Prambanan Temple

Date: 5th February 2011

The plan was to visit Java’s (hence Indonesia’s) oldest Hindu Temple, the Prambanan Temple.

Tickets for touristsย  (Aina managed to get student’s rate):

The huge signage that greeted us:

Soon after we entered the temple compound, I showed Z that it is on the World Heritage list ๐Ÿ™‚ :

Before we moved further on, we studied the map first:

The entrance to the temple was quite impressive, lined with sweet smelling flower hedges that I couldn’t refuse this shot:

I was excited that I tried to imitate the Apsara dancer (from Angkor Wat), but hey it looks so funny ya?

The white small flowers right behind me are the local jasmines, which we Malaysians call melur, while the Indons call Melati!

Even Z and Aina couldn’t resist a photo shot, while I walked on with our guide:

The temple ground was indeed very impressive:

The 3 main temples are those dedicated to Brahma (the Creator), Shiva (the Destroyer) and Vishnu (The Keeper). Surprisingly Shiva was given the centre position and the tallest/biggest temple, hence supersedes Brahma!

The 2006 earth quake damaged the temples quite badly that visitors could only see the temples from a platform constructed in front of the temples. That day I climbed up the platform to get this shot taken:

While Brahma’s and Vishnu’s temples were opened for viewing, Shiva’s temple was still closed for maintenance ๐Ÿ™ .

There are also a lot of rocks from the ruins waiting to be put together (like a huge jigsaw puzzle):

As I looked east, I could see that Mount Merapi was partially hidden that day:

I couldn’t resist doing my trademark jump:

A final view (from the east) as we left the temple complex:

Very majestic, don’t you agree?

After spending over 1 hour in the temple ground, our guide lead us to the museum (while waiting for the local train to take us a ride to see the other 3 (less known) temples.

Here’s a pic of the temple when the Dutch first found the temple ruins:

We took this train to see the other 3 temples:

The 3 other temples are Bubrah, Lumpung and Sewu. Interestingly these 3 temples are Buddhist temples while Prambanan is a Hindu’s.

Sewu Temple:

The train stopped for 5 minutes in front of Sewu Temple, but by then I was too lazy (read: tired) to get off for any photo shoot.

We ended our temple visit for the day after spending over 2 hours there!

Next destination: Kaliadem (the recently devastated area, due too Merapi eruption in October 2010)

KL-> Solo -> Jogja

Date: 4th February 2011

We leftย  LCCT on Friday morning, and arrived at Solo Adi Soemarmo Airport at 12 noon local time.

This is the old airport building:

As the plane moved closer to the new terminal (which reminded me of Pengkalan Chepa Airport):

The real destination was not really Solo. We wanted to go to Jogja, but at the time DH booked the tix, it was cheaper to fly via Solo ๐Ÿ™‚ .

From the airport, we took a pre-booked taxi to our hotel in Jogja. It was a 1.5 hour ride.

The hotel is strategic, being in the Malioboro suburb, and connected to the Malioboro Mall.

The view from our hotel:

After checking-in, we didn’t waste our time to try the local delicacy our favourite, ‘Es Teler 77″ at the next door Malioboro Mall:

Z ordered Es Teler but I opted for Es Alpukat (avocado with chocolate).

I had not recovered from my coughing but was very confident the “Jamu Batuk” (cough tradional medicine) that I was taking would take care of that :- ) . Unfortunately it did not ๐Ÿ™

We didn’t do much after our (best forgotten) lunch, and the wonderful Es-es. Z and I spent some time at the mall before we went back to our rooms.

to be continued…

Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 6

Date: 16th December 2010

(BTW, there’s no story for Day 5, because I didn’t go out at all. The kids went to the National Museum). You can see their pix here)

Day 6 was our last day. We decided to hire the cab that fetched us on our arrival just 6 days earlier.

Mr Han, the driver came just before 12 noon. We were supposed to have his service from 12 noon until 8pm. The plan for the day was for him to take us to DMZ (De-militarized Zone), then send us straight to the airport.

BTW, Mr Han is a certified English and Japanese-speaking cab driver:

While we were in the cab, Mr Han told us that the traffic for the day was pretty heavy. This was due to the extreme cold weather that made many commuters to drive into Seoul rather than take the subway.

since DH has written a blog entry on this day event, I am just too lazy to do something similar, so why not I just re-direct you his blog.

Seoul-Searching Trip – Day 4 Part 2

After the visit to EGG Hall, we walked to Changdeok Palace.

It was still freezing, and a brief stop at a western cafe was much appreciated. The kids had vegetarian sandwiches, while I had a fruit bun, with coffee;

We continued our walk to the palace. When we arrived there, we didn’t waste much time buying the tickets. Soon DH distributed the tickets among us:

After we entered the gate (which is not as grand as that of Geongbok Palace) ,

but with the beautiful landscape and building structure, it got recognition from the World Heritage Site:

The palace decoration is very much like the Geongbok Palace. Many times I found myself roaming around in the freezing weather alone:

I tried very much to be in the sunlight, but unlike home, I couldn’t feel the warm of the sun:

The main throne building:

The throne inside was impressive:

The landscape is beautiful:

but it was just too cold for me to keep on roaming around the palace ground.

So, I decided to take shelter at the nearby cafe:

I read the palace brochure in the warmer cafe room, until the kids and DH came to join me.

As we were leaving the palace, walking towards the main entrance/exit:

We wanted to go toย  the nearby temple which is also on the World Heritage Site list, but we didn’t take the earlier pedestrian crossing, hence we missed it. We were too tired to turn back, so we decided to head towards the nearest subway station.

Aina and I went back to our hotel while DH and the boys went to visit Itaewon IT Centre.

Selected Raya Pix

It’s now over 1 week into Syawal, and I think it’s high time I put some Raya pix on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Here’s the family pic taken on the Raya morning:

Ayi who is in Canada posted this Raya pic of himself recently:

A candid one here:

Before we forgot, we took this one too:

DH, I and the girls:

The kids surely had some swell time here:

and here:

and here:

As if that was not enough:

Later in the afternoon, we went to my late dad’s hometown, met some cousins and their families, and got this group pic:

Another shot:

It was the same gang as last year’s :-).

I hope we can repeat this in the future!

Open Day at Nukman’s School

While we were busy with Nafis at Taylor’s College, Nukman’s school was having an Open Day yesterday. Lucky for us, Bok had agreed to go with Aina.

They didn’t just go as visitors, but they brought with them Wii, to help Nukman and friends man a games corner.

Nukman & Aina:

Bok & Nukman giving a demo:

Aspiring band members:

They even had karaoke with the “band”:

apart from the Wii, they also had PS2 and PS3:

While the kids were enjoying indoor, Aina told me that there was also a pony-ride corner:

A final pose, before the Tai-ko takes the stuff home, I guess:

Aina even managed to take a shot of the collection of the day for the Wii:

Sorry Mae Mama could not come, but I am sure you had a wonderful day yesterday ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Nafis, the Taylorian

Yesterday we went to register Nafis for his college studies at Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya.

The day schedules for various programmes :

The registration yesterday was for sponsored students by JPA, MARA and Bank Negara. Nafis was indeed very lucky to have managed to secure a MARA loan to take up Actuarial Science via the American Degree Transfer Programme .

The queue for the initial registration at the far end of the pic:

While waiting for Nafis, I looked down:

Some of the programmes offered at the college:

There was a briefing by the Dean of the ADP programme (no pic) followed by the briefing on accomodation.

Finally it was the briefing by a MARA representative, who’ll be in-charge of the MARA-sponsored students here:

Both DH and I managed to be early for the free lunch at the college, but Nafis had to surrender some documents, so by the time he was ready to have lunch, it was too congested. We then took him to the nearby McD for his lunch:

We left him at the entrance of his apartment and came home. Nafis later came home with Bok, who went to fetch him. Later tonight we have to send Nafis back to his apartment because his programme will start first thing tomorrow morning!

Good luck, Nafis.ย  Do not let us and the country down.

The Passing of a Great Man


At 5am this morning, I was awaken by a phone call from my brother in Kota Bharu. He called to inform me that Bapak Maskam passed away this morning at 2.30am. Bapak had some internal complication just the day before and when they hospital team operated on him yesterday they found that parts of his intestine had burst and there was already a lot of infection in him.

Who’s Bapak Maskam? To know more about him, please read here andย  here. I did visit him the last time I went back to Kelantan. I also talked to him a few times in the last 2 months when he was treated for a dislocated shoulder (due to a fall).

No, I am not going back to Kota Bharu. The funeral will be done before 12 noon today. Oh, I just realised that Bapak died on a Friday – alhamdulillah.

Alfatihah to Bapak – the man who made me a Muslim! You’ll be greatly missed, Bapak!

Bapak was 79.

Mother’s Day Gifts Came Late For me (Part II)

As if last night’s outing was not enough, today I came home to this:


These are the belated Mother’s Day’s gifts from the kids (though I know it was Nuni who bought all these! ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

This Famous Amos tin can is cute, and the contents delicious too:


On opening the box, I found this:


It’s just what I need now, because the thermostat of the current iron that we are using is not functioning (after I dropped it on the floor once, but it was a hard drop!). This mother’s day gift will surely come handy, because I do most (if not all) of the ironing in the house!

Thank you, kids! Or should I say, thank you Nuni?