only 2D1N due to disrupted water supply, it was joyous, nonetheless.


Like many others, I started work yesterday. Half-expectedly, I had back-to-back meetings all the way from 8.30am until almost 7pm (with only meal/prayer breaks)! I said half expectedly because some of the meetings were known to me, but the others I only came to know about them yesterday!

This morning too I had another shock. Suddenly I was given some tasks to be done by tomorrow! These are on top of the other tasks known to me earlier, and to be done by Monday. Actuallythese additional tasks are due on Monday (2nd February), but next Monday is already fully booked with confirmed events(8.30am – 8.30pm), so I really need to get things done by tomorrow! And tomorrow night I have to go back (sharing the driving with DH) to Kota Bharu, which is almost 500km away! Initially we planned to come back on Monday, but due to the events mentioned above, I have to be back here BEFORE Monday.

I hope I’ll be able to blog about some of the activities that I’m supposed to carry out over the weekend in Kota Bharu!

I’m so stressed up that I feel like doing some sewing!

From the Sea to the Mountain!

Yes, only yesterday DH and I got back from our Krabi/Phuket trip. No doubt we didn’t get ourselves wet in the water, but we had 3 good sunsets and a few strolls on the beaches there πŸ™‚ .

And guess what? This morning we are off to Fraser’s Hills. Though named hills, it is actually high up in the mountains,Β  in the Titiwangsa Range.

This is a big family outing, involving 4 families! Read Nuni’s blog here on how busy she has been, preparing for this outing, while I relax in Krabi πŸ˜‰ .


Down Town Krabi

Today we decided to see down town Krabi.

What better way to get there than taking the local taxi:


400Baht (~RM40) for a one-way trip, it was not cheap.

A reminder that McD is at Aonang (none to be found down town) caught our eyes:


There’s a lookout near the river, where I befriended a local Nemo:


I went into a shop that sells antique souvenirs, and secondhand books (mostly fiction):


Nothing really interests me πŸ™Β  so we kept on walking.

The main street:


We entered this supermarket:


The shopping centre/supermarket really reminds me of the smaller supermarkets that used to exist in Kota Bharu, like “Sayang Berjaya”, “Chin Seng” and “Bersatu”.

We just walked around, until we became hungry.Β  We saw these Thai desserts (very tempting):


There were several eating places where they had Muslim ladies serving food, but there’s one restaurant that is obviously a Muslim Restaurant, “Amani Restaurant”.

We were ready to order simple dish like fried rice, but the lady told us in Malay that they serve “beef soup”, so DH opted for that. I then asked for “tom yam kung” πŸ˜€ . We also asked for ommelette.

So, here’s our lunch:


The meal came with complementary sambal belacan and ulam:


The tom yam kung was outstanding:


All these with 2 bottles of soft drinks, cost us 230 Bahts – not bad..

On the wall of the restaurant, we saw this:


It’s the list of bus fares. It’s cheaper to go to Sg Golok (hence Kota Bharu) or Satun (Hence Padang Besar) than to go to Bangkok!

After the meal we walked again, until I came across the night market:


No, I didn’t find the fruits to be that much cheaper than home. Actually, nothing was worth buying. Most of the stuff on offer can be found back home, and at about the same prices.

So, soon we took a cab back to where we were staying, Aonang Beach. Aonang is THE happening place! The outing to Krabi town was quite costly, 400Bahts each way – either you take the traditional taxi (as at the beginning of this blog) or the air-conditioned Toyota Vios taxi (which we took on our way back to the hotel).

Ah, I’m back in Aonang. See the McD behind me?:


I bought our favourite ice-blended pineapple and ice-blended mango before heading back to our hotel.

After enough rest, and when it was closer to sunset, we went out again – to see our final sunset. This time we walked (quite a distance) to the Nopparat Beach.

Sunset at Nopparat Beach:


Soon we took the small rider, like this one:


back to Aonang Beach. It cost us 20Bahts per pax. Our rider had his son with him (I guess he had to baby-sit his son):


I gave him a 50B note, and told him to give the change to his son πŸ™‚ .

I had to buy a couple of sling bags that A***** asked me to buy for her friends:


I didn’t buy any for myself. I still think those bags are cheaper in Phnom Penh or Saigon. Even Siem Reap! Furthermore, I prefer to sew my own bags πŸ˜‰ . If you can see “Big Sale 100B” in the pic, it’s for the cushion cover. I think it’s just cheaper back home!

Before we call the night off, we stopped to buy our dinner here:


Here’s our final dinner (a very humble one):


Yes, that’s for two persons!

A Day Trip Krabi-Phuket

Just after 8am local time today, our cab driver, nicknamedΒ  Tiger, sent his worker to fetch us. We were then driven through a couple of Muslim villages. We spotted a few mosques, but DH only managed to capture this one:


We soon met up Tiger, who was about to finish his breakfast at a Muslim stall. We went out to check what they sell:


I tried to smell one of them, thinking it was tapai (fermented glutinous rice), but it was just sweet glutinous rice, as shown by the girl:img_0864

A close up of it:


I was very tempted to buy some of the kuihs, but we were really not hungry πŸ™ .

So we moved on:


DH captured another pic of a mosque:


Tiger told us that initially the Muslims here were poor people who lived near the beach. When the (Aonang) beach area became popular with tourists, most of the Muslims sold off their lands at very good prices and became instant millionaires!Β  So, they moved inland and built big houses.

After about 2 hours of driving, we arrived at the infamous Patong Beach. As if it’s mandatory, in the middle of hot and bright sun, I walked on the crowded beach, and got a few shots:


From the south, looking north:


Patong Beach just at 10.30am:


Patong Beach is always busy, just like its streets. One typical view is this one:


This is not “hard Rock” but “Rock Hard A-go-go”:


DH and Tiger waited in the car while I dashed to the wash room of a modern shopping mall:


Then it was a quick stop at relatively less crowded Kata Beach (we passed by Karon Beach by then):


And I saw a local public transport full of the Farangs (foreigners):


Soon we went up a hill for lunch, with a breath-taking view:


The place is called “Small View Cafe”. It’s theme is Reggae, with Bob Marley’s pictures every where:


A special drink in the menu list caught our eyes:


A close up:


No, I didn’t order that (I am sure it’s alcoholic)! I just ordered coconut juice.

And our lunch:


After the filling healthy lunch, we proceeded our drive. Avoiding down town Phuket (Tiger said it can be too busy to our liking), we stopped at the biggest shopping mall in Phuket, the “Central Festival”:


I didn’t buy anything there, except for some dried mango and kiwi. I almost bought a pair of sandals, but I changed my mind when I saw what was printed on the sole –Β  “Made in Malaysia”!

At the car park, we spotted a car that surely belongs to a “Hello Kitty” fan (no, I am not one of them):


We soon made our way back to Krabi, not without a brief stop at the Tsunami Memorial:


I was happy to be back in our spacious hotel room:


But we went out again soon, to join these sunset spectators:


So, here’s our Day 2 sunset, at Aonang Beach:


Another shot:


I tried to look for some souvenirs at the shops, but it was difficult. Most of them are generic Thai souvenirs which I bought during my previous trip to Bangkok and Chiangmai πŸ™ .

We bought some take-away food from the only Muslim stall doing business tonight (other stalls were not open πŸ™ . Maybe it’s because it’s Thursdat night) and came back to the hotel.

Our dinner (main dish- padthai) was very simple:


Hello from Krabi

We arrived here this afternoon. After a pleasant rest (to avoid the afternoon heat), we came out to admire Aonang Beach view, and waited for the sunset after we had an early dinner πŸ˜‰ :


Soon an elderly couple (from East Berlin) csme to join us. I am sure they are here to escape the harsh winter back home.


Soon, the sun was about to set:


The sun may be gone, but the night life had just started:


I still enjoy looking at the wares on sale, even though unlike Chiangmai, they are a bit pricy:


Like Chiangmai, there are many Muslim ladies sellingΒ  “rottee” here, like this one:


In fact there are many Muslim ladies selling stall food (I’m going to try tomorrow night).

We ended our evening/night stroll with ice-blended mango (for me) and ice-blended pineapple for DH, both bought at a Muslim lady’s stall.

Tomorrow we are going for a day trip to Phuket. I might blog again tomorrow night, after we got back from there.

More Brooches…

Earlier today I went to Epal to pass something to Tini. I then remembered Tini telling me that she saw some of the pins that I was looking for, to make brooches from the beads that I bought in Chiangmai and my existing swarowski crystal collection. I asked Tini about it, and she promptly took me to the other Epal shop where they sell crystals, beads and supplies for jewellery making. So,Β  there was a Rm25 damage πŸ™‚ . At first I wanted to buy 5 packets of 5 pins each, but eventually settled with only 3 packets (RM15) and bought 2 packets of other stuff. Unfortunately, the shop only sells the “medium” size pins. They do not stock up the smaller nor bigger pins.

I then accompanied DH to attend his friend’s son’s wedding reception in USJ2. This is one of his high school friends, and DH had not seen him for ages.

When we got home, I immediately started my brooch-making session (the smaller ones used my existing pins). And the results:


Some individual shots:





Lime green with yellow:


Red, green, blue? :



This one comprises normal beads only, not crystals:


my “milo” set:


I am now left with just a few more pins πŸ™ .

(Tini, if you are reading this, I think I should have bought 5 packets instead of only 3! After starting this blog, I made a couple more brooches, and now I’m left with no more pin πŸ™ )

The Biasness of Main Stream Press

Ok, I knew about the results of the Kuala Terengganu bi-election last night, but waking up this morning, I visited the online newspapers to read more about it.

Guess what I found?

On Bernama:


The main page above shows that Bernama is quite neutral and professional, but when I was watching it’s news channel on AStro (Channel 502) at 8am, there was no mention about the election results (except for the running script at the bottom of the screen)! I waited for 15 minutes, and there was no mention at all! Instead, there were news on some education exhibition currently being held in KL this weekend.

On The Star, I found this:


OK, The Star looks ok too.

On Berita Harian online, I got this:


On clicking the “Berita Utama” I got this:


However, on Utusan Malaysia:


The news about the election is 3rd, and yet the focus in on Barisan National, and not really on the election πŸ™ .

No wonder more and more people are shunning this malay daily πŸ˜‰ .

I became interested to see what other newspapers are saying, so I visited The New Straits Times:


What? The AF is the biggest news for the day? Luckily the right-hand side shows the most accessed stories, and I could see the KT Bi-election. On scrolling down the page, I got this:


Ah, the news IS there, but it’s not as great as the AF?

I became more curious, and visited the Malay Mail:


And Harian Metro:


I hardly read the last two newspapers, not even online, so I don’t really care what news they put in.

I however am disappointed with the attention given (or not given) by the others mentioned earlier.

Can you imagine how it would be IF BARISAN NATIONAL won?

And our leaders are not happy with people turning to bloggers and other alternative sources for news!

P/S: I forgot to put borders to the captured screen, so I had to use a different colour to my text πŸ˜‰ .

An Outing with The Girls

Yesterday, after the noon prayers, Nuni, Aina and I went to Ikea and The Curve.

We however managed to stop by at Dataran Ara Damansara to pass some home-baked cinnamon rolls (by Nuni) to DH’s friend, Sabre who has been following Nuni’s blog, and I bet was drooling over the cinnamon rolls pix on Nuni’s blog πŸ™‚ .

At the Curve, we visited Daiso, and Borders after which our legs were too tired to walk/stand any longer. We then adjourned to Ikea where I dashed to the textile section while Nuni and Aina proceeded to its cafe. Read Nuni’s blog about the outing here.

Before we came home, we detoured to Sal**’s place, to drop more cinnamon rolls πŸ˜€ .

Last night, I wanted to do the 108-piece jic-saw puzzle that I bought for RM5 at Daiso, but halfway through Aina totally hijacked the project πŸ˜‰Β  – I was then on the phone with Norz*** (Mrs Sabre), who called toΒ  thank Nuni for the rolls.

Here’s the jigsaw puzzle: