Friends at Fraser’s Hill

Last year we were so busy travelling – we managed 6 Β trips altogether. On top of that, we also had a wedding of our eldest child, Nuni and an engagement of our 3rd child. We also tried as much as we could, to visit my parents-in-law in Kelantan, now that FIL is not mobile πŸ™ .

One of the consequences to this life style change was very much less visits to Fraser’s Hill. Our last trip there last year was in October 2013. We wanted to go there in December, but during the only available time, DH was down with shingles πŸ™ .


So this year, again we hope to be able to spend more time at the hill. We were lucky that for the last 2 weekends we managed to do so. Not only we spent our weekends there, but we also had visitors with us πŸ™‚ .


Two weeks ago, Sseme and family came to join us for a night.


While taking them for a tour round this tiny place, I spotted a new attraction, and had it immortalised with this pic πŸ™‚ :


Here’s a pic of us having a breather at a nearby cafe


The next day we came down from the hill together because we were going to attend a wedding do at our friend’s place. On the way down, it was so misty, we decided to come down for some photo shoot πŸ™‚ .


and a selfie:


We also stopped at a bridge;


But hey!! There’s a car coming!! So we dashed away!! (in the mean time, the cameraman, Faim, kept on clicking the shutter, hahahaha!!!)


Here’s a photo of us taken at the gigantic signage, on our way down:


Then last week Ana came with her daughter and son. Here’s a photo of both of us taken in front of “Ye Olde Smokehouse” πŸ™‚


So, those were 2 wonderful, or rather “peaceful and quiet” weekends for us πŸ™‚

Last, but not least, thanks to these friends who kept us accompanied for the duration. We hope you enjoyed the tranquility as mush as us and will come back in the future πŸ˜‰



Another Buddy Passed Away :-(

This morning I got a call from a close friend informing me of the passing of our good friend, Ab Aziz Ab Rahman. Apparently he had a heart attack and didn’t survive.

The late Aziz was my classmate for 5 years, i.e. since I came back to Kelantan and joined a primary school there, until I left for a different secondary school.

I always remember him as a pleasant person, well-mannered, and always smiling. He was like a sidekick to the late Yusoff Ismail. I didn’t know much about him, except that he hailed from Bukit Panau, and he took the public bus to school. Together with a few others, we had great memories together during those 5 years!

I later met him during a reunion in 2001, andΒ  another reunion a few years late.

Here’s a picture of me with the late Aziz standing (from the Raya 2002 album):


Amnd here’s a picture of him (in red) during a Raya gathering in 2004:

This is his profile picture on Facebook:


What can I say about him?

Over four decades we grew apart, but he is always special in my heart! May Allah bless his soul!




A Gathering of Old-Timers

The last time we had a gathering was on the 4th July 2009. It was a grand one (30 years after we left school) and I was among those who initiated it. Unfortunately, later on I found out that Nuni’s graduation was on 5th July 2009, so I had to give the gathering a miss despite having bought the flight (return) tickets to go back to Kota Bharu for the gathering.Here’s a group pic, obviously without me in it!:

So, here’s the recent (mini) gathering:

Date : 5th March 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 12 noon until 7pm (or rather ,until the last guest left!)

Venue: Setia Alam (my place)

I guess many of us have been busy that we never got to have any significantly big gathering since then. Though, I know that some of us do have regular meets where we have have breakfast, lunch or just a cup of coffee together.

As usual, my ever faithful Nury was the first to arrive. Even DH calls her my co-host πŸ™‚ .

Zuhdi and family came next. We managed to have a couple of photos together (thanks to Zuhdi):

This one with Nury (but no Zuhdi) in:

Now… I can’t remember who came next. I think Kamil, Engku & Deng were next, followed by Wan Hasamudin aka K*j*k. It was nice of K***k to come, despite being busy with his son’s departure to Cairo that night.

Soon Nik Ahmad Eid arrived with his family. They arrived at the same time as Yasmin & Salwani. Yasmin brought sumptuous Secret Recipe cake.

We were waiting diligently for Salwani’s “lompat tikam”. It was definitely worth the wait:

Ladies (Mat Eid in the foreground):

K*j*k and Deng:

Close up of Kamil andΒ  Engku:

Earlier, we tried to discuss THE agenda of the day – preparation of next’s year’s Grand Re-union :

but were distracted a few time, LOL!

We however managed to have a quick group pic of the guys available at that time:

Sham arrived later with a beautiful fruit basket (forgot to take any pic until the fresh roses wilted πŸ™ ).

Kojak soon had to leave, followed by Yasmin, Salwani and Sham.

The others wanted to leave too but I told them 3 more of our friends were already on their way. Actually I think I forced these nice guys to stay back!

They were not disappointed because soon after Zuhaimi and Rusdi aka A**k arrived.

Zuhdi who went home to send back his family arrived again πŸ™‚ . He’s one loyal member of any gathering!Β  He came with some banana fritters πŸ™‚ .

After another long wait, our 3 musketeers (Kamil, Ku & Deng) wanted to leave too, especially when Nury got ready to leave. By that time Roslan P*c*t was on his way.

These guys said, OK, they’ll wait for Roslan, say hi and then go off.

Here’s a pic of us with for Roslan when he had just arrived:

Nik and Nury soon left, but the others decided to come in again! I went up to pray and was quite surprised to see the dining table full:

After quite a long wait, these guys wanted to leave too.

Ah, did I forget ot mention that the satay I ordered earlier finally arrived (my sons had to wait for almost 1 hour, despite making the booking earlier)?

Zuhdi, Kamil & Dr Zuhaimi (that’s our family doctor πŸ™‚ ):

Even DH rejoined the group for a serving of lompat tikam:

These guys finally left just before sunset!

Final headcount:

Alpha – Zuhdi, K*j*k, Nury, me, Rusdi, Roslan, Mat Eid

Beta – Deng, Yasmin

Delta – Kamil, Zuhaimi,Salwani, Shanmsiah

Gamma – Engku

To all who came to this gathering, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was a real pleasure to have you at my place that day!

Credits should go to ZuhdiΒ  and K*j*k for most of the photos above πŸ™‚

When Two Old Friends Meet for the First Time In Over 30 years!

This blog entry supersedes my blog for the gathering held last Saturday. This blog also has the longest title so far! πŸ™‚

But then, that was exactly the best title for this blog entry.

Kak Ton (2-yr my senior at Sek Men Sains Kelantan) and I had been planning to get her father and my FIL to meet. We finally managed to do so this morning.

I fetched Kak Ton from the LRT station, and she lead us the way to her brother’s house where their parents are at the moment.

These old folks ( we are much younger them them πŸ™‚ )Β  live in Kota Bharu but occasionally they come to visit their children in the Klang Valley. My FIL & MIL were going back to Kota Bharu today, so it was really timely to get the meeting done this morning. Their friendship started during their schooldays!

When we arrived at the destination, Kak Ton’s father was in the midst of slicing some pineapple, so it looked kind of strange when he greeted us at the door with a knife! πŸ™‚

It wasn’t long before both the old (yeah, very old! hahaha) friends got so engrossed in their chat:

That’s my MIL in the middle.

Before long, they were sitting on the same sofa!

Initially we wanted to have lunch on the floor, but realising that these guys may not be comfortable sitting on the floor (esp my FIL), we ended up having the meal at the dining table. We had to call them (these 2 guys) for lunch a few times – they just seemed refused to stop talking.

It was a sumptuous meal:

They continued to talk, and here with Kak Ton’s mum looking on:

I was the first to “attack” the food, and the first to finish. So I managed to take this shot with Kak Ton and MIL in it:

These guys were the last to come to the dining table, and they were the last to leave too! πŸ™‚ :

The two friends continued to talk, while we ladies talked at another corner. This was the first instance where we ladies ran out of topics to talk while the guys kept on talking! MIL and I had to remind FIL a few times that we had to leave.

K Ton’s father leading my father to the car:

To me it was indeed a pleasurable outing.

I am sure Cikgu Noh (FIL) and Cikgu Rashid had a good time too, don’t you think so?

Thank you Kak Ton for making this meet possible. Her mum told me to visit them in Kota Bharu when we go back πŸ™‚ .

Makcik Bloggers Meeting Again!

Yeah, exactly a week after the earlier Makcik Bloggers Meet, we had another meet. This time it was at Kak Puteri’s abode.

When I arrived (just before 3pm), Kitchen Guardian and Aida were already there.

Soon Kak Nas arrived followed by Kay.Before she could sit, there was a call asking KayΒ  for the direction to the place:

I just couldn’t tract who arrived after whom, but here are some shots captured during the meet:

I met Mamashita for the first time. I’ve been reading her blog, though not regularly..

I also met Kak Teh for the first time. Here’s Kak Teh when she arrived:

Like Mamashita’s, I read Kak Teh’s blog from time to time.

Since it was a pot-luck even, everybody came with something, and before we knew it there were so much food is every corner.

Among the earlier to arrive were Yani (Kitchen Guardian)’sΒ  macaroons:

Then it was Kak Nas’ murtabak:

After that I just didn’t take much photo of the food except for the desserts:

There were also akok (together with adik/kuih bakar and abae/bahulu):

Kak Puteri when she was giving her quick welcoming speech:

Soon it was chow time:

A shot at the peak of the gathering:

And another:

and another:

And another:

Towards the end of my stay, we even managed a quick lesson on how to tie the scarf:

This group photo I took from Kak Puteri’s blog (I don’t know where she got it from):

I am sure glad I got to meet the other makcik bloggers whom I’ve not met before – Mamashita, Kitchen Guardian, K Zaitgha,KΒ  Zendra, Kak Teh, Dee (didn’t get to chat much with her, maybe next time) and Ollie.

To Kak Puteri, a zillion thanks from me for hosting the event! Terima kasih daun keladi..Β  πŸ™‚

Makcik Bloggers Gathering

Date: 9 January 2011

Time: 3pm onwards

Venue: Marche, The Curve

Theme: RED

Last Sunday I was getting ready for the above meet. Each of us was required to bring a gift for a lucky draw.

Initially I wanted to give away these pairs of slippers that I got from my Bali trip:

The slippers are of 2 diffeent sizes, just to ensure that the receiver will have at least one that she can wear..Β  I then changed my mind…

After going through my collection, I decided to give away this vase I bought in Tokyo in 2004:

It had a nice box too:

nicely wrapped:

DH drove me there. Since it was quite congested, DH just dropped me there.

While waiting for Ezza to arrive, I went to Daiso and got myself some craft items πŸ™‚ .

I then decided to wait at the main foyer. The view of the main foyer as I went down:

When Ezza called me (to inform me that she had arrived), I proceeded to Marche. Emy was already waiting there!

I met Kak Puteri for the first time. I had a pleasant surprise to know that one of them was Puan Nasirah, who is my first secondary school principal‘s wife!

Here’s a pic of Kak Puteri, Puan Nasirah and Ezza:

Soon Kay arrived:

Soon Yat & Wan Shana joined in:

Ibu arrived soon after.

Engrossed in our conversation:

We had a swell time that we didn’t really take many pic.

We finally had a group pic, before I left (thanks to Kay):

BTW, here’s theΒ  gifts I got from the draw:

They are from Ibu/Ummi365 – a pair of shopping bags (when you open them up):

I like the idea of them being folded (collapsed) into a pair of tiny packets:

Cool, eh?

Back to my gifts, unfortunately it got broken when the box was dropped to the floor during the excitement. I am glad that Ezza, the person who got it, informed me about it.

So, last week I sent her some replacements. I really felt bad when the receiver of my gift got a broken vase… πŸ™

I forgot to snap any pic of the replacement gifts, but they are from mt trips to Laos, Cambodia and Sarawak.

And guess what?? We are having another MB gathering later TODAY!!!

I look forward to meeting in person the others whom I’ve been reading their blogs (on and off).

The Long Awaited Birthday Gifts!

Like last year, I took part in NeedlesNCrafts Birthday Exchange. I sent my gifts to Shanny and was supposed to receive from Peggy, who is a Canadian residing in Quebec, Canada.

Peggy sent the gifts for me on 30 July, well ahead of my 26th August birthday, but the gift didn’t arrive!

Peggy started to get worried, but when I found out she sent via surface mail, I was not worried at all. I’ve been sending spices and food stuff to Ayi in Toronto via surface mail, and the fastest the parcel got to him was 2.5 months!

Today, EXACTLY 2 MONTHS after my birthday, i found this parcel waiting for me when I went to office (I had been away for 1 week).:

It was a huge and heavy package! no wonder Peggy had to send it via surface mail because it would cost her a bomb if she were to post it via Airmail. The package was definitely worth the wait, as Peggy put it in her private message to me via Facebook.

When I opened the parcel, i found several individually wrapped items:

Here’s a hand-written note describing the contents:

Yeah, there were EIGHT items altogether!!

Let’s see what they are:

No, the above picture doesn’t do justice. But before that, let’s see the cute card:

Isn’t it cute? It sums up well the life of a needlecrafter – trying to be ambitious and engage oneself in so many craft projects, ended up with UFO (unfinished objects!) and dozing off in front of the telly! I can really relate to that, hahaha!!!

And the note inside:

OK, now let’s see what Peggy got me. First a pair of handmade table mats (I am sure Peggy made them herself, being a proficient quilter), with the Canadian maple leaf motive and the pocket to put the cutleryΒ  πŸ˜‰ :

A couple of magazines:

As if the books are not enough, Peggy sent me a Canada notepad, a mini mop that they use to wash the dishes, the bead kit and ribbon embroidery kit:

As if those above are not enough, Peggy also added in a Canadian notebook with a matching pen:

Oh, no! there’a another one – a patchwork/quilt kit:

Oh, Peggy, I still cannot get over the excitement! Thank you again, my dear…Β  The world definitely needs more Canadians like you! The gifts will definitely keep me busy for quite a while…

Meals & etc in Kuching..

Whenever I go out on assignment, I don’t like to talk about work. I’d rather talk about what else I do there (besides work), hence many people think that my job is very enjoyable (that’s the idea, anyway, hahahaha!!).

Apart from the great dinner that we had the day before, on Wednesday we had our lunch at this place:

And I ordered the Sarawak laksa, sans chicken pieces:

It was a simple light lunch, but we compensated with another seafood dinner that night. We had these:

The midin (a local vegetable) and some dried fish that taste like keropok (crackers):

crabs (background) and fish (no idea what fish, but it was a huge slice!):

We also had prawns (udang galah), but by then my hand was soiled, so the pic didn’t turn out nice:

There was another fish dish (terubok, i think) which i didn’t take any, because by then i was full:

On Thursday, we only had KFC for our lunch but that night we had a formal dinner with our participants. The dinner lasted until midnight!

One shot of the dinner:

It was funny because our table had the most number of glasses!

On Friday, some of us had lunch near India Street.

View of the India Street:

Another view:

Why were we there? Because soon after that we went to visit this shop:

I did some real damage to my finances at that shop and another one that belongs to the same family!

Later S and I walked back to our hotel. S agreed to join the girls to cross the river to buy some Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Just before they took the boat sampan:

Caught this pic as they boarded the sampan:

I was too tired to join them. I only asked S to buy me 1 loaf of the cake, because the 2 loaves that Nuni brought back in ramadhan (someone gave her) are still in the fridge – no fan of the cake πŸ™ .

That night we had our last Topspot dinner, but I didn’t snap any pic…

Next entry of my blog will be on our visit to Serikin, just before we boarded our plane back to Kuala Lumpur…

SEMESTA Raya Do in Klang Valley

Date: Today, 3rd Oct 2010

Venue: Dataran Putrajaya

Time: 12 noon – 3pm

I missed the FARISAINS (formerly SEMESTA)Β  traditional Raya do in Kelantan (3rd Raya), but I told my fellow alumni if I’m free I would attend the one in Klang Valley.

So, today, after sending Aina to her friend’s house (for Raya do too), I drove to the above venue.

I never thought there were so many other events around Putrajaya – weddings, Raya gatherings, etc..). I had to call a few alumni friends before I finally arrived at the place (it was just opposite the Palace of Justice) at 12.30pm.

It started quite slow, but eventually I fould myself chatting with other fellow alumni – some my seniors, but they are mostly were my juniors. I was the 4th batch of the school anyway!

Some of my friends are normally reluctant to come, because they said it is an open event, and if they come they won’t know most other attendees. Aren’t they aware that all of us are in the same boat? We eventually know many of us becausee we became regulars of such gathering! I used to be in the committee, and I know how hard it was to convince people to join such gathering. That is partly the reason why I keep attending Farisains’ functions whenever I can.

Normally I do not get disappointed either. Today for the first time I met Saufi (who’s 4 yrs my senior) and his friend, Prof Fauzi. Saufi works in Kuala Terengganu and Prof Fauzi is attached to UPM.


Prof Fauzi:

It was nice to be joined by these 3 wonderful ladies:

Bazuki , who is 3-years my junior, joined us too:

Bazuki who is well-traveled, in the midst of telling us his Afghanistan experience:

And here’s a special shot of Bazuki and I for the album πŸ™‚ :

We were so engrossed in our chat that ( I think) the juniors were too scared to join us until much later.

It was past 3pm, and before leaving them, I managed to join them in their group photos. Here’s with Pade Gulong’s gang (SPM 2004):

Our “photographer” (we asked him to snap the photos for us) who was the MC of the day:

I was told that he is a tv dramatist who normally acts as the bad guy :-). Here he is, with Pade’s gang:

Another group photo (which doesn’t reflect the total number of attendees, because by then many had left) :

I wanted to snap my red Mazda2 parked in front of the Palace of Justice, but I also got a pic of Alimin πŸ™‚ :

I took this one last shot before I finally left the place:

There are many others who left much earlier, such as Sseme, but I got a shot of Sseme’s laksam:

Photos taken using Nokia N79 & Nokia E52 phones πŸ™‚

A Lengthy Brunch

Early today, I joined some of my friends in visiting another friend who is going for Hj next week.

We had nasi kerabu with fish & fried chicken, popia, cup cakes, and many other desserts for our get together. We also had a great time catching up with each other.

We were waiting for another friend to arrive, only to know that she had a fall some time ago, and could not drive herself. So we decided to visit her instead.

I only remembered to take some pix when it was time to pack the some food to our poor friend, and pack the leftovers to be taken home.

Here are some of them.

The batter-coated fried fish:

Some of the leftover condiments for nasi kerabu with a lonely popia (after we packed what we wanted to take home) :

Oh, I forgot to mention that, due to popular demand from a previous get-together at my place some time ago, the hostess ordered some “lompat tikam” (A kelantan dessert)Β  but this time without the green rice custard πŸ™ .

Here’s the glutinous portion of the lompat tikam:

which we should take with the brown coconut sugar and the white sticky stuff (made of coconut milk and some rice floor as thickener):

All Packed and ready to adjourn our “meeting” to the second house:

We had another great time at Ch****’s place. Ch**** was definitely happy to have the nasi kerabu delivered to her:

Even those who wanted to leave early (one lady wanted to service her car today but decided to postpone it) decided to stay back until the end – too much good time to miss here:

We sure enjoyed ourselves tremendously:

Many times we wanted to leave but were held up with some “stories” to share.

The discussion became very hot when I talked about the “Disappearing Quran Pieces Incident” back in school in 1977! Ch**** even asked us to start a new “story” when we wanted to leave, but it was past lunch time. If we were to stay longer, we would have to force the hostess to get us lunch, and Aina who had to follow me would really die of boredom, LOL!

I know, it it was very hard to say goodbye:

It’s OK ladies. We’ve already promised to meet up again after S**** comes back from her Haj! πŸ™‚