Our Site Was Down :-(

For most of yesterday, www.nuraina.com and all the sub-domains were down. πŸ™

Our host whose server is situated in Cyberjaya (supporting local industry) tried their best to rectify it. Last night the site is up again, but this morning I was told by DH that some of the comments on my blogs have gone missing. πŸ™

I was also advised not to put in too much entry, in case it goes missing again. πŸ™

Well… I am not working today. Yesterday I calculated my working days, and found out that I’ve exceeded already, so I decided to take today off and will resume work tomorrow to wrap up the month’s work. I need the rest, and last night I dreamt I was facing tsunami, and I was running so fast and so far. I woke up feeling very exhausted! πŸ™

Yes, I Found it!

DH went for Balanophora quests twice before, and I followed him the second time. His gallery of pix for them are here(Visit1) and here(Visit2).

Today we went again to the same trail, hoping to find the colony again, and wishing that we could see some bloom. To those who are not familiar with balanophora, please visit Pakdin’s blog for more info and/or PakDin’s flickr to have a look of his shots of those found in Cameron Highland.

First we saw one bud:


Then we walked further into the trail, tried to look for the colony that we saw during Visit2. But we were disappointed not to find any of them πŸ™

We looked high and low, for more, only to find some new tubers (of the balanophora).

One of the hurdles along the trail:




Soon we decided to walk back to the little bud that I spotted earlier. While DH was busy taking photos, I looked around and was so excited when I saw this:


Some close-ups:



And DH video-ed it. Click here if you want to watch it πŸ™‚

After some rough searching, I think it’s balanophora fungusa, but DH told me that there are at least 2 types of B Fungusa, i.e. B Fungosa fungosa, B Fungosa Indica.

Maybe this one is Balanophora Fungosa Sabariae? LOL!!

And clue of the exact location of the find(Lousy pic taken using my Sony-Ericsson):


Phew! A Non-Working Thursday!

I’ve been working for the last 2 Thursdays, even though the terms of my appointment state that I should only work 3 days a week. Even the Thursday 3 weeks ago, I went to office in the afternoon for a meeting, so it was not really a full non-working day:(

I work 3 days a week, Mon-Wed, but flexible according to the needs of the company, e.g. if I have to work Wed-Fri, then I’d “off” myself on Mon & Tues, or replace them some other days. It’s a contract arrangement and I am paid only for the days that I work (it’s fine with me, because it’s flexible).

Most of my colleagues thought that when I work 3 days a week there, the other 2 days are spent working elsewhere! πŸ˜€

How wrong they are! The other 2 days are meant for cleaning up the house (I don’t have a maid), finishing the ironing, do some sewing (that reminds me to finish sewing the school uniform for Aina!), catch up with friends (lunch dates, or breakfast dates), catch up with my hobby (tatting, crochet, knitting, etc..etc..) or even for travelling, like the Phnom Penh trip that we did recently. Talking about the trip, DH has done his blog on it here (Choeung Ek Killing Field) and here (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum). I think the next entry of the blog would be the “Central Market” or Phsar Tmei in Phnom Penh.

So, how have I spent today? The most significant one must be the 1.5hr chat with Ayi (our no.3 who’s now in Canada). Ayi has just finished his exam and will be coming back for his summer holidays in 2 weeks’ time. I think I have not chatted with him for almost a month, if not more!

Later today I am going to the office to get something, then go to shops to get stuff that I promised Aina. Then I’ll come back to finish up the school uniforms, maybe. I also want to update my blog about my school. There are a few more topics that I want to mention, but I just couldn’t find the time to actually do it.Β  πŸ™

OK, that’s all for now.Β  πŸ˜‰

More on My youngest son :-)

DH made a collage of Mae (That’s Nukman’s nickname):


But I still like the one that I posted last night the best πŸ™‚

At that tender age, I left him for York to study for my MSc πŸ™ When I look back, I can feel a tinge of regret for leaving my 5 kids kids behind, and being the youngest at that time, Mae must have missed me the most). DH didn’t have the confidence to take care of ALL 5 kids without me, so they ended up being “exported” back to Kelantan. The bigger 3 had a full schooling year there. DH however compensated by going back to Kota Bharu EVERY OTHER week! Well… except for the times when he had to go to Europe or Africa, maybe. Then he would make a quick stop-over in London to go up north to visit mer in York πŸ˜‰ But then, that’s a totally different story!

How Mae followed me to the delivery room when Aina was to be born was already told here.

And here’s a pic of the doting brother when the baby was taken home:


Mae has always been chubby (from birth all the way until the end of his primary school). He suddenly lost most of the baby fat when he went to a boarding school 2 years ago, as seen in his leanness here.

Happy 15th Birthday, Nukman..


23 April the last birthday for our April kids, i.e. for Nukman.

Aina said since I’ve made a collage for both Nafis and her, I should make one too for Nukman who’ll turn 15 today.

But the Internet connection is slow, and I am very tired. Later today I have another session in Putrajaya (I need to be there by 8.30am). Yesterday I was there the whole day. I can’t complain much because these are better than the 3D2N that we were supposed to have in Melaka. Both our clients and us find it a bit too much to have to go to Melaka again, so when they cancel it and replace it with yesterday’s and today’s sessions instead, we were delighted.

The Internet is really slow tonight, it takes ages for me to download pix from the family album, so maybe I’ll upload later..

Signing off now.


12.10am (23 April 2008)

My Second (and maybe my last?) PKR Outing

Last Saturday night I followed my friend, A, to a Perminpunan Rakyat (People’s Gathering) in TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.

The last time I followed A was to a Wanita PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) meeting in Section 20, Shah Alam.

Despite the tiredness (due to the 3D2N Awana workshop and the quick Melaka trip), I agreed to follow A out of curiousity. Dr Daroyah, the PKR Wanita Head for Shah Alam had earlier sms-ed me about the gathering, requesting for help in ushering the guests, and I had already declined, saying that I’d be away for the weekend (initially we planned to go to Fraser’s Hill but aborted the plan at the last minute).

So, I thought, since I was not planning to go anywhere that night, why not go to the gathering, especially after A called to persuade me to go with her (she can be very persuasive at times πŸ™‚ ). Furthermore I had already declined Dr D’s earlier invitation (not to this function). Last Saturday Dr Daroyah had already invited me to join the PKR Wanita meeting (to plan future Wanita PKR’s future activities) and I had to decline too..

It was interesting to see people from all races came. I saw a former colleague, My Y (Chinese) came with his wife. Later I saw another friend, A who was an active “Reformasi” guy back in 1998, also came with his wife.



Personally, I don’t think I gathered much from the gathering, because most of the information given are not news to me – having read them on the Internet.

I think I made the right decision not to go into the hall, but instead stayed at the tent (the PA system was good enough that everybody outside the hall could clearly hear what the speakers were saying). They were 2 grand outdoor screens too, but I didn’t bother to look at any one of them. I guess I was still very tired πŸ™



Anyway, while sitting outside, I managed to ask Dr Daroyah what her (I mean Wanita’s) next activity would be. With a smile,she said “We need to sit down again and discuss it”.

I smiled back and didn’t ask further. Deep inside me I was thinking “What? Another discussion? How many discussions/meetings do they need before the Wanita PKR can get something done?”

I like charity work but I hate politics. Seeing how helpless and lack of ideas the Shah Alam Wanita PKR is, A and I thought we could help out. Our interest is just to get involved in charity work. But both of us can’t stand too much talk with very little work. Furthermore, I don’t want the PKR people to think that I am an opportunist who befriend PKR now that they are the state government. I just wanted to help, but I guess maybe they are not ready to receive the help that we are offering (in the first meeting, A & I have a lot of activities for them to conduct which they looked to be interested in, but kind of clueless on how to carry them out).

I think for the little spare time that I have I should just focus on helping my alma-mater and my alumni.

Melaka, SDAR (Sg Gadut, Seremban)..


Very boring title indeed. Really don’t know how to put it. Yesterday, soon after Aina came back from her weekly tuition in school (that was close to 6pm), we decided to go to Melaka to see the little baby cousin of Aina’s and sleep over.

We left home at 7pm, had dinner on the way, and arrived there just before 10pm.

This morning we left Melaka at 8am, to rush to Nukman’s Speechday in SDAR. We arrived just when they were about to start πŸ™‚

Halfway through the program, i took this pic:


I heard the school principal mentioned the name of the newly elected Head of the PIBG as Prof Dr Hasanan M Nor (OK, I didn’t attend the AGM because Nukman was home for conjunctivitis). I thought to myself, hey, that’s my senior in my secondary school. To confirm it, I sms-ed to a couple on seniors (of his batch) and K Nik gave me his handphone no.

After a couple of sms-es, it was confirmed that he is indeed the person I thought to be. He even remembers that DH was his school primary schoolmate! According to DH, they’ve not met since they left primary school at the end of 1972. Now… that’s a long time!

Prof Hasanan gave away to some of the students, including Nukman πŸ™‚


Later, when they function was over, DH and Hasanan met up:


Soon we let Prof Hasanan join the VIP table for his meal, while we went for ours on the other side.

DH having a chat with Nukman after the (free) lunch:


I Survived Awana Genting ;-)

πŸ˜‰ I am reminded of the t-shirt that I bought for Aina, 2 weeks ago when we were in Phnom Penh. It’s caption at the back of the t-shirt reads “I survived Cambodia”. No Internet connection, except via GPRS on my humble Sony-Erisson phone, hence I think the title of the blog is justified. More than 48 hours without proper Internet access!

So our 3D2N workshop ended lunchtime today, and I got home soo after.

So, what happened, since Wednesday morning?

Wed(16 April)

I left home at 8.15am, to send Nukman back to his school in Seremban, after which I planned to go directly to KL, via Sg Besi exit, then take the MRR2 towards Ampang -> Ulu Klang, and hence to Genting.

Just before exiting the Sg Besi toll, I stopped at Shell station for petrol. Right after filling in the tank, the car just refused to start! No coughing, or any sound at all. Shoot! It’s the battery, I thought. I know the battery is over 1 yr old now, and the car being used with very low milage, I knew that it would not last, but for it to happen today? The station does’t sell any car battery, so I made a call to AAM. An AAM guy arrived 20 minutes later, and within 15 mins, all was done and I was ready to continue my journey πŸ™‚ Come to think of it, I’m glad that it happened then, instead of discovering the battery to be flat today, in Awana!

I checked in at 1pm, and by 2.30pm I was in the room for the workshop:


Oh, I forgot to mention that the hotel room was huge, and I was to stay there alone πŸ™


I called Ireen (my high-school junior by 14 years – we got to know while attending alumni’s activities), asking her to come up but she said she could only come up tomorrow πŸ™

Thurs (17 April)

Ah, another day filled with the sessions πŸ™

But at least I found out that the other 3D2N workshop scheduled for nextweek in Melaka has been changed to just day-session (9am-5pm) on Tues and Wed. Phew! #:-S

Ireen arrived at the Cable car station just after 5pm πŸ™‚


What can I say? I am back home now πŸ˜€

Earlier I sent Ireen home. Thanks Ireen for saving me from sleeping alone last night πŸ˜‰

Another 3D2N Workshop :-(

Yes, today I am going to have another workshop, to last until Friday πŸ™ and it’s going to be at Awana Genting. I don’t like such workshops because the sessions can last even close to midnight πŸ™ (e.g. the outing in Damai Laut recently)

DH had left for Saigon yesterday, so today Cousin Mimy (Thank you, Mimy) will come to spend the night with Aina. Tomorrow night too, actually, because DH will only arrive home tomorrow night close to midnight. Cik (Mimy’s mum) & Mokyah (who arrived this morning and went straight to Palace of Golden Horses) will also come tomorrow to spend the night here.Β  Unfortunately Cik & Mokyah will leave for KL early Friday morning, and I will only head home from Genting right after lunch that day πŸ™

This morning I woke up at 5.30am (went to bed at 1am – couldn’t sleep much). At 6.40am I rushed to office to collect the CD (of some documents that I need to work on while in Awana Genting πŸ™ ). I had to leave that early to avoid the notorious jam. When I was passing Aina’s school (soon after 6.40am) I saw a mother sending her kids to school! At that hour? It was still very dark. Aina sometimes wake up much later than that! Aina is really lucky to have a school that is less than 300m from home.

I was surprised to see En Zul (a colleague) was already there! He said he arrived at 5am because he has some work that need to be done by today! Poor chap.

So, I’ll only be online again later on Friday.Β  Those who need to contact me would know what number to dial or sms to, right? πŸ˜‰

Looking For a Long Lost Teacher – Mr Md Anuar Abdullah

Former teachers are always dear to me, especially those who have left some impact on me. I have been trying to locate as many of these teachers as possible, the latest was Cikgu Hasan Basseri Budiman.

One of them whom I’ve yet to locate isΒ  my Maths teacher, Mr Anuar. I wrote a bit about him here. Yesterday I got to know that there is a Mr Md Anuar Abdullah in Sek Men Teknik Butterworth (sounds almost like Mr Anuar’s name, though I am not really sure how it is spelt but I know we called him Cikgu Md Anuar and his father’s name is Abdullah). Furthemore, Mr Anuar is from Penang/Seberang Prai, so I thought maybe that was him…

I thought if Cikgu Hassan is still in service (though very close to retirement age), maybe Mr Anuar too is still in service. So yesterday afternoon I called the school and enquired about him. Unfortunately I was told that this “Md Anuar Abudullah” is very young and teaches technical subject πŸ™

Never mind, I’ll keep on trying.