While IΒ  learnedΒ  to crochet when I was about 9 years old, I only managed to learn the basic knit and purl (of knitting) when I was an undergraduate (from a book)!

I notice that lately I’ve not blogged about these two activities. It doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped doing them, but it’s just that I couldn’t find the time to do so.

Come to think of it, I’ve produced quite a lot of small items that I either knitted or crocheted.

Let’s see some of the knitted items:


And more booties:

And more:

The above pic shows how different yarn produce different size of booties, hence I have to increase/decrease accordingly. I’ve actually knitted their respective pairs too, and 2 more pairs (no pic).

From the yarns DH bought in Tibet, I knitted this:

and this:

From the chunky wool Saf bought in NZ for me soem time ago:

2 balls of the above and i got this:

From the wool I bought in Gold Coast some time ago I knitted two scarves at the same time (kiatsu yeah? πŸ™‚ ):

One was given away, and I keep one.

Here’s the collection of scarves I managed to knit just in time for our Korean trip last Dec:

I also attempted to knit the diagonal stitch:

I used 2 strands of Nona acrylic yarns so that I could use the huge kntting needles.

I finished it as a baby blanket/throw:

I sure was happy when I got closer casting of the last 3 stitches:

For now I’ve stopped knitting for a while, though I already have in mind another project using the diagonal stitch above πŸ™‚ .

Note: I’ve slipped all the lose threads πŸ™‚

A Bolster (or Two) With a Difference

When Mila Rimbum left a comment on my blog, I decided to check hers πŸ™‚ . Apparently Mila too loves needlecraft.

I kinda like the bolster that her MIL made for her and family, as blogged here. I decided to try make one myself. Since I was going to use kapok, and I was making for a close person who just had a newborn, I decided to make the bolster plain, with bolster cover for it.

Well, I didn’t just make one, but made two bolsters, with a pillow to go with them:

And here is the set with the cases:

Yes, you guess it right (if you did!), the newborn is a baby boy, hence the car design on the fabric πŸ™‚ .

Here’s the close-up of the edges of the bolster:

and the pillow with its case:

I even HAND-sewed the buttonholes myself (should have taken a close-up pic of the holes):

Since lately I have been into knitting, I managed to also include in the package a pair of knitted booties for the baby:

Side view:

I actually changed the laces with white ribbons instead, but forgot to take a photo of the pair after the “transformation” πŸ™ .

The gifts arrived at the destination last Friday. I just hope the parents of the baby like the gifts I sent them πŸ™‚

NeedlesNCrafts October Stitching Bee

As the name suggested, it was last month, on 30th October, to be precise. I just didn’t get to blog earlier.

We, at NeedlesNCraft (NNC) normally have our stitching bee bimonthly. I had missed a few of them, so last month I made a point to attend and stay on for as long as I could!

Nik had blogged here. It was well-written and explained pretty detail on what happened that day πŸ™‚ .

I just want to add on with my own. We had many books and craft to see and admire:

As Anna was arriving:

Some books brought by Faizon:

I learnt some tatting techniques from Faizon. It’s on how to do the double picots (do i get the term correct). She had the tutorial on her blog but I just could not understand.. I need a live demonstration πŸ™‚ .

Veronica & June:

I went to the wash room, and as I walked back, I took this shot:

Jo showing the all-purpose bag that she made:

As Nik started the lucky draw. She prepared a gift for EVERYONE of us! I don’t remember who was drawing the lucky name here:

Here’s mine, purposely taken on a page of Faizon’s book because I like the little bird mobile:

And here’s the knitted scarves (yes, I knitted 2 scarves at the same time!):

Honestly, I think you get a better description of the day’s meet from Nik’s blog entry. I am too lazy to re-write what happened πŸ™‚ .

The Needles N Crafts Anniversary Meet

This is a long over-due blog. I wish I can write more but time doesn’t permit me to do so. I got many lovely gifts from these great ladies!! I wish to be able to list them one day, but no promise ya!

Date: 27th March 2010

Venue: My house

Time: 10 am – 5pm

Menu: Pot luck.

We certainly had a great time. I only cooked chicken rendang, and fried some beehoon. I also prepared guava cordial. The rest were brought by the other attendees. Nobody came empty handed. So much food and so much fun. There were Malays, Chinese and Indians – no need to listen to the 1Malaysia slogans. We are united in our hobby and passion for Needles and Crafts.

Let’s see the food:

I am going to cheat on this blog by linking you to some that blog entries that have been posted by some of these great ladies:

Did I miss any other related blogs?

Anyway, here’s the group photo that I pinched from Tini’s page:

Tini, I hope you don’t mind me using this photo! By the time we took this group pix, some of us had left already πŸ™ .

Just the week before that I joined some friends of the same group in attending Rose’s son’s wedding reception at Hotel Singgahsana.

There are a couple of photos that I’d love to add here, maybe later?

The Day We Said Goodbye To Chengdu

Finally, yesterday (Tuesday) we were getting ready to leave for home.

At 9.30am, I visited the shop that sold wool and knitting needles for the last time. I had to get some needles for a NeedlesNCraft friend.

I bought 2 pairs each of the knitting needles of 4 various sizes, with one of them in jumbo size (bamboo):


One set is for me while the other set is for the friend. All the above cost me only 12 yuan (RM6)!!! If that’s not a bargain, then what is?

We checked out at 11am, and by 12 noon we were patiently waiting to check-in at Chengdu Airport.

Our flight was supposed to be 4.5 hours (to KLIA) but the plane had to make an emergency (humanitarian) landing at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport because one of the passengers had breathing problem. Please read DH’s blog here.

So, instead of arriving home by 9pm (that was my pessimistic estimate), we ended up arriving home just after midnight!

The Needles and Craft 2nd Anniversary Meet

Date: 7 February (exactly a week before Valentine’s Day)

Place: Nik’s

Time: 10.30am – 4.00pm

And here’s the group photo:


I got the time wrong, thinking it was at 11.30am, and sent Aina to her friend’s house at 11am. When we reached the friend’s house, nobody was there, and I saw a missed call from Nik. I returned the call, and was told that everybody had arrived.Β  I couldn’t leave Aina because there was no one in her friend’s house, and Aina called her friend and was told that they were on their way home. We waited for about 15 minutes, and when Aina called her friend again, there was no indication that they would be home that soon.

Not wanting to leave Aina alone outside the house, I then decided to take Aina along with me to Nik’s place.

When we arrived, we immediately had our feast – so much food!

I only remembered to snap photos AFTER the meal (I have to admit that I was quite hungry by the time I reached there).

Here are the other photos. Mel demonstrating the “shrinking plastic” craft. She had actually printed earlier our names and flowers to go with the names:


Attentive “students”:


Wwe had fun cutting the pieces:


I wanted to capture the time Mel was busy “baking” the plastics, but she moved very fast, so most of the pix were blur, except for this one:


Can you see the over-exposed piece on the bottom right-hand side? After “baking”, it became as small as those on the fibreboard right infront of the oven (yeah, Mel actually brought the oven too!).

and this one:


Mel was so efficient with the pair of chopsticks (to bend or flatten the pieces, when necessary)

Some of the shrunk plastics:


The gifts for the exchange were neatly arranged:


I was in a hurry to leave early (sorry ladies and Paul!), so we started the gift exchange. I was given the honour to draw first, and I got the one from Anna:


(pic courtesy of Tini)

And inside it is a very nice crocheted bag:


(pic courtesy of Tini)

Thank you, Anna!

I didn’t take any more pic, though Aina did take a couple more, but since I didn’t get to snap pix of everyone, I might as well not put up any.

As for my handmade item, as blogged earlier, it is going to Diane (who resides in USA). I hope she likes it:


I don’t know what to call the yarns. The purple ones are for the stash. The handle of theΒ  handbag was crochete.

ViewΒ  into the inside:


A Combo Project

Today I am going to attend my Needlecrafts e-group 2nd anniversary meet. It’ll be my first time though, because I joined the group only last year. For the meet, we’ve agreed to bring a craft item that we made ourselves each, for the gift exchangeΒ  lucky draw.

I do have a few WIPs (work in progress) but unfortunately, due to the recent unprecedented busy-ness, I couldn’t finish any one of them.

All along, for the past few weeks I had been think of a back-up plan – an apron? Or maybe a quilted cushion cover?

Then 2 nights ago, I remembered the fluffy yarns that I got from Coolangatta on my way home from NZ last August. So I started to knit. I then continued to knit last night. At the rate I was going, I didn’t think I can finish making a scarf in time for today’s meet. Last night my progress was just this:


Then I got some idea… If I fold it into 2, I get something like this:


Hmm… I got excited, and started working on the idea.

I continued doing it this morning, and yes! I got it done only 30 minutes ago!

No.. I am going to put it up yet.. Let me attend the meet first, and blog about it later πŸ˜‰ .

Before I forget, the needles are old – I got them in 1980 or 1981, when I was still a student :). I’ve knitted a few cardigans before (all gone, or given away). I used the needles for knitting thick yarn and mohair (I just love mohair) because they don’t take so many stitches πŸ˜‰ . Anyway, I used to have a knitting machine then for thinner yarns (3ply – 5 ply). My faithful needles (brand: Aero):


BTW, back to the draw later today, I hope who ever gets it is will be satidfied with it πŸ™‚ .