Some Crafts Update (Should be “A Test Post”)



I have not blogged for a while now. Many reasons – my PC went kaput, busy with travels, public holidays, family commitment, “spending too much time on Ipad”, etc…

Another main reason is the difficulty in uploading/linking to photos that I want to be included here.


This morning I fiddled around with my Google+ and familiarised myself with the photos kept there. Here’s a test pic of my on-going Β tatting :


So far I hv close to 3 meters long, and I do have plans for it πŸ™‚



I also managed to make some quilted “baby throws” including this one which I made for a friend who recently welcomed a new granddaughter


with a close-up of the fabric;


Here’s one for a friend who welcomed a grandson some time ago:


I am currently in the process of quilting this one;



OK, with this blog entry done, I am going to start on outdated travel blog entries πŸ™‚

Update on My Hobbies – Simple Embroidery

I am always interested in anything that involves thread, needle or fabrics :-). However, I noticed that lately I have not blogged much about these activities (due to the travel blog entries that are still overdue).


I have been keeping up with my crochet, knitting and embroidery works though I have not blogged enough about them. My Facebook friends however do get to see most of the items that I finished πŸ™‚ .

A few months ago I started to sew my own scarves (square). I thought to myself, why not make something wearable? So I opted to sew my own scarves (like I used to, some time ago…) .


First was this light sky blue scarf. I first hemmed the edges using the slip stitch technique. Then I started to embroider.

The 3 stages of sewing the clusters of French knots (to make a little flower), the stem and finally the leaves (in daisy stitch):


Then I did some simple daisy stitches:


More daisy stitches (playing with 3 colours. The lower row was when it was unfinished):


The 3 initial scarves lined together for a photo session:


Then I decided to have the daisy stitch/flower with the same stem and leaves:


Recently (while on a trip to Nepal) I finished a pink scarf with pink little daisies:


I forgot to mention that after the first scarf, I “cheated” a bit by tacking the edges, then embroider right on them and skipped the slip stitch hemming part. Lost here? What I mean is I would tack the edges on the wrong side, like this:


Then I turn to the right side and start to embroider. The embroidery stitches serve as decorative as well as permanent “stitching” of the edges:


Oh, the above was supposed to be simple chain stitch, but when I saw how ugly (not straight) my stitching was, I unpicked, and decided to have “zig-zag” chain stitch, hence the above. Not bad, eh?


Today I have finished the above (turquoise) zig-zag stitches. I thought of adding some beads somewhere there, but realised that I do not have matching beads (maybe later, after I replenish my bead stash).


In the mean time, I need to finish another piece that I started a couple of weeks ago:


People always ask me how on earth I find the time to do all these. Easy…. I do these embroidery while I watch TV (I can’t watch TV sitting idle), so the more I watch TV, the more edge embroidery I will do πŸ™‚




Make Your Own Hairband!

I’ve never given any step-by-step instruction on my blog before, but there’s always the first time, right? πŸ˜‰


first, get a piece of remnant, of the size of about 8 inches X 20 inches:

You can decrease the width, if you wish. You’ll see what I mean when you see the last pic later πŸ™‚


Fold it longitudinally, and sew together:


Make sure you leave some “unsewn” part on both ends, like this:


turn the right-sde out:


We want to join this piece together, so put the right-side together and sew:


I know the above picture doesn’t help, but I hope when you see the result here, you’ll understand what I mean:


Sew one straight line on the right side:


And another on the left side, so that you have a hollow way in the middle, for the elastic band:


Take about 8 inch-long elastic band:


Use a safety pin to push the band into the ‘middle way’:


Make sure you keep one end with you, so that at the end of the process you can have the two ends together. Sew them together like this (I was too lazy, so I machine-sewed them):


Let the elastic band slide freely into the “middle way”. You may want to hem the opening a bit, like this:


And, voila! You have the hair-band ready!


So far I’ve made these (various widths too):


NeedlesNCraft 4th Anniversary Meet

Date: 19th March 2011 (12 noon – 6pm)

Venue: Somewhere in KGSAAS, Shah Alam.

Veronica has already blogged about the meet here.

I’ve been a member of the Yahoogroup NeedlenCraft for at least over 2 years now. I’ve attended the 2nd anniversary meet at Nik’s place, and the 3rd was held at my placeΒ  last year πŸ™‚ .

I arrived (with Aina)Β  at the place just before 1pm (having had a breakfast meet earlier in the day). Many of the ladies were already there and enjoying the food. I brought some chicken sate as promised.

Only after I had my food that I remembered to take some pix of the dishes:

more food:

We also had rice with chicken curry:

Well-labeled delicious desserts too:

An anniversary meet is not complete without Mel’s cheesecake (though I don’t like cheesecake πŸ™ ):

Some pix while we had the food:

and a “group” pic;

or two:

or three:

Didn’t I tell you earlier that I have over 100 photos of the meet? It’ll ber difficult for me to choose only a handful for this blog entry but I’ll try..

We had a class on hardanger embroidery, conducted by Nik:

We were very good students πŸ™‚ :

. Nik was so well prepared. She had 4 different pieces herself, of different stage of the embroidery:

We were so keen on how the cutting and pulling of the threads:

We stopped the lesson after Nik showed us the cutting and pulling of threads. She then gave some tips on the technique.

We continued the day with the giving out of the door gifts for the kids:

Aina was happy to see hers:

Nik & Margaret also distributed the door gifts to member:

Each bag was individually labeled:

The contents were contributed by several members of the group:

My contributions were the brooches:

which were individually put inside the pouches that Aina had stitched up for me:

We later took turn drawing and opening the anniversary gift (of the gift exchange).

Here’s a pic of the gifts stacked together:

I was inspired by Erin’s pillows here hence I crocheted (instead of knitted) and sewed this pillow:

We also had to cut gingham in heart shape and stitch them together whichever way we like. Here’s my gingham heart (pic later):

My gift and heart were won by Carla, from USA.

In return, I received gifts from Usha:

The way the draw was done was very interesting. We each picked a chocolate, to see the name of the recipient, and got to eat the choc after that πŸ™‚ :

There are too many pix of others opening the gifts, but here I am putting the collection of gingham hearts that day:

The gracious hostess with her gifts:

We forgot to take a group photo, but here are the pix aas we were leaving:


Anna to Janet
Carla to Sally
Diane to Lillie
Janet to Mel
Josephine to Tini
Lillie to Shanny
Margaret to Rose
Mel’s to Anna
Nik’s to Veronica
Paul to Diane
Radha to Zarina
Rose to Margaret
Sabariah to Carla
Sally to Josephine
Shanny to Radha
Tini to Nik
Usha to Sabariah
Veronica to Usha
Zarina to Paul

My Latest Needlecraft Project

It’s common for needlecrafters to have several ongoing project at any one time and I am no exception πŸ™‚ .

During my recent trip to Haikou, the only purchase I made wasfor a pair of cushion cover kits, like this one:

It’s been keeping me busy in front of the tv (whenever I am watching it, because I hate watching tv doing nothing). Here’s a close-up:

Once I am done with this one, I will have to start all over again with the 2nd piece – same design and same colour. Then I would have a pair of them – just nice for my Mazda2 πŸ™‚

Aina’s New Music Bag

It’s not really new, because I made it over a month ago, or maybe even over 2 months ago, I can’t really remember. I forgot to blog earlier.

The fabric was bought online. I thought the musical instrument design is appropriate for the bag that she puts her music books whenever she goes for her music class.

I didn’t forget to include a pocket inside:

Oh, yes, the inner lining has loads of musical notes πŸ™‚ . It’s the leftover fabric from her old (sling) bag that I made her in Feb 2009:

I am quite happy with the new bag, and I think so is Aina πŸ™‚ . Let’s have another view of it:

The Needles N Crafts Anniversary Meet

This is a long over-due blog. I wish I can write more but time doesn’t permit me to do so. I got many lovely gifts from these great ladies!! I wish to be able to list them one day, but no promise ya!

Date: 27th March 2010

Venue: My house

Time: 10 am – 5pm

Menu: Pot luck.

We certainly had a great time. I only cooked chicken rendang, and fried some beehoon. I also prepared guava cordial. The rest were brought by the other attendees. Nobody came empty handed. So much food and so much fun. There were Malays, Chinese and Indians – no need to listen to the 1Malaysia slogans. We are united in our hobby and passion for Needles and Crafts.

Let’s see the food:

I am going to cheat on this blog by linking you to some that blog entries that have been posted by some of these great ladies:

Did I miss any other related blogs?

Anyway, here’s the group photo that I pinched from Tini’s page:

Tini, I hope you don’t mind me using this photo! By the time we took this group pix, some of us had left already πŸ™ .

Just the week before that I joined some friends of the same group in attending Rose’s son’s wedding reception at Hotel Singgahsana.

There are a couple of photos that I’d love to add here, maybe later?

My Valentine Exchange

Remember my recent blog about the Valentine Exchange?

I finally managed to open the packet on the morning of 14th February 2010, and here are the beautiful gifts that Nik has sent me:


The other side of the pouch has my name clearly embroidered:


These pix were taken from Nik’s blog πŸ™‚ .

Nik did the embroidery using her latest sewing machine, which she named Em.Β  With Nik’s creativity, she has produced quite a number of beautiful machine-embroidered items.

Thank you Nik for the gifts. They are just lovely. I’ve put some of my tatting threads in the pouch.Β  The little stuff (what do you call them?) will come handy when I do other crafts, I am sure.

As for my gift for the exchange, Usha from Klang is my partner and I’ve sewn her a tote bag:


It’s not so crafty, is it? Hmm…. πŸ™

Neverthe less, I hope Usha will find it useful. I even put a couple of pocket on the inside of the bag for her to put her wallet and othe small items such as her handphone, as shown here:


apart from the tote bag, I also gave Usha a patchwork/hand-embroidered handbag that I bought in Laos (or was it Cambodia) and a pair of panda keychains which I got in Chengdu. Dang, I forgot to snap any photo of these two. I was already late in sending the gifts, so in the rush I forgot to snap a pic of the handbag and keychains.

Anyway… one exchange done, and a few more to go, as listed here.

More Home-sewn Curtains

Yesterday I sewed the fabric that I bought just the day before (during lunch time) to make these:


I just realised yesterday that there’s another nearby window that needs curtains too. So, today, after office hours, just before I came home, I dropped by at Nagoya (Plaza Alam Sentral) next door to my office to buy more of the same fabric.

Tonight, after dinner, I started sewing to get these:


Ignore the messy boxes and containers! I’ve yet to unload the stuff in them.

The leftover of the fabric was turned into the curtains for the only window in the boys’ room (DH calls it “The Men’s Cave” – it’s where the Wii and PS3 are). Since I was short (literally!) of fabric, I combined the fabric with the leftover from last week’s curtain:


Not bad, eh?

So the status now – the only room that is still without curtains is my own bedroom. Nevermind, slowly, but surely….

My Home-sewn Curtains

Some shots here:


The dark background curtain is to reduce glare from outside, because we want to watch our B.yond Astro here:


The dining area has a lighter background curtain:


This is the guest room:


I like Nuni’s curtains:


DH’s work corner in our bedroom is using “loaned” curtains which are supposed to be downstairs:


Curtains in Aina’s room are still not in this blog. Will update later.

I also need to sew more curtains, including for the glass panels at the stair case. These curtains are functional. The decorative parts (if any) will come much muchΒ  later.

I think the pix do not do justice to my curtains, esp with the over exposure at the windows. Anyway, thank you DH for the pix. Don’t forget Aina’s room!