Mother’s Day Gifts Came Late For me (Part I)

First, last night DH took me to Ramli Sarip’s “Tafsiran Alam” concert at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas.

The last time I was there was when I went to watch Dato Khatijah Ibrahim’s concert last year with Aisyah (DH bought the tix for him and me but when the time came, he had to go to USA for some business meets).

Anyway, back to last night, it was a good show by our Papa Rock. I enjoyed the sing along parts too especially for the songs “Ku Di Halaman Rindu”, “Kamalia” and “Doa Buat Kekasih”. If for Dato Khatijah’s concert, Ramli was a guest, this time Ramli decided to have Misha Omar instead. I used to like Misha’s singing, but last night she didn’t really impress me. Her too tight for comfort dress made her look uncomfortable, and it looked like she tried too much to sing well that it looked stressful to me.

But Ramli Sarip really rocked! There were times that I was worried that he might have a heart attack, but he did very well. Man Kidal was one of the guitarists, and the repertoire of the musicians were entertaining too. Despite having the concert in such formal hall, they still maintained a rock ambience.

There wasย  a moment when DH pointed to the cameraman (while Misha was singing solo). DH wanted to tell me that the lens he (the cameraman) was using was very sensitive (and expensive too) that there was no need to use flash. I looked at the cameraman on duty, and saw half of his face (from nose upwards). I told DH that the cameraman looked like Bazuki, my high school junior.

True enough, at the end of the show, I met up with Bazuki, as well as another schoolmate, Hilmy. We had a great time admiring Bazuki’s hugh lenses.

Here’s a pic of DH with Bazuki and Hilmy’s eldest son, affectionately known to us as Along (his name is Hakym ๐Ÿ™‚ ):


And here’s a pic with Hilmy:


And here’s a pic of old schoolmates ๐Ÿ™‚ :


And I just had to have this pic taken ๐Ÿ™‚ :


It was a wonderful outing, despite being a week night…

Time Out With Touhid Bhuiyan & Family

Touhid was one of my classmates during my e-Learning training at CICC, Japan in 2004. Together with other friends we had some great outings together while we were there. Since we left CICC, I’ve met some of the others during my travels:

  1. Yudi in Jakarta
  2. Mr Hiep & Mr Binh in Hanoi
  3. Siriwan in Bangkok
  4. Liang in Beijing.

Apart from meeting them there, Mr Hiep, Siriwan and Yudi had visited Kuala Lumpur and we had some time together too.

Last Thursday was Touhid’s turn to visit Kuala Lumpur. It was not really a visit.ย  Touhid and his family were on their way back to Gold Coast (he is a PhD student in Brisbane) from his homeland, Bangladesh. They arrived via MAS at 7.30am, and they were going to take the 9.40pm Air Asia flight to Gold Coast.

So, I took the day off and went to KLIA to fetch them. Rosaline,ย  Touhid’s missus is a charming lady. Rohn (the son) was shy but Anna (the daughter) is really a smart girl. I’ll tell you why later.

After leaving KLIA, our first destination was the LCCT to “dump” a couple of huge baggage at the “Baggage Storage” service. I could not send them back to LCCT later that day, so we thought it would be better to keep the bigger bags at LCCT so that it would be more convenient for Touhid and family to find their way back to LCCT from down town KL.

We then drove into Putrajaya. The obvious stop was the Putrajaya mosque. Despite being still early (about 9am), it was already very bright and hot, as can bee seen here:


We then stopped at McD (along the NKVE) for brunch before heading towards Genting Highlands.

It was my first time on the Genting cable car, and Touhid and I reminisced on our trip to Hakone (Japan) where we took a couple of cable cars, trains, and a river cruise – all in one day!

Here’s one shot as we went up to the top:


We only had less than 1 hour at the top, and since the outdoor theme park only offers day-passes, we had to give it a miss.

We then went to the Indoor Theme Park, and found out that we could buy RM8 tickets for single. Not to disappoint his kids, Touhid bought a couple of tickets:


His son insisted on the Ferries Wheel:


While Touhid took the ride, I looked around. The indoor park has changed a lot since the last time I was here (almost 10 years ago!).

I was surprised to see some gondolas:


On close examination only I noticed that they are mechanically operated, and the “Italians” in black and while shirt are just dummies:


Ah , well… I’ll wait for my real gondola ride in Venice – one day.. one day…

In the mean time, Touhid managed to get his kids another ride on the Merry-go-round before we had to head towards the cable car station.

We agreed that the signage in Genting can be improved a lot. Many a time we followed the signage only to come to a point where there was no more signage to our destination. We were grateful to Anna for being very observant and quick to retrack our paths! A smart 9-yr old girl she surely is!

We took our cable car ride down at 2pm. The first part of the ride was covered with clouds and the kids were so excited (actually, adults too!) to be “in” the clouds.

I finally left Touhid and family at KLCC (that’s the no.1 destination for Anna) at 3.30pm and headed back to Shah Alam. I had some other commitments to attend to hence I could not be with them any longer.

As I was saying goodbye to them, Rosaline handed over this little container to me:


When I was at a traffic light (getting into Jalan Sultan Ismail), I opened up the container and was pleasantly surprised to see the contents:


It’s a set of pearl necklace and earrings! Thank you Rosaline, I love them.

Soon we had to leave,

Happy Birthday, My Friend!

From Facebook, I found out that 4 of my acquaintances have their birthday today! Happy birthday to the following:

  1. Khim
  2. M Yusof D
  3. Zulina

And, last but definitely not least, my dear friend, Siti.


(got this pic from her Facebook album)

Many know her as Associate Profย  Dr Siti Hamin, a lecturer in The School of Language Studies and Linguistics, UKM. To me she’s a very dear friend who deserves to be mentioned in my blog. I know that I should have written about her earlier, but well.. it’s better late than never.

I first came to know her in January 1970 (God! It’s 40 years ago!) when I first came back to Kelantan, and joined the class 2 Brown, in the only English school in Tanah Merah (now known as SRK Sri Suria I). Here’s a class pic of 2 Brown 1970 (thanks to Razmi) with me sitting 5th from right while Siti was seated 3rd from right.


It didn’t take long for us to hit it right. By primary 4 we were cycling to school together! I remember we used to have rattan bags as our schoolbag. It was not because we could not afford the boxy schoolbag typical of those days, but we just thought it was cool ๐Ÿ™‚ .

One of us (I think it was me) had the bag that looks like this:


Ti, I tried to google for our rattan bags but couldn’t find any that is exactly like ours. I guess they don’t make those bags anymore?

Back to Siti, we even had out hats of the same design, to wear each time we cycle to school or to any extra curricular meet. We were both in the Brownies too.

I remember that both Siti and I liked to visit each other during school holidays and over the weekends. I especially loved going to her house because there were so many Malay novels, that belonged to her brother. I could say that my first exposure to Malay literature was from those books that I regularly borrowed.

When we were in Primary 5, some of our teachers (especially Mr David Foo and Cikgu Nik Mat Dek) gave some free tuitions at night, in school. I think it was about 2km cycle from my house, if not more. In those days, my house (which was on a small street parallel to the main road) didn’t have electricity. Siti’s house was on the other side of the main road (The Tanah Merah-Jeli road) and Siti’s brother would cycle with her to my house and then he would cycle back with us until we reached the main road. Only then he would let us cycle on our own to school. When we came home, Siti would cycle with me to my house, and we would wait for her brother to fetch her back.

In those days, Tanah Merah was still considered a “Black Area” . I think the black area was in reference to communist threat.

Siti was my confident when I was in Primary school. She was my first close friend. We were in the same class from Primary 2 all the way to Primary 6.ย  We had many great times together, though I can’t specifically remember them. I think we climbed my guava and rambutan trees together. We went visiting friends together too.

When I went to a boarding school, I seldom saw her anymore. We grew further and further apart after my mum passed away and I hardly went back to that house I used to stay. My brother took over the house while I spent most of my holidays in Johor, either with my late dad and step mum or with my late aunt.

Siti, my memory is failing on how we managed to trace each other again. But I know in early 1990s, I visited her in her home in Bandar Baru Bangi, and since then we’ve in an “on and off” communication status. Thanks to Facebook, we are now regularly in contact again.

So, in this blog entry, I would like to wish Siti a very Happy Birthday. Before it’s too late, I just want to remind her (I am sure she knows this) that she is a very special friend to me. Never mind that for the past 3 decades or so, we are not that close, and we have both found our different circles of friends. To me, Siti was my first close friend, and she was a great company for a great 5 (growing up) years. Thank you Siti for that!

An Evening with Howard, Pat & Sabre


Admiring Sabre’s Cheesecake??

Yesterday (Monday) just beforre I left for work, DH told me that he had invited Howard, Pat & Sabre to our home after work. Wow! I thought. But I finished work late on most Mondays!! I told DH so. He then said he’d arrange everything himself. Phew!!

So, when I arrived home at about 7.45pm, I found some Ayamas roast chicken, orange juice, salad (from Nando’s), soft drinks and some mandarin oranges in the kitchen.

DH was no where to be seen. He went to fetch Howard & Pat at the Kelana Jaya LRT station. Soon after that, Sabre arrived.

Not long after Sabre arrived, Nuni came home! She was early!!

I am too sleepy to say more now. Nuni has saved me from blogging in detail by her writing her blog about the evening much earlier.

DH and I later sent Howard and Pat back to their hotel (Le Meridien, KL).

It was a brief but enjoyable evening meet. Thank you, Pat for the bouquet of flowers and thank you, Sabre for the cheesecake!



A Busy Saturday Yesterday..

I knew this weekend and the next 2 weekends are going to be busy weekends for me, despite being long weekends.

Yesterday, we started the day by having breakfast at the mamak stall in Setia Alam. After that we went to our new home nearby and got a few chores done. WE were supposed to meet the aircon guy there,but he was early (he was late last Monday), and we ended up meeting him at the mamak stall instead.

We went home briefly, before we went to Subang Jaya, to meet up with the built-in cabinet guy to look at his proposed desgin, and sign a contract with him. We went through his proposed solutions to our main bedroom, thr family area, Aina’s built-in wardrobe and a few other things that we asked him to do for us. We accepted his designs with a few changes.

In the afternoon (yeah, despite being a public holiday) I had to (wo)man our booth at the Karnival Iktiraf. Halfway through my duty, it rained and the area became very windy. I then saw our balloon came down very low:


Initially we thought the wind blew it down and it would fly up again. Unfortunately, it was losing its gas, so to avoid any unwanted accidents, we had to pull it down. I managed to capture a few shots of my colleagues pulling it down:


It was no easy task:


It took 3 wise man to do the job:


We finally took it back to our booth:


I came home at about 6.30pm. There was my alumni AGM later in the night. I tried my luck and asked DH if he could send me to the AGM (Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort). He agreed, so l actually attended the AGM despite my earlier con-committed stance on attending it.

I however left the meeting at 10pm. I was told that the meeting finished just before midnight!

Beware Of Impostors on Facebook!

Last Wednesday morning (about 6.15am!), while I was doing my “farming” on Farmville, I was greeted by Howard on FB chat. Howard lives in the States. No doubt we are friends and even neighbours in Farmville, we had never chattedย  online before.

(BTW, I met Howard for the first time in Acheh. It turned out that Howard used to work in Kelantan. See his comments here).

Anyway, here are the screen captures of that morning chat on Facebook:






I was sceptical about this, didn’t think Howard could be that desperate to ask me for financial help.ย  I was thinking, “I am sure Howard has other close associates whom he can ask for such help”.

On the other hand, I thought, WHAT IF it was a genuine call for help? What kind of friend am I?

DH was about to leave for a day trip to Langkawi, but he kept on reminding me not to at any circumstances agree to give “Howard” any money online. DH said it could not be Howard.

Then it occurred to me to check Howard’s FB status:


How could Howard be in such predicament and had the time to play Farmville? And how come Howard never put in his status as something to indicate that he was in dire need of help?

I decided to ignore that chat, and turned my status to “offline”.

Not long before that I saw a notification on Howard’s latest status:


Ah, phew! So, the chat was not with the real Howard.

So my friends, beware of Impostors on Facebook!

On a lighter note, Howard didn’t terminate his account. He changed his password, and reported the incident to FB. He still is one of my neighbours on Farmville ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

My Lunch Breaks This Week (So Far)

Yesterday (Monday) I managed to have lunch with a close friend, Aisyah, who was my colleague during my UNISEL days.

She wanted to have Curry Mee so we went to one of the outlets at SACC Mall (arg, forgot the name of the restaurant). I became a bit adventurous and ordered Thai Laksa. It was not that bad, really. Here’s my lunch yesterday:


I also had a glass of soursop drink which was a bit too sweet to my liking. Aisyah paid the bill! Thank you, my dear friend.

And today, I had lunch with 3 of my current colleagues at one of the stalls in front of our office block. I seldom have my lunch there simply because it’s usually full during lunch time, and it can be a bit hot on a sunny day. Today we were almost famish and went out slightly earlier, hence we beat the normal lunch traffic. By 2.10pm we were back in the office (note: our lunch time is between 1pm-2pm)!

Unfortunately, of all days, today it rained ๐Ÿ™ .

So, there we were, sitting under one of those gigantic umbrellas, but next to me the bench was wet (wiped it up just before we sat down):


My lunch was very simple, “Nasi goreng kampung” and plain tea:


Tomorrow will be my last day of work for this week, and I wonder what I’ll have for lunch then….

This Time 30 years Ago…

Nafis (my no.4 child) is now sitting for his SPM examinations. It’s now raining heavily in Kota Bharu (where Nafis is), and many roads out of Kota Bharu are closed due to flooding (as of today’sย  evening news).

Exactly 30 years ago, I was in his situation. 30 years ago I was in the final weeks of my Form 5, and was sitting for my MCE (Malaysian Certificate of Education) exams, which is equivalent to his SPM. I was in the last batch of the so called English medium, where we studied the Maths (Modern Maths & Additional Maths) and Sciences (Biology, Physics & Chemistry) in English, whilst the other subjects were taught in Bahasa.

Strangely, in 1979, it was also raining heavily, as we were going through our weeks of examinations. I remember, just a couple of days before the exams ended, there was a huge land slide in Kuala Bala – something like a hill collapsed and a clinic was submerged under mud! I remember I went to town (Kota Bharu) to buy a bag to pack my stuff. It was sunny in Kota Bharu. Over the radio, we heard about the land slide, and the following day Kota Bharu was flooded!

On the morning we sat for our final paper (Additional Mathematics) , it was raining heavily. We were in the school hall. The moment we stepped out of the hall, our feet were submerged in water up to our ankles! As if the tough exam paper (I did find it tough) was not enough, when we went into the Dining Hall, we were only served with HALF piece of a miserable dried fish (ikan kering) and a little sardine (canned) each! It was the last day, so the storeroom didn’t have much dry food. I think they finished the eggs for breakfast. Unfortunately, on that day, the area around my school (Pengkalan Chepa) was no longer accessible except by heavy vehicle, so our perishables didn’t arrive, hence the lunch with canned and dried fish!

Our planned farewell party/meal in the classroom was so quiet and uneventful at all. It was attended by hardly half of the class, as most of my friends were fetched by their parents much earlier. I remember instead of fried noodles that we planned to have, we only had some dry crackers that my friends and I managed to buy at a small local grocery shop. It was surely a very sad moment. There was no cake, no jelly, no fruit as we intially planned ๐Ÿ™ . I think we had some ground nuts..

Now, with the heavy rain in Kota Bharu, I hope Nafis doesn’t have to experience what I did exactly 30 years ago…

Here is a shot of my school more than 30 years ago:


Note part of the roof of the dining hall (front left, behind the tree) which was grey. Now the roof is red! The wall-less middle block is our (then) newly constructed canteen.

And now (taken in 2007):


The canteen is now fully walled, and air-conditioned too! Note the same block behind the bare canteen? Now there is another building between that block (Block A) and the Dining Hall (red roof). The later has part of the Main Hall on the right hand side.

Another shot taken in 2007:

aidiladhha-2006-smstmfp-01-01-2007-11-46-49Both the dining hall (red roof) and the canteen have grown bigger (wider)!

It was so yellow/orange during my days:


Can you see the canteen again, behind the Main Hall (red/orange roof). There used to be a volleyball court next to the hall, but now there are covered car parks instead (see the earleir pic).

But very green now:


Footnote: Yeah, Nafis is my only child who managed to study at my alma-mater ๐Ÿ™‚

To Nafis, if you happen to read this blog entry, Mama would like to wish you all the best in the examinations. I know, you will not let any of us down!

A “Hectic” Saturday It Was

Last Saturday I started with my monthly breakfast meet with the regular friends ๐Ÿ™‚ . R****** just got back back from Bandung and broght a pair of telekung for each of us. Thank you, my friend. I also gave her the belated souvenir from Andalusia (she could not join us during the last breakfast meet when I brought the gift.

I left the meet at 11.30am and went home. I had a couple of hours to spare before Nury came to fetch me. During this “break”, I managed to make several more brooches, to be taken along as gifts to my other friends.I also finished a bracelet for Nury a couple of days earlier but forgot to snap any pic.

Anyway, at about 2pm, Nury came to fetch me. WE went to Sunway Pyramid to fetch Wa who came from Kota Bharu. She was with a group of students who came for an educational excursion.

When we arrived at Yasmin’s place, it was almost 3pm. Yasmin, on seeing us, asked us why were were so late (trying hard to look angry!), but after we told her we came late so that we could stay longer and meet her later, she smiled.

There we met Mat Puji with his wife, Salwana (who was our junior in school), a few other x-seniors and juniors.

Some of the pix:


Nury, Wa & Sal:


Lina & Kak Hah:


Eventually the bride and groom came to our table, and with the photographers too.


Yasmin told them, “These are mummy’s friends from secondary school”:


We actually stayed long enough for Yasmin to eventually managed to be with us for quite a while (by then, the crowd had subsided):


Yasmin must be tired and thirsty – she drank the whole glass of Sally’s drink!

But even then, there were guests who wanted to meet her:


Later Kojak came with his wife, Aishah.

Before we left the place, we went into the house, and by then my camera battery was very low. I only managed this pic:


The house was filled with sweet smelling jasmines! You can see some of the flowers on thin sticks in the pic above.

Since Wa’s flight to Kota Bharu (via Subang Airport) was at 8.20pm, we figured out we had some time to spare, and decided to “adjourn” our gathering to Sally’s house in Kota Damansara. Mummy (Yasmin’s mum) was nice enough to give Sally a whole box of Serimuka.

When we arrived at Sally’s place, apart from the serimuka, Kojak brought out the guava that he purchased earlier at Tapah R&R on his way back from a wedding in Ipoh.

We prayed asar there, and at 6.45pm we finally left Sally’s place. Nury and I sent Wa to Subang Airport while the others (Kojak & missus and Mak Isye) went home.

On my way home, just before 7.30pm, I got a call from Dh. He didn’t sound pleased, and asked me “Are you going tonight?”. OOPS!!!! Suddenly I remembered that I had another wedding reception at PJ Hilton THAT night!

So, upon reaching home, I only managed to pray maghrib, and then followed DH to PJ. I didn’t even get to change my outfit! I intendede to wear something else that night, but then there was no time to even change!

So, by 8.10pm, I was in the Grand Ballroom of PJ Hilton. It was Dali’s son, Ayi’s wedding. As I looked at the huge screen, I thought to myself, “hmm… the MC looks like Fahrin”. Eventually when Dali made his speech and said “Thank you, Fahrin), then only I realised that it WAS Fahrin!

Dali promised DH a quick and simple reception, and it was indeed over by 10.30pm! It was really quick as compared to the previous one that we attended here last year.

What I Missed Last Saturday Night

All pix courtesy of Brig Jen (Dr) Zainal Azim (Headboy 1979)


My class, Alpha:


That’s the pic of my class – Alpha 75979. All the “girls” were there except for Arwah Aloyah and me! There are about 31 of us (last count), including those who have passed on – Mahisham & Aloyah. Some of us stayed from Form 1 until Form 3 only, some joined us during Form 4.

There were 3 other classes namely Beta, Delta and Gamma. And I missed out on meeting them ๐Ÿ™ .







Apart from me, there are many others who initially agreed to attend the gathering but had to back off because they had to send their kids to college/university ๐Ÿ™ .

I hope there’ll be another grand gathering before we got too old to even laugh!