Closing Syawal with a Potluck

This morning, after the monthly briefing, we had a “Raya Potluck”. A lot of food indeed, some western, some local.

As usual, we also had cakes for the birthday staff (of the month of October):

Davey getting our fruit punch ready:

The row of food:

Waiting for the event to start:

Oh, yeah, later, we also opened the hampers that were given to the company:

More ppl at the other end, waiting for the food:

Soon after that, we were busy eating, and I forgot to take anymore pic.

All pix were taken using my Nokia phone. I forgot to bring my old Lumix πŸ™

Farewell for Halim at Naluri Cafe

Yesterday, some of us from the office managed to have a farewell do for Halim, who left our company last week, to take up an offer from another company.

We pre-ordered our meals, so that when we were there, we didn’t have to wait long for the food. I left the office soon after 6pm, but a few minutes after the maghrib azan (call for prayers), I went home.

A hit to most of us was the ubi kayu (tapioca) with grated coconut and sambal. I forgot to snap a pic of it, but have these pix (taken using my Nokia HP):

still waiting?:

The other table, as Pang arrived. Can you see the tapioca?:

More tapioca here:

Our table also had some:

more came, and occupied the 3rd table (near the wall):

My order (mee rebus and iced longan):

Of course Halim had to give his speech πŸ™‚ :

The Wedding in Ipoh

The wedding was last Sunday. I didn’t bring my camera, so here are those taken from DH’s and Nuni’s. Surely there are more but I don’t have access to them.

The above pic is with the bride’s mum, Kak Ani. We were next-door neighbours when the kids were still much smaller.

The above is with Hikmah, K Ani’s 2nd daughter. She’s Bok’s age. Both of them hardly got along – both being very strong-minded πŸ™‚ . Now Hikmah is a beautiful and cheerful young lass.

And here’s the bride, Dayah, getting ready:

Dayah is only a few months younger than Nuni, but 1 year younger as far as schooling is concerned (Nuni was born in Dec). Nuni and Dayah got along very well even when they were kids.

Read more here for Nuni’s blog on this trip.

Kak Ani and Ustaz Khalid (the bride’s father) are a nice couple. Nuni is so close to them that she even calls them Umi and Babah. It used to be “Babah Dayah” and “Umi Dayah” but the “dayah” just dropped off as time went by πŸ˜‰ .

BTW, We left home early Sunday, went to the bus terminal in Gunung Rapat, Ipoh, to wait for Nuni. Then only we went to the bride’s house.

I’m Knackered!

Thank you En R for snapping the above pic πŸ™‚

This one without me:

Two full days (we started at 9am yesterday) using the grey matters to the fullest, and eventually I really feel knackered (short of falling ill, really!).

The above pix were taken just before we adjourned for Friday prayers. Many who were here yesterday, have left πŸ™ .

BTW, I do not work in JPA πŸ™‚ . We only helped to fascilitate the discussion, captured the points and contents of the session, but that was really tiring, especially last night when we stoppedΒ  the discussion just before midnight.

What A Day!!

I’ve just finished the first day of a 3-day workshop in PD. I went straight to the room (hoping to be able to hit the bed), but D was still not there (she was holding the key to the room). I ended up coming to the resort lobby, to access the internet (for free) to check mail and do some regular maintenance stuff πŸ™‚ .I only found out after dinner that we could get free wireless access here.

I also found out that DH got me a new phone! Yeah!!!!! But I need to wait until I get back to S Alam to have access to it. So friends, please keep my 012 number.

A New (But Hurried) Post On My Other Blog

Norita e-mailed me some old pix early today. I’ve touched them up a bit (using Picasa), and put them up here at my other blog (SMSKel as I Remember).

The posting is about our 1978 ecological trip to Semerak Beach (Pantai Semut api aka Pantai Bisikan Bayu) near Pasir Putih (on the other side it is near Kuala Besut πŸ™‚ ).

One of the 4 pix that Norita sent me:

The girls from my class: Ihah (Aihah), Puyah (Fauziah), me, Ita (Norita), Wa(Rosewatee) and Nury (Nuraini)

A Working Weekend for Me :-(

Tomorrow I am going to Port Dickson for a 3-day workshop πŸ™

Chances are I will not have Internet access. So, to those who regularly visit this page, in case there is no update, then you’d know that I do not have Internet access. DH may from time to time approve your comments on my behalf.

But I still hope that I will get some internet access…..

SOS! I Lost My Phone!

UPDATE by beloved DH on 23/10/08, 4.30pm: SMZ’s +60124661240 is now back online, and living in a new Nokia 3120c. However all contacts are lost and nobody to answer the new phone yet, till owner SMZ returns from PD to take possession. πŸ˜€

Yeah, today was not a lucky day for me. I was in the office the whole morning. When I was about to leave the place for a meeting outside, I searched high and low for my phone (the 012 number)Β  but couldn’t find it! πŸ™

The office is a closed place where one needs an access card to enter. We do not have any cleaning lady coming into our office for cleaning, instead the company pays one of our staff for the job, to be done after office hours.

Theoretically the place is safe, and ever since I joined the place in February, I have left my handbag on the desk, or even some cash lying on the desk, and nobody would pinch it. But not today πŸ™

Let’s see what happened in the office. I sat next to En R for some discussion. I took the phone with me. Then I went to the photo-copier to photocopy some docs and I took the phone with me. Actually that was the last time I remembered having the phone with me. After that I went back to my desk for a while (by then I couldn’t recall where I left the phone), and came back to the photocopier to do more copying.

Just before I left the office, I suddenly remembered to check if my phone was in the handbag. Alas, it wasn’t! πŸ™ The strange thing was that, soon after that when I realised the phone was missing, my colleagues and I searched high and low for it but we just couldn’t find it. When we tried to call the number, we immediately got a voice message. The battery could not be flat, because I charged the phone this morning!

So to my friends who are reading this (such as Nik Ainun Za, Mrs Nordin, Zana, Ruby from Dale C, Feruze, KZ, Ayu, and many others whose numbers are in the old phone) please sms me your number at my back-up pre-paidΒ  no: 014-6629500. Luckily I did not terminate that number!

A Saturday in Kelantan

I just got back from my weekend outing. It’s now 11.40pm, on Sunday. Too late to blog much (the prev one about KLCC Meet also needs more write-up), but here are some pix to tempt my fellow SMSKel friends.

We left S Alam on Friday afternoon, arriving at my in-law’s place just before 9pm. MIL happily served us “nasi dagang” πŸ™‚

I somehow felt that that night was long. You see, normally, we would arrive there either midnight, or just before dawn!

On Saturday, we were at Cik’s house for her daughter’s nikah ceremony. The kenduri will be held in February next year.

The ceremony ended at 4.30pm (much later than we anticipated). We rushed home to refresh ourselves, before heading to my alma-mater to meet Fis.

While waiting for Fis to come down from his dorm, I saw a man who looked so familiar to me, but somehow look older than I expected (well… the last time I saw him was 4 years ago!).

When I was sure that it was HIM, I approached him, and greeted him, “assalamualaikum, cikgu..”. He turned around and took a good look at me, before exclaiming “Sabariah!”.

Yes, it was my former Forth Form class teacher (also my geography teacher), Mr Hamdi! I blogged here about my class-teachers. In my blog about our trip to the Kemubu Pump House, there was Cikgu Hamdi in the group photo. He was much younger and rugged then! πŸ˜‰

I tried to refresh cikgu’s memory on the camping trip that we took while we were students and Cikgu was the escorting teacher. I remember cikgu took us to Kuala Besut to buy some ice. He also brought his fiancee (now his missus, in the picture) to the camp. He sang hindi song to her! Cikgu has forgotten but K Mas remembers, hehehe…

me, K Zaimas and cikgu

While we were talking, this baldy guy came to greet cikgu:

It turned out that he’s Hasnan, my 1-yr junior, who’s now the YDP of the school PIBG, having his child in form 1 (forgot to ask is it his son or daughter). Both cikgu and I had a good laugh, saying that he (Hasnan) will have a good 5 years as the YDP!

A special close-up:

Cikgu said, his youngest child (a girl) is in form 2 in that school. He tols us that out of his 5 kids, only the eldest and the youngest are students of that school (my alma-mater, of course).

Cikgu said he’s supposed to retire this year (56 yrs old) but he had recently continued for another 2 years.

I almost forgot the reason I was there that evening, i.e. to meet my son (& give him his allowance!):